Marian Farjat's anguish over cosmetic surgery malpractice: "I can't even sleep"

Marian Farjat’s anguish over cosmetic surgery malpractice: “I can’t even sleep”

The ex-Big Brother explained that he had his first surgery at the age of 19 in search of cosmetic improvement and is currently on trial with the surgeon

Marianne Farhat was invited to intruders (America) and spoke warmly of the ordeal that began at the age of 19, when he had his first nose operation. The old Big Brother says he had two more surgeries to try to improve his quality of life, since after the rhinoplasty he started with breathing problems which got worse over time. Although he has consulted several doctors, he is still suffering from the after-effects of the operation and has filed a lawsuit for bad practice.

After leaving the famous house that held the country spellbound, he went under the knife for the first time. In dialogue with Florence of the Vacknowledged that the exposure had a lot to do with the decision he made: “I haven’t dealt with this problem for many years, it’s been seven years and three reconstructive surgeries; I wanted to tweak it a bit and on the outside I was pretty happy with what they did for me, but the problem was on the inside because it was affecting my breathing a lot”.

When asked about the lawsuit he brought against the surgeon, explained that Delfina Burlando represents her in court and that two other women who suffer similar consequences have already declared themselves in the case. He also clarified that they had done studies to compare his condition before the operation and after, and all the tests add to the cause. “To this day I don’t know what he did to me, I came to my own conclusion, I think he filed me down and added cartilage to the end of my nose that didn’t fit and that my body rejectedthese indications demonstrate the scientific part,” he revealed.

The ex-Big Brother who participated in the 2015 edition recounted the after-effects she suffered from cosmetic surgery

At the time, the driver pointed to the change in her voice over the past few years, and Farjat acknowledged that this is another aspect that has affected her. “I have a very nasal tone, and studies show that all my paranasal sinuses are blocked, but it’s not clear what happened to me; yes we see that before operating with this first surgeon I did not have this voice or anything”, he assured. In this sense, he admitted that it had an impact on his artistic career, since he has released several songs as a singer and is currently continuing to train with singing and speaking lessons.

It made me blame myself a lot, wonder why I did it. It changed my character because I have a lot more awareness”, He commented on the difficulties he encountered first-hand as a result of the surgery. “I would have kept the other nose, beyond aesthetics, I’m worried about the interior, I want to fix it so I can breathe well, like a normal person, and not get agitated right away” , he was honest.

With surface anxiety, she says that she tried to talk to the surgeon, whom she denounced on several occasions, and that the man “called her crazy” all the time, until the day he told her. made a confession that troubled her even more. “I said to him: ‘Please tell me what you put on me!’, and he replied that if I wanted, he would fix it for free and obviously I wasn’t going to have another operation with him, so after insisting so much I ended up admitting that ‘maybe he was confused’I couldn’t believe it, I don’t know why he was confused,” he condemned indignantly.

Marian Farjat during her participation in the reality TV show broadcast on the American screen

Marian Farjat during her participation in the reality TV show broadcast on the American screen

I am forbidden to name the doctor for now because the idea is that he pays for the damage, but he cannot continue to operate on someone else“, he counted. “I can not
nor sleep well because I can’t breathe, I can’t sing
, and I made studies of all kinds in the lungs, the bronchi… I have everything perfect. The topic was surgery,” he listed the various complications.

A friend told me that she had been operated by this surgeon and that she had to go and fix what she had done in Turkey. The Turk told him they left him with 9 blemishes and he spent seven hours having surgery,” he remarked. Remember that Farjat was part of the 2015 edition of Big Brother, the very one in which characters such as Lanzelotta, Romina Malaspina, Francisco Delgado, Florence Zaccanti and Maypi slimamong others.

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