Metallica's James brought tears to fan who gave birth mid-show

Metallica’s James brought tears to fan who gave birth mid-show

James Hetfield, Metallica singer and guitarist, video titled a fan who gave birth at a show by the band in Curitiba, Brazil. The musician spoke with Joice Figueiro and her husband Jaime to congratulate them on the birth.

I’m James from Metallica. congratulations guys”, we can hear the rocker say. “My God. Hi Joice replies enthusiastically. Also, the woman gave details on her social networks. The call lasted seven minutes and she recorded this incredible moment. “I have no more words”, he synthesized.

The metalhead baby: a girl gave birth in the middle of a Metallica show

Joice was 39 weeks pregnant and did not miss the show Metallica gave in Curitiba. When the band appeared on stage, the woman began to experience contractions.

As reported by the site pop line, when there were only three songs left before the end of the show, her husband had to ask the nurses for help. Luan was born in the stadium while “Enter Sandman” was playing.

message from mother

“When did I imagine that I would be at the Metallica show 39 weeks pregnant and this child decide to be born right there, three songs before the show ended, to Couto Pereira while they were playing ‘Enter Sandman’? “, he wrote in his social networks Joice. Metallica also shared the news on an Instagram Story. The group said it was the first time such a thing had happened.

According to Brazilian media, Joice and her husband, Jaime, bought the tickets for the recital that the group had announced in 2020. However, with the pandemic, the presentation was postponed. The new dates were only announced at the end of 2021, when she was already pregnant. The 39 weeks of pregnancy did not prevent her from enjoying the show. Even when arriving in the area reserved for pregnant women.

Metallica reviewed their entire career in more than two hours of show.  (Photo: Guido Alder)
Metallica reviewed their entire career in more than two hours of show. (Photo: Guido Alder)

Metallica rocked 60,000 people in Palermo

The group is on tour in Latin America. There are days, Metallic he performed in front of a crowd at Campo Argentino de Polo. It was his sixth visit to the country. Fans enjoyed a powerful show. “whiplash”, of Kill ‘Em All, and “Turn up the lights”, from the eponymous album, are the songs chosen to start the evening and the pogo explodes along the entire length of the field.

Look, look, Metallica family, Buenos Aires», says the singer and guitarist in perfect Spanish James Hetfieldalmost Argentinian, to launch “Fuel” and huge flames spring from the stage and the middle of the stadium.

graphically trace the passage of time, at the beginning and duringSeek and Destroy” the screens showed an entry from May 8, 1993 in Vélez, his second recital in the country, which moved the most veterans who had the privilege of witnessing it.

Pegado was followed by “Holier Than Thou”, a Black Album thrasher pearl, then “A”which with so much pyrotechnics becomes a spectacle in itself.

The coolness of the night in Buenos Aires on Saturday could only be borne with the warmth of the public, which is why before Lars Ulrich thunders his drums with “Sad but trueHetfield warmed his throat with a mate and toasted the local delirium.

Metallica visited our country for the sixth time.  (Picture: Press)
Metallica visited our country for the sixth time. (Picture: Press)For: WheatGerardi

Averaging the show where they appeared, “Moth in Flame” where Kirk Hammett’s guitar riffs shine, “The Unforgiven” with James’ classic acoustic guitar and “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, with Robert Trujillo’s flattened distorted bass intro.

Closing this part of the evening, the favorites “Terrifying Death” and “Master of Puppets” blasted, jolted and shook all of Palermo with metal. Between these two anthems was a version of “No Leaf Clover”, a jewel of the album. YOUwhich caused the original’s lack of symphony to go unnoticed.

The encores started with an Argentinian flag on the screens with Metallica written in the middle, with the first chords of “Spit out the bone”, last piece of Wiring… to self-destruct, the best composition of the group since the black scrapbook.

Dark but calm “Nothing else matters“was the calm that preceded the inexhaustible and endless heavy hurricane called “Enter Sandman” which crowned an unforgettable date.

During the farewell and thanks of the group, as icing on the dessert, Trujillo sang “Come on, go Argentina” as a fan of more, while Hetfield, Hammett and especially Ulrich, promised a quick return visit which we hope will be for a new album.


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