María Becerra opened up about her critically acclaimed performance at the Grammys and made a startling revelation

María Becerra opened up about her critically acclaimed performance at the Grammys and made a startling revelation

Argentinian artist Mary Becerra talked about what happened on Sunday, April 3, when he performed at no less than the Grammy Awards, which took place in Las Vegas. The singer shared the stage with J Balvin, With whom he performed the song “What else then?”. A few minutes later, the Colombian continues alone on stage to do “In Da Getto”, his cover with the DJ and producer Skrillex.

It was a historic spectacle for Argentine music, as the young woman from Quilmes became the first artist from the country to take the stage at the Grammys in the United States; last year, who was present was Gustavo Santaolalla. However, beyond the impact of the show in itself, the same has also been the target of criticism in the networksso much so that many personalities came to support “the daughter of Argentina”, from the driver Dario Barassi to actor Gonzalo Heredia.

Saturday night, Becerra was among the guests of PH: We can talk, the Telefe series hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff, and shared the segment called “Meeting Point” with Benjamín Vicuña, Emilia Attias, Carola Reyna and Martín Seefeld. Amid the program’s intimate atmosphere, The singer spoke about her visit to the Grammys, but far from responding to the “haters”, she provided a detail on her interpretation.

Emilia Velasco was the designer who made the dress María Becerra wore on the 2022 Grammys red carpet

“María is the first Argentinian artist to be there, at the Grammys, it’s very cool to be up there singing. This girl sang in front of Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish or not? Is it crazy “, said Kusnetzoff congratulating her. “I never looked at the audience,” Becerra revealed, and attributed it to nerves. “If I looked, I was going to die,” he said between two laughs. “I only looked at José [J Balvin]. We live it. We were shocked. Re happy,” he expressed of his big night.

Regarding the song she performed with Balvin, María pointed out: “He spoke to me on Instagram. “Nice to meet you, I would like to do something with you, I have something to show you”. Then I gave him my WhatsApp and sent me the song, and let me in shock”. We made the song like that and then they put everything else in there. But it was beautiful from the start.

On the other hand, he highlighted the support he received from the successful artist for the ceremony. “He’s a nice person because he’s always concerned about making me feel comfortable and safe. It’s very important because it’s huge. Balvin, in turn, said, “We’re here to showcase our sound, it’s our time.”

María Becerra opened up about her critically acclaimed performance at the Grammys and made a startling revelation

In another moment of Ph, the singer, who showed all his talent on Thursday in front of 10,000 people at the GEBA as part of his Animal visits, developed on his breakup with Rusherking when Kusnetzoff asked his guests if they could have a good relationship with an ex. Becerra did not hesitate to answer in the affirmative.

María Becerra in her show at GEBA
María Becerra in her show at GEBATHE NATION/Tomas Cuesta

“I think that’s ideal. They’re people you’ve been very happy with, you’ve had super nice times, you’ve shared a lot. It happened to me that I ended up really well and that I ended very badly. I feel that time heals everything and at least in me there is the goal to be good friends, I would like to share a coffee because I have a great affection for him”, said the singer and added: “Tomorrow we will see each other and we will laugh at what happened”. When Andy reminded him of the harsh Twitter messages he had dedicated to his ex –in which he alludes to an infidelity-, María picked up the glove and said that she is very impulsive. “When I get angry, my friends take out my phone.”

María Becerra, when she was dating Rusherking, whom she met at a music camp
María Becerra, when she was dating Rusherking, whom she met at a music campInstagram: @rusherking

The musicians’ abrupt split in December last year became a trend hours before the two confirmed it, when Twitter was filled with speculation. Weeks later, they were seen in Mexico and there was talk of a reconciliation, but their fans’ illusion was shattered in January when Becerra made a statement on social media. The artist wrote: “Okay I officially hate you”. An hour after, he said, “I want to attract attention.” Thus, it was more than obvious that there was no turning back for the couple.

Rusherking's clarification of María Becerra's infidelity rumors
Rusherking’s clarification of María Becerra’s infidelity rumors

In December, the ragpicker from Santiago del Estero decided to clarify that he had not been unfaithful to Becerra after seeing hundreds of negative comments on the networks. “The truth, to be clear, I was never unfaithful to Mari. What happened was that I met a girl when we broke up and when I came back I didn’t tell her. said nothing and she found out now,” he explained. “This was made public in error and is something we need to resolve privately, I appreciate your respect.”

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