Martín Fierro 2022: Luis Ventura, between the complaints of Beto Casella and the anger of Diego Maradona's daughters

Martín Fierro 2022: Luis Ventura, between the complaints of Beto Casella and the anger of Diego Maradona’s daughters

After the delivery of the Martín Fierro and once the works have been completed, louis ventura aired on very morningthe show hosted by Carmen Barbieri for Ciudad Magazine. Tired but satisfied with the results, the President of APTRA recounted a few episodes which were not seen on the air and took advantage of the moment to repeat his old fight with the driver of blessed Beto Casella.

In a hoarse voice, Ventura told Barbieri and his team all the details of the event. “I’m like a tornado has gone through my soul, my life, my head, but it’s as true as after taking out the backpack of responsibility, expectations, complaints, people who come to say hello to you , or that they come to complain or that they come to claim you or that they come to ask you…”, launched the president of APTRA without hesitation and wanting to evoke the conflicts which he faced yesterday evening at the Hilton.

“A lot of complaints, Luis?” Panelist Pampito Perelló Aciar wanted to know, and Ventura immediately agreed. “A lot. Besides, a lot of people inside the room and a lot of people outside,” he reviews, and explains that the APTRA radio people were angry because they could not enter, and that in addition to the interest of the associations he chairs, there were also those of Telefe, the channel which bought the broadcasting rights of the episode.

“Did they ask you for things too, Luis?” Pampito insisted and Ventura quickly brought up his old conflict with Beto Casella and sent his team to the front. “In a way, I didn’t want to end up the way it would have ended up in the neighborhood or on the pitch. The producer of blessed He came to reprimand me saying that I had stolen the prize, that I should have given the prize to blessedand he gave me a whole story and a review of blessed. And I told him he was actually giving me a 17-year-old on-screen review at the 2021 award,” he commented.

“At first I thought they were laughing at me, but later you saw, seeing a dwarf ranting at me… I said, ‘What am I doing here? ‘”a football match,” when you think the referee hasn’t seen anything harmful and then you claim it”.

I believe that blessed He had a great year, in fact the show’s host, Casella, came up to receive an award although he didn’t thank him afterwards he wasn’t happy“, he shot at his historic enemy. At that time, Carmen and her panelists shared her opinion: that blessed he deserved it because he gets a very good mark and because he has a great editing job. “He was even a gold contender,” Pampito said. “Of course, but I ask, what if Darío Barassi had won, was it wrong? And if Guido Kaczka had won, was it wrong?

Ventura and Casella maintained a strong crossover in 2014, amid rumors that star Fabiana Liuzzi was expecting a child from the then panelist intruders. Casella, who presented a report on the subject in blessed, reached out to the APTRA president from his radio show on Pop 101.5 to make way for his testimony. And although the chimentero accepted the interview, it all started and ended badly.

“Whenever you want, you and I can fix it, I picked the corner, Casella,” Ventura said, to which the driver replied, “Do you think everyone is going to come to your extortion?” Then everything got out of control, and the back and forth was marred by insults, reproaches and more insults.

“I hold Ventura responsible if anything happens to me because of his threats. If I look dead, it’s him,” Casella quipped. “You have little chicken arms. Go comb the wig.”Said the chimentero among other things. The crossing lasted almost 20 minutes and generated a huge impact on social networks.

One of the tributes of the night was one that recalled Diego Armando Maradona Almost two years after his departure. As a reminder, Ventura invited Verónica Ojeda and the son she had with El Diez, Dieguito Fernando, to the party. During the ceremony, a clip with images of the footballer was shown while Valeria Lynch performed “You give me more every day”. Estefi Berardi consulted with APTRA’s president on the controversies surrounding this segment.

During the preview, it was commented that Maradona’s daughters were upset that they weren’t invited. Even the presence of Dieguito Fernando and not the rest of the family confronted Ventura with Damián Rojo. Estefi Berardi then took the opportunity to ask Ventura on Dalma’s Instagram post where she shared her displeasure at not being part of it. “You’re right. I didn’t invite her, I didn’t invite Jana, I didn’t invite Diego Junior from Italy, and I didn’t invite Gianinna either because the party had a capacity of 500 people and we ended up with 648“, he said.

Barbieri, who was also not in the game, told Ventura that she saw tables with empty seats. The journalist replied that in this case “you have to understand what the Martín Fierro game is like”, and said that many of those who get up early leave, receive their prize and leave, that many others arrive later because ‘they come from work and others who are on the air and reach the end because they know that their shortlist is one of the last.

Finally, Ventura explained that he was not satisfied with the place granted to Dieguito Fernando and Verónica Ojeda, at the back of the room, and that he would have done something else, but that the decision was made by the chain, who bought the rights and had the power to decide what to air.

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