Masterchef Celebrity: the pearls of the finale, an unbeatable audience peak and a question mark for the future

Masterchef Celebrity: the pearls of the finale, an unbeatable audience peak and a question mark for the future

Finally the suspense was over. The third edition of Master Chef Celebrity closed its doors with Mica Viciconte as the big winner. After months of intense competition, the popular cooking cycle ended and the Instagrammer found himself with the victory, throughout a show that left pearls, emotion and a trailer in striking detail.

Joaquin Levinton

Sunday’s show ended after the contestants finished preparing their respective three-step menus, with a starter, main course and dessert. So, Monday began with the opinion of specialists on the execution of each preparation. After greeting the viewers, Santiago del Moro invited the finalists to present their respective tickets to the jury, made up of German Martitegui, Damian Betular Yes Donat de Santis. And at the start of the menu, Fonzi opted for a bruschetta with black pudding, brie cheese, onion and arugula.

When tasting the dish, Martitegui was very focused, until a male voice was heard in the background exclaiming: “Enjoy!” between laughter, Joaquin Levinton He recognized himself as responsible for the outburst, and he never ceased to be tempted by this interference. Tomás Fonzi, between embarrassed and amused by an event that relaxed the climate of tension, chose to look down. But Martitegui and the jury, more severe, joked by asking for the expulsion of the musician from the studio.

Originally from the city of Mar del Plata, Viciconte decided to show his roots in the preparation of each of his dishes. Thus, seafood products were very present in the flavors he offered to the cycle’s juries. Grilled prawns and scallops au gratin were among the star ingredients of the dishes of the Instagrammer, who assured that these are elections “which represent her”. Playing with these flavors, Viciconte won the reality show, and received high praise from specialists, like Damián Betular, who assured him: “It’s a game with impeccable textures.”

And just as Mica represented his city in his dishes, Tomás Fonzi also took his father and mother as the common thread of his three preparations. As he approached his dessert, after bringing the bruschetta with black pudding and a chorizo ​​wagyu steak, the actor closed his presentation with a dessert consisting of a roasted peach with sabayón with lime cream, and caramelized pistachios. And when detailing it, he expressed, “It’s based on my dad and mom. My dad is a very seasoned meat guy, and that’s where the appetizer and my main came in, and here’s my mom with the sabayon and whipped cream. Very moved by this explanation, Damián Betular told him: “The peach is very good, it is tender. The lime cream has a very good acidity for the palate. But all these flavors that you tell, the story of mum and dad, it’s a very nice final touch to the Fonzi menu”.

One of the most tender postcards of the night was that of Mica Viciconte in tears, showing great emotion when winning the trophy of Chef. Beside her was her partner, Fabian “Bean” Cuberoand her three daughters, Indiana, Siena Yes allegra. And with great emotion, the athlete assured about Viciconte: “I am very proud, because I know the dedication he has put into it. He deserves it, I’m very happy for all the effort he put in.” Although a bit more shy, but sharing the moment of joy with his family, Allegra assured: “I’m very happy.”

Once the program is finished, call broadcast the advance MasterChef Celebrity: Revenge, a new edition of the cycle that will feature many of the celebrities eliminated in previous seasons. This way some of the competitors will be Juariu, El Polaco, Analía Franchín, Vicky Xipolitakis, Sofía Pachano Yes Maria O’Donnell. But what was particularly striking was the mention of Viciconte as a participant. Considering his victory, and that the end of Celebrity Master Chef 3 was registered previously, how do you explain that your name was in the publicity of revenge?

As expected, the announcement of the winner of Master Chef Celebrity marked a noteworthy note. After the wonderful Sunday numbers, on Monday, the culinary cycle started with a value of 16.5, which quickly rose to 17.8, reaching 18.6 at its end. This time the peak was 18.9, a remarkable and very rare value on television.

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