Masterchef Celebrity won gold in one of the most emotional ceremonies

As controversial as desired, controversial and, at the same time, highly anticipated. And in this edition, more than ever. Because the Martín Fierro Awards represent the great celebration of Argentine entertainment. And after three years had passed since the last gala, in that distant year of 2019 – when no one had integrated terms such as pandemic, protocol and, even less, coronavirus – the Hilton hotel was once again the scene of the delivery of the 35 short film lists that distinguished the best of television, in addition to two special recognitions and the most coveted statuette: gold.

This is the 50th edition of the awards organized by the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA). At the party for some 700 guests, broadcast by Telefe from 9.30 p.m. and with Marley -nominated for best host for three of his programs- as emcee, the first Martín Fierro de Brillantess was given, who is went to Susana Giménez – although she was not included in the best driver category – for her career.

There was also a tribute to Diego Armando Maradona, at the express request of Luis Ventura, president of the entity. The star, who was able to direct La Noche del 10 en El Trece, in 2005, died on November 25, 2020. Dalma Maradona has already warned that she will not attend the MF, like her sister Gianinna. Instead, her mother, Claudia Villafañe, was there, but as part of Masterchef Celebrity -she remained with the first edition- one of the favorite programs to win the highest honor. Maradona’s youngest son, Dieguito Fernando, was accompanied by his mother, Verónica Ojeda.

At 7:44 p.m., a few minutes later than scheduled, the red carpet began. Iván de Pineda and Paula Chaves took charge of this section of the Telefe transmission. Edith Hermida and Alejandra Maglietti of Bendita were the first to appear on the red carpet. “It was the pandemic program,” panelists pointed out of the Beto Casella cycle at El Nueve, and they were excited about the gold.

Lizy Tagliani walked the halls and rooms of the Hilton, where the stars of the show changed. And the color note was given by Lali Esposito -nominated as part of the La Voz jury-, who received the driver in pajamas! But not just anyone, of course: she had the glamor of a diva.

Speaking of divas, Mirtha Legrand told De Pineda and Paula Chaves that she hopes it will be a great night out for the family, with her own cycle nominated for general interest and Juana Viale for best entertainer. “We are going to win something…”, he rejoiced. “What I liked was my program before …”, lamented Susana Giménez, referring to what she will soon be doing on TV. “I’m very well! I was very bad, with the covid, but I’m fine now,” he added.

The ceremony began at 9:15 p.m. with an impressive video in which different fragments of programs and emblematic figures of Argentine television, such as Tato Bores, appeared in a magnificent nocturnal Buenos Aires, as if the whole city were a large television screen ( see above). It was a tribute to 70 years of national television.

“We are alive!!,” exclaimed an exultant Ventura during his moving opening speech, happy with the accomplishment of having a face-to-face ceremony of such magnitude again. And so, yes, the first winner: Fabián Rubino, of América Noticias, lifted his award for Best Mobile Reporter/Actor, highlighting the limiting work of reporters, cameramen and producers amid the pandemic. At the same time, Environment and a half, cycle of El Nueve, stood out as a cultural/educational program.

“We are the 12 from Boca! How many people are there here? asked Lali, amused, when she went up to receive the prize for the world tour, the Marley cycle, alongside Jimena Barón (with dark glasses?!), Lizy, Flor Peña, Vicky Xipolitakis and many others. others. more, on a massive stage at the time.

Verónica Lozano starred in one of the most emotional moments of the night. Son Cortá por Lozano is the best magazine, and the host walked to the stage and up the stairs, appearing to have recovered from her very serious accident in Aspen, when she fell from a chairlift and s broke his ankles. “I’m very happy,” he managed to stammer. “They have been my paradise,” he thanked his companions, breathing heavily.

And immediately, another very moving moment: the prize for La Peña de Morfi, and the memory of the great Gerardo Rozín. “Dear friend, wherever you are…”, said Claudio Belocopitt, almost on the verge of tears, raising the statuette. “This prize is for Gerardo, because I know he is there, present,” added Jésica Cirio. “I want to highlight the effort that Gerardo made last year. We can’t complain about the fatigue because he came back from his treatment and started driving… Incredible”, added Soledad Pastorutti.

Halfway through the ceremony, the distinction went to a Susana Giménez who, in the first part of her brief speech, spoke in a broken voice. “I’m not one to get excited, and now I’m excited. Chiqui, I look like you… Chiqui, where are you?! he said, looking for Mirtha, with that freshness so typical of Su. And with a Chiqui who let out a tear. “I worked a lot, but I enjoyed life,” he commented looking at his Martín Fierro de Brillantes, who praises his enormous career.

With the voice of Soledad Pastorutti singing “Para vive” live, after hearing Cacho Castaña, the artists and great figures who left during these three years appeared at the back of the stage. And then, impotence… Because from Castaña himself to Elena Cruz, Beatriz Salomón, Isabel Sarli, Susana Ortiz, Santiago Bal, Sergio Gendler, Sergio Denis, Carlín Calvo, Hugo Arana, Mauro Viale and so many others …Diego Armando Maradona himself.

La Sole continues with “Brindis”, which in its last verses says: “Because the days pass, we must sing until the end, for another night all together I give my life”. The Hilton Ballroom was engulfed in sadness and shock as Rozin’s words rang out, “Thank you, really. We are from the same family”. And then Susana was seen kissing and hugging Mirtha, who is still mourning the death of her twin sister, Goldy. It took a long commercial break to overcome this example , one of the most heartbreaking in the history of Martín Fierro.

As if to shake Mirtha’s heart even more, Juana Viale established herself as the best driver. Nacho Viale approached his grandmother and Marcela Tinayre whispered in his mother’s ear. Juana also brought emotion to the gala at the end of her speech: “(I dedicate it) to my friend Victoria Céspedes, who has been flying somewhere in the universe for a year,” she said.

Already at 1.25 on Monday, Gold was announced: Masterchef Celebrity. Del Moro and his entire team took the stage to offer a few words and grant a group photo. “Thank you from the first to the last of the colleagues who made this gold. There are so many hours, so much smell of milanesa, so much passion, so much dedication and work. We are a family, thank you Boxfish”, expressed the host with euphoria, encouraging all the figures to take the stage. And this gave way to the moving speech of Darío Turo, head of programming for the channel: “Thank you very much to all of you for always joining us. The intention is always to keep generating that emotional connection with everyone who follows us and Masterchef Celebrity has shown that, so thank you very much. Thank you APTRA and congratulations because it is from all of you”.

And the transmission was closed. There was no time for more. The return of the big televised party will remain one of the most emotional nights in the history of Martín Fierro. !! Congratulations!! The show needed such a celebration.

Source: “Infobae”


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