Masterchef Celebrity, the revenge: from the reunion between Germán Martitegui and Vicky Xipolitakis to the tears of Mica Viciconte

Masterchef Celebrity, the revenge: from the reunion between Germán Martitegui and Vicky Xipolitakis to the tears of Mica Viciconte

Vicky Xipolitakis and German Martitegui reunited at Masterchef Celebrity, the rematch (Video: Telefe)

After Mica Viconte the champion is consecrated of the third season of Master Chef Celebritythis Sunday began a new edition of the reality show that will feature the presence of participants who have already passed through the most famous cuisine in the world. Analía Franchín, Vicky Xipolitakis, El Polaco, Sofía Pachano, María O’Donnell, Georgina Barbarossa, Vicky Braier – popularly known as Juariu-, the EX fight Yes Joaquin Levinton are the nine contestants who have been encouraged to return to the competition.

This time there will be a single weekly show, in which they will be eliminated one by one and the challenges will be more and more complex. In this first issue, the jury composed of Donato De Santis, Damian Betular Yes german martitegui He surprised them with a mini test: everyone had to debone a chicken perfectly well and without fail. The first to achieve this turned out to be Sofia, who had the advantage of stepping onto the balcony and be exempted from the elimination gala.

Meanwhile, the chefs were announcing the second slogan, which consisted in making a freely chosen dish in 60 minutes, but with the difficulty that, to obtain the ingredients, they had to go through the “extreme market”. There they encountered various obstacles, such as an entrance full of balloons, smoke, and even an unrelenting network in which it was difficult not to get caught. However, they all managed to get around it and got to work.

In the middle of the gala, there was an expected meeting, that of the owner of Tegui with Xipolitakis, who was able to maintain an intense relationship during the first season. “How are you? Are you all right?” he asked as soon as he approached his post. “Very well, now better,” she replied mischievously. However, the jury was relentless: “I will not let myself be captivated”. And, immediately afterwards, he consulted him on the preparation he was preparing.

Vicky Xipolitakis opened up about meeting German Martitegui on Masterchef Celebrity, the rematch (Video: Telefe)

“Do you love me? Do you love me?”, insisted the media once he explained what he planned to do. “Yes,” he answered, very seriously. “The kiss?”she added between two laughs, in reference to what had happened between them last month when she was invited to a party that Greece-inspired reality TV. Unable to hide their discomfort, the jurors tried to dodge the subject and continue with their culinary advice. But when he tried to help her choose the dishes, the former star prevented him from passing to stay face to face with him. So Martitegui gave up and ran away. “Well, whatever you want.” ” No no ! Vicky pleaded., but could do nothing to convince him to return. “He’s going away, but you saw he turned red,” she said backstage.

Minutes later, Santiago del Moro approached Vicky and commented: “The one who is in a hurry that you hit Chief Germán, but he got a little wrinkled. Is he afraid of you?”. “No, no…we’re both getting nervous,” the contestant replied. “But is this love serious? asked the driver. “I hope it’s serious”she pointed out. “You are for everything…”, insists the driver. “For What He Wants”Xipolitakis closed.

Then it was time for feedback, and finally, the definition of the jury. First, the judges called O’Donell, El Polaco and Juariu up front, who were deemed the best of the night. Later it was the turn of the Greeks, Levinton and Barbarossa, who, although they did not achieve excellence, were enough to advance to the next round. In this way, hand in hand was between Mica and Analía. “Who is definitely giving up the Masterchef rematch….Micaela”Donato announced.

Mica Viciconte tears as she was first eliminated from Masterchef Celebrity, rematch

The entire jury dedicated several compliments to the latest winner of the reality show, who was very excited. “It’s true, I’m tired… how horrible to cry. I’m super happy, I’m tired, but I feel like I can’t miss work. It happens to me, they tell me to work and I go, and sometimes you have to say “enough”. Thanks to you guys, I already feel like I’ve greeted you 200 times so… happy. Thank you,” the influencer said goodbye between tears.


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