Metal Hellsinger, analysis and review of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series

Metal Hellsinger, analysis and review of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series

A demon known as La Extraña must find her voice in hell as she dispatches demonic hordes with the breath of a metal song. The result is even better than it looks.

I think a new concept really shows its quality when you already know it upstream and yet it surprises you. In the case of Metal: Hellsinger, the game became popular some time ago when he described his fabulous idea of ​​mixing classic fast-paced shooter with rhythm. What is interesting in the work of The foreigners is that, even if you already know what it is, experimenting with this mechanism is always something awesome.

The shooter as a genre, especially the classic one, has an inherent ability to put the player into a singular state of focus. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe: your wrist and fingers seem to move on their own when you use the mouse, without consciously thinking about it, so you don’t have to process actions to get headshots and move” devilishly”. The other genre this has happened to me with is rhythm games. In one Guitar Hero, for example, you stop thinking about the notes and get carried away by the rhythm of the song. Imagine, then, the sensations produced by Metal: Hellsinger, when this the frenzy of your movements and this precise goal harmonizes with beats and rhythms of heavy metal songs really inspired. His postulate is therefore based on shoot to musical rhythm. Pulling the trigger and hitting the enemy in rhythm multiplies our combo and makes us more powerful, while missing the shot and rhythm reduces it and exposes us. This system alone is capable of sustaining an experience that lasts what it should last, around 5-6 hours, depending on your expertise and also the secondary objectives that will help you on your adventure through hell.

Because yes, Metal: Hellsinger says it all with its name. We are a demon who seeks revenge and recovers his voice by entering the different areas of hell and dispatching his guests. The game, in fact, tells too much for my taste in this type of experience. A voiceover from an accompanying demon introduces you to the objective and some details of this particular hell. I understand that any self-respecting modern game is afraid of not having a narrative thread, but in the case of Metal: Hellsinger, the rhythm was more important to me than the story and I did not consider it very necessary. You come to this hell to shoot and not to be told about films.

Find your voice and your rhythm

A talented studio is noted, but who can still make this hell more appealingI suck at healing myself. The mechanics are similar to the news. loss, in which the enemy is stunned and, with a special move, you kill him throwing a good dose of life and giving yourself a few seconds of respite which will be useful for you to continue the carnage. The fact is that the synchronization healing has a different rhythm than shooting, with a single time of four, for example, to heal; and this is where I show my impatience. What’s great about Metal: Hellsinger is that we all have a soft spot. Mine is the cure, but there will be others who won’t master the faster pace of dual pistols or the litany of the crossbow. And even everything seems to balance itself internally so that you make up for your weaknesses with your strengths.

I miss a lot of opportunities to heal myself, but I know how to move well, shoot from a distance and take advantage of health crystals that the environment provides. And, if you need more help to overcome the levels that increase in difficulty, you have the help of the torments: a series of arenas that offer a target of kills. If we overcome it, we will get a stealth. Each has a certain effect, which helps us in our multiplier, with a weapon, etc. Collectors can fill all the torments, but you can also focus on the ones you really care about.

I see Metal: Hellsinger as I saw Doom 2016 before the arrival of Eternal destiny; is a wonderful game that has, however, even more potential to achieve. In the case of The Outsiders, the length doesn’t bother me as much as the repetition. You can get more variety enemies and, above all, that boss at the end of the phase that repeats too much.

Metal: Hellsinger is one of those games best to tryIt is also noted as a talented studio, but can still make this hell more appealing both visually and in the design of the levels and its arenas. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Metal: Hellsinger 2 greatly improved all of these facets with more funding, also bringing some improvements to mechanics and other imaginative weapons. Perhaps the hardest thing to improve is soundtrack. There are songs so accomplished that I can’t stop playing them in my head while writing these lines. They range from the most ripped metal to the most melodic. And I, who have always been a little weak for the female voice in these compositions, I am not very original and I put forward the Stygia theme of Sworn enemy and Alissa White-Gluz’s voice which is powerful enough to hurt whenever your multiplier drops below x16, where your voice (Alissa’s in this case) stops.

Metal Hellsinger PC

Metal: Hellsinger is one of those games that is better to try, which does not need to say much, because it is better left to sing on its own. It’s true that this type of hybridization is no longer so original in itself, since we have games like Crypt of the Necrodancer who has already done the same with dungeon crawling, for example. But it’s in the execution that The Outsiders’ work shines its own light in hell. It looks like a serious game, and it is, but it’s also a very polished game that has given deep thought to the system it presents and how to exploit it intelligently. The result is clearly damn funny.

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