Mendoza politician and cat fan: Who is Sebastián Nebot, Lizy Tagliani's new boyfriend

Mendoza politician and cat fan: Who is Sebastián Nebot, Lizy Tagliani’s new boyfriend

The word of Sebastián, the new boyfriend of Lizy Tagliani

Last week Lizy Tagliani he once again showed himself smiling in public and holding hands with Sebastien Nebota 33-year-old man from Mendoza, who works in politics and who would be the comedian’s new boyfriend. Although at first the brand new couple chose to escape the labels, it seems that everything is evolving towards a more formal complicity. And as the artist herself said, this is a new chapter in a long-standing relationship, since they have known each other since 2016.

Monday morning, in Show partners (El Trece), showed how Lizy took Sebastián to Aeroparque, so he could board his plane to return to the land of sun and wine. “He’s leaving because it’s his mother’s birthday,” Tagliani told the cameras. Then Nebot was approached and assured that “for now” they are just friends. “It’s okay, we have to take care of Lizy. The important thing is that she is happy and that we are well. We had a very nice week.“, said the boy.

I came to work and besides we just met, that’s the most important. We went to the theatre, we went out dancing, everything is fine. I met her friends, who are wonderful”, also declared Sebastián, while assuring that “there are common points” between him and her. Also that Lizy “is welcome” in Mendoza, his native province.

“Besides, I’ll be back soon. I forgot my toothbrush at your house, so I’m going back.Nebot said. The mobilero asked him: “Did you forget it or did you leave it?” Sebastian’s response:I left him“He said with a huge smile that could even be seen under his jugular. What message did you want to leave Tagliani?”May she be happy and I love her“, said Sebastián in front of the cameras before taking the plane and saying goodbye to him.

Gabriel Canci spoke about Sebastián, Lizy Tagliani’s new boyfriend

In the afternoon, the show producer and businessman Gabriel Canci gave a laptop to intruders (America) to tell a little more about the life of Nebot, whom he knows very well. “I was Seba’s partner for about two years. I know him when he still wasn’t out of the closet, imagine. We stopped being together but there was always a good relationship, good vibes, we are still friends,” he said. V flower.

In turn, Canci told the story between Lizy and Sebastián: “They met a few years ago, at the Miró bowling alley, owned by Mrs. Susana del Moro“, he counted. And Flor limited it: “The first bowling alley for trans women.” “Susana took her to Lizy and there she met Sebastián, who was in charge of public relations for bowling. They met and got on well. when I do the Harvest for all of 2019, there I take Lizy and they meet. There were discussions, there was a connection, a very good energy, good vibes, but I understand that nothing happened at that time,” continued Gabriel.

“Lizy has always loved Sébastien. The funniest thing is when Lizy discovered that she had been my partner”, he confided later. When defining Nebot’s interests, Gabriel said, “Seba had a soup kitchen for old people. He has always devoted himself to social work. I know that he is a member of the board of directors of one of the branches of Banco Credicoop. And I understand that he was in the last elections, appointed councilor of the department of Guaymallén, here in Mendoza”.

Lizy Tagliani and Sebastien Nebot

“A person who has a political career or is active, who at some point has some visibility, I don’t think anything bad will come of it. From there to prioritizing the means, it seems to me that we are already crossing a fairly important line. Also, she is very skinny“, analyzed Canci to know if he considers that Sebastián could use Lizy to make himself known in the pursuit of his political career.

Regarding the exposure Nebot might have for being Lizy’s boyfriend, he said: “I don’t know if he’s ready for this. I imagine it must not be easy for Seba to be so exposed, as all the media calls him.. I know a lot of media called him and he didn’t want to do anything right now. I don’t know how long it will be stored. I think at some point he’s going to have to leave. But it’s also understandable that he doesn’t want to.”

Sebastián Nebot and Lizy Tagliani spent an exciting week in Buenos Aires (Photo: Instagram)
Sebastián Nebot and Lizy Tagliani spent an exciting week in Buenos Aires (Photo: Instagram)

Finally, he specifies that Sébastien “lives alone with his cats” and that he “has three brothers”. “He is a very good boy, a good person and he is also very hardworking. He has always been concerned with social well-being, especially of minorities. What I can tell you is that I don’t think any of them will be sent, because they know the country is going to screw up if any are sent. Besides, I also told her, ‘Take care of Lizy because I’m going to kill you!'” Canci concluded with humor.


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