María Leal: "Falling in love with a girl helped me to continue in the race of life"

María Leal: “Falling in love with a girl helped me to continue in the race of life”

In an interview that made in December last year by her friend and colleague from witches, Moria Casán, in his cycle of El Nueve Moria is Moria, Maria Loyal spoke of a relationship that began in the late 70s with a singer she was completely in love with. Although the actress fringe He clarified that he was not going to name her, it was Casán herself who assured that it was Sandra Mihanovich thanks to specific data on her person.

In a recent conversation with journalist Catalina Dlugi at Wait Katherine, radio station La Once Diez, Leal referred to this interview as the actress of Julius Caesar. “Moria and I are work colleagues. We had a lot of fun together. She, before starting the show, asked me if we could talk like we talk in the theater and I said yes. So there I said to him: ‘Today I am going to give you a present because you deserve it’. And I told my story. I did not think about it.” Leal revealed.

María Leal: “Falling in love with a girl helped me to continue in the race of life”PATRICIO PIDAL – AFV

The same openness to talking about the subject was seen in her dialogue with Dlugi, to whom she told that after the death of her husband and father of her children, Martín Rodríguez Mentasti, she felt that her only option was to “fall in love with a girl.” .

“I don’t know if the word is liberation, but I think my only option after this death was what happened to me, which was to fall in love with a girl”, the actress remarked and added, “Time heals everything and I didn’t know that. The reality is that it has helped me to continue in the race in life and I am grateful that it has been so, ”he concluded..

In February of this year, in an interview with LA NACION, Leal also hinted at his connection to Mihanovich. “It was not a crush because it was a woman and for me it was not possible. But something was wrong with her and thank god i allowed it because it was a great and good love. So I’m ready to fall in love, but that’s not what I want the most in life either,” she said.

In the interview with Moria, Leal spoke at length about this life-changing bond. “When my husband died, what happened to me in the face of his death was that I understood that I had two options: either I quit love and my sexuality or I fell in love with a woman. And I fell in love with a girl and I was in a story… I thought it was the end of the 70s, it was not easy to live this story and even less with two small children”, he confided.

“I fell in love and from there I discovered this other part of me. I didn’t notice. The girl sings”, continued the actress and her friend, Moria, confined, so that there was no doubt that she was talking about Sandra Mihanovich: “The girl sings and donated a kidney”. “Let’s call her ‘the girl,'” Leal said. “We don’t call each other, but we get along very well.

“We were going to make a film together, Alejandro Doria [el director] took me to hear him sing. I was devastated because my husband died two months ago. I arrived and the girl started singing and I remember I looked at her and my body started bothering me. I didn’t really know what was happening to me. So we left there and Doria offered to go have a drink at my place to continue talking. We went to my house, it was raining hard and we talked, talked, talked. I remember I sat on the floor, she on the sofa and Doria brought coffee, mate, whiskey, whatever. He walked back and forth and we talked. Suddenly the sun came out. The rain had stopped, the sun had come up and there we were,” he continued. Shortly after, they kissed and that’s when it started a relationship that spanned six years and included coexistence.

When Moria asked her friend how her children found out about this story, Leal was equally detailed. “Thank God my children went to a European school, so everything was more careful. The therapists told me that I should wait for the boys to ask me because giving a boy information if he doesn’t ask is almost an assault. And the one who came to discuss the situation with me was the youngest, Lucas, in Paris. I was 19 and we hadn’t been together for a thousand years. He came and asked me what happened, how was this story. I told him everything and he told me he was fine; So I grabbed the big one, Juan, because I thought he must know too. Juan told me he couldn’t believe it, that it had never crossed his mind. It’s that We were two girls, very young and in the eyes of others we were like friends: never in life has anything been ahead of anyone. explained and then remarked: “My children can call me a mother, but not a woman. The important thing is to know who you are, what you have done with your life and not to feel bad.”

María Leal assures that she is ready to fall in love with a man and a woman
María Leal assures that she is ready to fall in love with a man and a womanPATRICIO PIDAL – AFV

During the conversation she had with LA NACION, Leal said that she had been alone for a long time and that she still did not know for sure what made her fall in love with another person. “If I had been that clear, it would be easier. I do not know. I think when someone comes along, the world moves and you know it’s the person,” he said.

On the other hand, hand in hand with Moria, he spoke about his daily life: “I am very phobic. I don’t go to previews or meetings. I’m pretty stuck inside, I read a lot. I’ve been working as an actress for 55 years, I don’t live as an actress.

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