Maybe you don't have this third-person shooter on your radar and it's doing something very difficult: it's always going the extra mile.

Maybe you don’t have this third-person shooter on your radar and it’s doing something very difficult: it’s always going the extra mile.

The Polish studio Flying Wild Hog signs Evil West, a hybrid between Devil May Cry and God of War (2018) with accents of Doom Eternal which, by its characteristic premise, its curious humor and its aggressiveness at the controls – or at the keyboard and the mouse—, aims to be one of the most “hooligan” bets of this end of the year.

Talk about bad west involves fully immersing oneself in the next stage of the evolutionary chain of parents of shadow warrior. Ever since the Polish developer reimagined the original late ’90s experience in 2013, fans of action titles have been keeping tabs on the work of flying wild pig. Therefore, a significant part of the industry awaits with open arms a proposal as naughty as it is funny what, another delay fromwill be available later November 22. And I was, thankfully, able to access an exclusive sneak peek that left me with a brief but concise thought: Evil West focuses everything i expected from him.

What is most striking in the excerpt that I was able to complete — it goes without saying before getting to the heart of the matter, which corresponds to an advanced phase of the title — is the perfect balance between action and exploration. what the work poses. After nearly a decade of experience in these fields, Flying Wild Hog has managed to specialize in a task that is easy to set up, but difficult to execute: finding the balance between storm and calm. On the one hand, Evil West has combat sections which, thanks to their variety, offer the player various possibilities to fulfill his mission; on the other hand, when these come to an end, he places us in a vast, and at the same time limited space, which hides many secrets for those who want to find them.

Thus, the Eastern European firm poses a challenge that seeks to satisfy both actors eager for action and those who, in addition to appreciating this type of approach, are looking for a extra dose through exploration and investigation of the environment. For this reason, the Evil West scenarios are full of collectibles and additions that provide additional information to the story that the game offers, a point in favor that is marked in the box of “most demanding” users with this type of content. In this way, those who decide to check out what awaits them behind every corner will discover both unknown stories and optional matchesthe latter being a good option to test all the combat possibilities.

Player still reigns in Evil West

In essence, this proposal has several elements that can be combined at the mercy of the player. For this reason, Evil West allows you to chain together the combos you can create thanks to its wide arsenal of available moves. On the one hand, when it comes to weapons, I had access to a no-sight revolver that acts as a standard attack, a loaded shotgun that acts as a special attack, a rifle with a scope that is used to execute ranged and an artifact capable of paralyzing all enemies on stage; On the other hand, when it comes to more direct attacks, there is the possibility of chaining the blows using the power of the gauntlet and, in turn, using the hook to bring your enemies closer or, on the contrary , move to their position. Although it may seem limited, it is possible to several combinations once this playable facet has been mastered.

After diving into combat and exploration, it’s time to do the same with characters and story. Although I have not been able to delve much into this aspect, mainly that related to the protagonists of the events, I can assure you that Evil West has lots of humor. In the preview, which allowed me to play Jesse Rentier – the protagonist of this epic focused on vampire hunting – I also got to meet Vergil Olney, the shrewd and inexperienced assistant with less control ready to lend a hand. Although having been able to experience some traces of what the final result will be, the relationship between the two sheets another moment which made me smile. Undoubtedly, the character and charisma of Rentier point to being one of the main strongholds of this work.

Finally, before plunging into the final conclusions, I noted a negative aspect which can “frighten” more than one: the low level of difficulty. Evil West has up to four challenge levels, ranging from classic easy and normal to hard, to unlock extreme once the story is completed. According to the game settings, the normal level corresponds to what the developers intended for the experience. And this one, and I must point out that I don’t stand out for being a player who claims to be gifted, will hardly be a challenge for someone with experience. So, if I had to point out one negative point, it would be the small challenge behind so much action.

Evil West Xbox Series

Evil West aims to be, in addition to one of the most positive surprises of this end of the yearThus, Evil West aims (easy joke) to be, in addition to one of the most positive surprises of this end of the year, a rogue proposal that will make lovers of this type of experience crack. In combat you will be able to take advantage of both an aggressive style such as rolling to dodge, which will be your greatest ally, as well as a more cautious style based on the shield and the possibility of healing. The exploration also stands out, for its part, and it is that sections with hooks, rails and the like will be interspersed so as not to cause a feeling of repetition. In addition, all this will be seasoned with a very particular aesthetic section and top performance that leaves no room for doubt.

For these reasons Evil West left me a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. Flying Wild Hog, once again, demonstrates his good work with action titles and his ability to give them his “personal touch”. The final result, as they have already confirmed, can be checked from the next November 22.

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