Message from María Becerra after learning of the alleged romance between China Suárez and her ex, Rusherking

Message from María Becerra after learning of the alleged romance between China Suárez and her ex, Rusherking

After navigating through this inescapable scandal that was the “Wandagate”, Eugenie “China” Suarez continues to be linked to other well-known personalities and his relationship with the Spaniard Armando Mena Navareño, who left especially for Argentina for his birthday seems to have been left behind.

In the last weeks It was reported that Suárez was with Rodrigo de Paul days after the footballer’s court confirmation with Tini Stoessel.Yes Recently a new version has gained strength: that The actress was “very close” to Rusherkig, the ex-boyfriend of María Becerra.

They reveal that China Suárez had a meeting with Rusherking, the ex of María Becerra

The news has fallen Karina Iavicoli, who in the program show partners (eltrece), reported that China was seen having dinner with the ragman. “They tell me that last Friday, La China was like that, there, stuck, eating a hamburger, with another famous man. They coincided on a trip, and oh, coincidence! We met! He is someone totally unexpected, whom I would never have imagined. I love a thousand, I know him“, he expressed and then the enigmatic concluded.

This stealthy encounter, which could sow something prosperous or not, is between La China Suárez and Rusherking. They were seen eating burgers very close, very close. I’m not saying there was a kiss, eh, eye, but they were very close”. On hearing the news, the panelist Marianne Brey He added: “Maria ended up being hurt and hurt by what happened to her. Now China opens up to music and expands its network”, in relation to the single that Suárez released with Santi Celli, “The Game of Love”.

Predictably, when this build was released, expectations began to be generated by Becerra’s reaction. A tweet from the singer rocked the hornet’s nest: “I’m down,” Maria wrote the week she reported on her ex’s alleged romance.

Yes OK many fans attributed his message to the time of sadness he was going through and even wrote to him on the networks asking if he was okay, the truth is that these words were related to the release of the song “Hasta lostoothes” which she recorded with Camila Cabello, so his message was misunderstood.

A month ago, Becerra was invited to PH: We can talk, the Telefe program commissioned by Andy Kusnetzoffand there he developed his breakup with Rusherking when the driver asked his guests if they could have a good relationship with an ex-partner. The artist did not hesitate to answer in the affirmative.

“I think it’s ideal. These are people you’ve been very happy with, you’ve had some super nice times, you’ve shared a lot. It happened to me that I finished really well and that I finished really badly. I feel that time heals everything and at least in me there is the goal to be good friends, I would like to share a coffee because I have a great affection for him”, said the singer and added: “Tomorrow we will see each other and we will laugh at what happened”. When Andy reminded him of the harsh Twitter messages he had dedicated to his ex –in which he alludes to an infidelity-, Maria picked up the glove and revealed that she is very impulsive. “When I get angry, my friends take out my phone.”

Rusherking and María Becerra, when they were a couple instagram

The musicians’ abrupt split in December last year became a trend hours before the two confirmed it, when Twitter was filled with speculation. Weeks later, they were seen in Mexico and there was talk of a reconciliation that didn’t last long. The artist wrote: “Okay I officially hate you”. An hour after, he said, “I want to attract attention.” They thus confirmed that there was no going back and that the break was final.

Rusherking's clarification of María Becerra's infidelity rumors
Rusherking’s clarification of María Becerra’s infidelity rumors

In December, The ragpicker from Santiago del Estero made it clear that he had not been unfaithful to Becerra after seeing hundreds of comments on the networks against him. “The truth, to be clear, I was never unfaithful to Mari. What happened was that I met a girl when we broke up and when I came back I didn’t tell her. said nothing and she found out now,” he explained. “This was made public in error and is something we need to resolve privately, I appreciate your respect.”

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