Mexico: Debanhi Escobar's autopsy reveals that she was abused before being brutally murdered

Mexico: Debanhi Escobar’s autopsy reveals that she was abused before being brutally murdered

Debanhi Escobarthe young woman who was found dead in a hotel cistern in northern Mexico 12 days after his disappearance, was murdered and sexually abusedaccording to an independent forensic report requested by his family.

The document, which takes stock of the first official autopsy, indicates that the body of the 18-year-old “shows evidence of recent violent vaginal intercourseand that this “is inferred from finding bruises and purplish bruises” in the external area of ​​the genitals.

“A Violent Murderous Death”

It also specifies that Escobar died “before his body was introduced or thrown” into the water tank, according to the Spanish newspaper. The countrywho had access to the document.

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“It’s a homicidal violent death“says the report, which rules out the hypothesis of a possible accident: she was hit several times with a “blunt agent in the head”.

Flowers on the facade of the attorney general’s office surround a photograph of Debanhi Escobar that was placed during a protest, Friday, April 22, 2022, in Mexico City over the disappearance of Escobar and other women in Mexico. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

The official autopsy did not mention or analyze any signs of sexual abuse on Debanhi’s body, he said. The country.

The report coincides with the first autopsy in which the cause of death was “intracranial hemorrhage”, but clarifies that The girl has several head injuries. and not one as the official report seems to suggest, the newspaper points out.

“Craniofacial contusions are of external origin to the body and because they are intense, repeated and with different angles of impactit is deduced that they were caused by another person and that it is a violent homicidal death, ”details the report.

Mexico: Debanhi Escobar's autopsy reveals that she was abused before being murdered

The article indicates that the Nuevo León State Attorney’s Office received the independent forensic report on May 2.

Debanhi’s death is already under investigation femicideafter initially registering as a disappearance, and work is underway to homologate “one last opinion” Based on the two autopsies, Mexico’s Public Security Undersecretary Ricardo Mejía reported Thursday morning.

A party, a disappearance and a last photo by the side of the road

The night of her death, Debanhi Escobar went to a party with two friends in the neighborhood of Nueva Castilla, in the municipality of Escobedo de Nuevo León.

According to local media, Debanhi’s friends left early and she eventually left the party in the car of a driver from a transport app that offered her services off-platform. But the man would have argued with the young woman and I would have left it by the side of the road, at kilometer 15.5. He was the one who took Debanhi’s photo and sent it to the girl’s friends at five o’clock in the morning as proof of what had happened.

Mexico: Debanhi Escobar's autopsy reveals that she was abused before being murdered

This image came about an hour later to Debanhi’s family when they contacted their daughter’s friends, fearing they might not see her return. They filed a complaint and after a 12 day searchthe young woman’s body was found in a disused tank, a few meters from where she was last seen.

A wave of femicides and disappearances

The case sparked protests amid a wave of femicides and disappearances women. In Mexico more than 10 women are murdered every dayaccording to official figures. In 2021, more than 1,000 femicides were reported, with an average of 2.7 per day or one every 8 hours.

Friends and family attended Debanhi's funeral.  (Photo: REUTERS/Daniel Becerril).
Friends and family attended Debanhi’s funeral. (Photo: REUTERS/Daniel Becerril).For: Reuters

The cases also raise concerns about the Mexican Trafficking Mafias who traffic approximately 10,000 women from southern states to the north each year for sexual exploitation.

” We constated that every year 10,000 women are trafficked for the sex trade and every month approximately 300 women and girls are sent to the Monterrey metropolitan area to be trafficked or sexually exploited“, he exposed Arum Kumar, author of a survey funded by the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) on the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women in northern Mexico.


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