Martín Fierro Prize 2022: all you need to know before the ceremony |  October Group's El Nueve Reaches 10 Nominations

Martín Fierro Prize 2022: all you need to know before the ceremony | October Group’s El Nueve Reaches 10 Nominations

In the year of reunions with face-to-face celebrations, tonight Argentina’s Open Television will finally have its usual awards gala. Surrounded by the usual controversy, but everyone understanding that this is an award from which no one is asking artistic or journalistic justice, the awards ceremony Martin Fierro Award It will be held again after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Broadcast will start at 7:30 p.m. on the Telefe screenwhich is not by chance the most nominated channel, with a total of 43 nominations, closely followed by El Trece with 40. Contrary to what happens in the ranking, América was in third place with 15 nominations, followed by the 10 that El Nueve reached, the 6 from Public TV and the 2 from Net TV.

The 50th ceremony the delivery of the Martín Fierro will not be one more. Not only because the round number will give a special spirit to the dining room hilton hotel in which it will take place, but also because it will be a party for the local television industry in the midst of an audiovisual ecosystem that forces it to rethink its place in this “new normal”. In addition, there will be a tribute to 70 years of Argentine television, which was commemorated last year.

It should be remembered that the members of the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (Aptra) They have decided to reward productions that have been broadcast on the small local screen in 2021, leaving those of 2019 and 2020 unevaluated, which will not be distinguished. The biggest novelty of this edition is that to guarantee the presence of the greatest number of personalities from all the channels, Aptra has decided expand the triplets (there will be 35 in total), adding new categories (Grand Show, Jury, Travel/Tourism) and unfolding the others that were part of a single (Entertainment Games/Quiz Games, Daytime Newscast/Central Newscast).

The polka fiction 1-5/18 is the program that has most nominations (five in total), favored by the few cycles of the genre that there were last year and the nominations of actors who always increase the volume. However, if there was any justice, the favorites to compete for the ‘big winner’ badge of the night should not leave the foodie contest. Master Chef Celebrity and the music contest The Argentinian Voice. In reality, The two cycles of Telefe are those that have monopolized the most audience and impact in 2021with proposals that have escaped the fights (real or prefabricated) that have set the tone on television for years.

1-5/18 is the show with the most nominations.

In line with the role that open television seems to be beginning to find in the face of the irruption of streaming platforms, the news of the Martín Fierro family places a new category like that of best jury as the one that arouses the most expectations. Ricardo Montaner, Lali Espósito, Soledad Pastoruti, Mau and Ricky (The Argentinian Voicea); Donato De Santis, Damian Betular, German Martitegui (Master Chef Celebrity); Ángel de Brito, Carolina Pampita Ardohain, Guillermina Valdés, Jimena Barón and Hernán Piquín (show the game); and Nacha Guevara, Oscar Mediavilla, Karina La Princesita and Moria Casán (sing 2020). In the same way, pastry shop, Cuts and preparation Yes Master Chef Celebrity they will decide which was the best reality showwhile The Argentinian Voice, show the game Yes Deal done they will do the same in the triple big show.

Another category that involves some type of expectation is that of Revelation. Beyond the absurdity of considering them “revelations” when they have been working in television for many years, the truth is that the dispute between Darío Barassi (100 Argentinians sayEl Trece) and Jey Mammon (The Jey Mammon Show, America) is proving interesting, even if it would have been more logical for them to be part of the Driving category, since they are the two best of the year in this category. But maybe in the desire to add faces, it’s that Aptra put them there and not in Conduct (Beto Casella, Diego Korol and Guillermo López), or in Work in male driving (Darío Barassi, Santiago del Moro, Mariano Iúdica, Guido Kazcka, Marcelo Tinelli and Marley). It would be nice if the very special and remarkable members of Aptra explained what is the difference between driving and working in men driving.

In fictionthe fourth is composed of the second season of The Tiger of Veron (which went unnoticed by El Trece), Monsoon (which premiered in 2019 on Space and only arrived on Telefe in 2021), 1-5/18 (The Thirteen) and Little Victory (Phone). in the category journalistic There are also four cycles, very different from each other, which fight to rise with the gaucho: intractable (America), fire friend (The nine), journalism for all (The Thirteen) and 21st century ATR (Phone). In Male journalistic workthe shortlist is contested by Rodolfo Barili (Telefe), Nelson Castro (El Trece) and Jorge Lanata (El Trece), while Marisa Andino (El Nueve), Soledad Larghi (América), Silvia Martínez Casina (El Thirteen) and Cristina Perez (Telefe).


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