All the nominees for the Martín Fierro Awards: surprises, anger and the most disputed lists

Martín Fierro 2022: protocols, great absences, a controversial tribute and many trainees

Five days before the delivery ceremony of the most important awards of argentine television, the Martin FierrosLuis Ventura told some details of the event.

During an interview with Carmen Barbieri and the panelists of very morning, For Ciudad Magazine, the president of APTRA confirmed who will be the great absentees and who will be the characters who will adorn the night, revealed some of the inmates of the establishment and He spoke of a tribute that could cause controversy.

Having said that this year will be one of the biggest parties yet –“It will be the biggest party ever,” he said.Ventura revealed that more than 700 guests will be present, that it is a very important edition, because it will be the first post-pandemic and that all the participants -among them also the members of APTRA- They must be stamped to enter the chamber.

Regarding the guests, Pampito reminded Ventura who until now had warned that they would not be part of the move: Moria Casan will be at the theater doing witches Yes Julius Caesar, Jorge Lanata going on a trip on Friday and Marcelo Tinelli, who He just made the news for his split from Guillermina Valdés also gave up.

Without comment, the journalist preferred to quote those who will say they are present: Susana Gimenez and Mirtha Legrand. “Martín Fierro has his own genius”, he concluded to minimize the major absentees.

Luis Ventura, president of APTRA, dismissed the absences of great personalities such as Marcelo Tinelli and Jorge Lanata

“There is going to be a number that will take a reward encrusted with diamondsthere will be a nice gift, a nice piece of jewelry for one of the participants, there will be international fairs, shows abroad, there is going to be a concept of television that is going to have a lot to do with the altitude, with the city, how to get to the party”, Ventura listed in preview what will happen on Sunday next but without giving much more details about it. He also mentioned an important reminder after the three years of the pandemic and experiences related to virtual reality.

During yesterday’s broadcast, Damián Rojo told Carmen Barbieri that Ventura prepared a tribute to Diego Armando Maradona and invited Verónica Ojeda -personal friend of the APTRA President- and Dieguito Fernando at the awards ceremony.

Disagreeing with the decision, the journalist explained that this tribute will surely cause controversy as Maradona hasn’t done any television work lately. – “In what capacity?” »he wondered – and that the rest of El Diez’s inner circle might also be offended. “The Martín Fierro are not Luis Ventura’s birthday,” Rojo shot.

Maradona and a tribute not shared by all APTRA members: "In what capacity?"asked journalist Damián Rojo
Maradona and a tribute that is not shared by all APTRA members: “In what capacity?” asked journalist Damián RojoAFP

“If I have to invite all the Maradonas, I have to throw another party”Ventura fought back. “Damián Rojo can have Maradona’s big party, let him have it on the terrace of the house since he wants to invite everyone, and let him put it on,” he rushed, explaining that he is very difficult to organize an event of this type.

“I know a lot of people who make plans for you from the top but you put in the money. Let him come and organize a small party, an award ceremony. It gives the Rojito de oro“, he continued. After denying being angry, he pointed out that he had substantial differences with Rojo, that he would never vote for himself for an award and that for this reason, because of the egos of journalists, do does not shortlist for show programs.

Marley returns to the direction of Martín Fierro
Marley returns to the direction of Martín Fierro

Finally, and after a long break, next Sunday, May 15, at the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero, the Martín Fierro 2022 will take place. He will transmit Telefe and driving will be in charge of Marley,

As reported by the channel itself, Ivan de Pineda and Paula Chaves will show all the details of the red carpet, Agustina Casanova and Robertito Funes Ugarte will analyze the looks and Lizy Tagliani With all his humor, he will go around the hotel to anticipate the preparation of the guests before the big event.

This show will feature 35 shortlists that have between 3 or 4 nominees each, and in addition to a golden Martín Fierro there will be a special surprise. In previous years, the people’s prize was awarded, which was received by the celebrity most voted by the public, now it could well be this new delivery, but Ventura decided to keep the suspense in this regard.

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