María Valenzuela spoke about her recovery after reporting dental malpractice

María Valenzuela spoke about her recovery after reporting dental malpractice

María Valenzuela told how she is in good health today, after the malpractice complaint

early March Marie Valenzuela asked for help when he posted a video on his Instagram account about the painful situation he was going through. Due to improperly performed dental treatment, he could not eat solids because of the pain she suffered, which caused her to weigh 35 kilos. On Friday evening, the actress was invited to THEM (America) and talked about the path to his Recovery. Cheerful and full of hope, recounted the progress he had made since undergoing minor surgery to improve the condition of your teeth.

A few weeks ago he traveled to the city of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuegoand stayed there for a while to deal with health issues she’s been dealing with for more than three years, from the time a dentist placed implants and something went wrong. “I spent ten past two hours counted by the clock with my mouth open, with the drill, the lathe, while they tried to knock out my teeth that didn’t break“, he described about the long treatment he undertook.

“I had chosen music to be at peace, Rosalía, I love it and I was completely into flamenco, but There came a time after two hours when my tears began to flow, without anguish, without crying, nothing, but tears“, he was honest, about the emotion with which he lived the moment he began to heal. the dentist Letter from Marcelo, who is also a friend of the actress, also said he was present at the studio to talk about how they approached the complex case of Valenzuela. “We’ve known each other for 25 years, so we take it a bit with humor and restraint, because it started with friends who saw her in Buenos Aires, until she could go to Ushuaia, c It was quite a process,” said the professional.

María Valenzuela before traveling to the South, where she finally began to cure the disease of her teeth which did not allow her to eat

It was in the southernmost part of the world that María had an experience that will remain unforgettable. “I sat down to dinner in a restaurant for the first time. I ate the first course and took a picture of the empty plate, second course and so on to dessert. And he ate perfectly, all solid”, revealed enthusiastically. Asked by Yanina Latorre about the difficulty of digesting food after a liquid diet for so long, the actress assured that fortunately she has an “iron stomach”. In this sense, he commented that he was planning to experience another miraculous moment with his children: “I’m fine and will be making my roast debut when my son comes from Europe.”

After twelve days in the South, and another 40 days in the capital Buenos Aires, revealed he was able to gain 9 pounds thanks to his new diet. “I dodged the mirrors, finished taking a bath and walked by because I knew how I was physically and slapped me with this Manual – the name of the dentist he publicly called out for misconduct professional- who is in Barcelona”, he recalls about the deterioration of his general state of health, which worsened over the months.

The actress showed off the phoenix bird tattoo she wears near her heart, in honor of her attitude in the face of adversity
The actress showed off the phoenix bird tattoo she wears near her heart, in honor of her attitude in the face of adversity

“It was the pandemic, there were no dentists to take care of you in person, I went through them all, I ate porridge, anxious. And Manuel did not show up, I told him sent a document letter to La Plata, because he attended, and I asked him to tell me who his insurer was, to recover some of the money I had put in; he told me that he had all the papers in order and that he never wanted to give them to me“, he condemned with resignation. During these three years, María had to be hospitalized several times, and explained that when she decided to share the clip on Instagram, she was very affected by the comments she read on social networks: “They told me I was a freak, I was a skull, I was scary, but luckily my release meant that a lot of people also exposed their situation and felt supported.”


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