Miguel Ángel Muñoz, host with Lali Espósito of the Platino Awards 2022: "I would like us to work together in Argentina"

Miguel Ángel Muñoz, host with Lali Espósito of the Platino Awards 2022: “I would like us to work together in Argentina”

Interview with Miguel Ángel Muñoz, presenter of the Platino Awards

“I must admit that I am doubly nervous, to present the gala and to be nominated”, he admits Miguel Ángel Muñoz in Exclusive Teleshow And he has no intention of hiding it. The 38-year-old Spanish actor, celebrity in his country, will be with Lali Esposito at the head of the IX Platino Awards, the great Ibero-American film and audiovisual festival that will take place tonight at 10 p.m. in Madrid, and at the same time he is one of the nominees for the best documentary of 100 days with Tata. And it’s understood that Miguel feels that particular tingle even though he’s not new to the entertainment. Because what he will show in the eyes of Ibero-America is a story from the depths of his heart in which he wanted to leave the testimony of the most important woman in his life. And it’s nothing like anything he’s done, but somehow the intangible is there.

Miguel made his big screen debut at age 12 with a role in the lame pigeon and became famous in 2002 with the series One step forward, and between this premiere and this broadcast, it was successfully tested in different facets. As a singer he received platinum records, as a cook he triumphed in the first Spanish edition of Master Chef Celebrityas a dancer he performed in the version of dance for a dreamor, just to count some of his milestones. Few as important as this, when he hopes to repeat with 100 days with Tata the prize for the best documentary already won at the Forqué Awards.

The father It is Louis Stoner, the sister of his great-grandmother, who took care of the boy Miguel Ángel when his parents went to work. To and from school, to keep an eye on his childhood pranks or always ready for anything, there was Tata. And when the passage of time made his work so cruel, the actor felt the desire to tell their relationship in a project that mutated into an emotional and empathetic documentary, celebrated by audiences and critics and that this evening he will try to hang another. medal.

100 days with the Tata trailer

—What makes you more nervous, presenting the gala or the moment of the nomination?

—I believe the nomination, because it’s something that’s not in the script, and whatever happens, there’s no choice but to continue the gala. But Lali and I have made very good friends, and we can’t wait for it to start, come and go.

— How did this chemistry develop with Lali?

A week has passed and it seems like we’ve known each other for a lifetime. We got along very well, she is a wonderful woman, very hardworking, she is an exceptional talent. We knew each other from having seen each other in different positions, but not in person. But we got along well and to this day we can say that we are going to be friends.

—When did your relationship with Luisa take the form of a documentary and become 100 days with Tata?

—The project was born in a different way than they knew. I had a personal need to make a film with my fatherto have the best portrait of our relationship filmed, so that when I have a family I can show them who the woman I love so much is. Twelve years ago I realized that the father it wasn’t going to be forever and from there I started with that and six years ago I started shooting, but as a personal project. When I was in the editing room in Los Angeles, I realized that what our relationship conveyed was important enough to share with the public. And there I started to work on a screenplay that was going to be fiction at the start and when I had everything to shoot what I had written, the pandemic arrived, which changed all our lives, and changed our relationship too.

100 days with Tata trailer

—They passed the most closed stage of the quarantine together.

— Yes, I confined myself with her for more than a hundred days in her 35 square meter house and I realized that what I had written had become obsolete. And the only way to tell our whole story, including this part of the pandemic, had to be in documentary form. But the story is not about the pandemic, It’s about my character’s need to spend as much time as possible with the most important person in her life, knowing that one day, sadly, we won’t be together..

—Before being a documentary, your story with Tata went viral on social media and once released, it had an extraordinary reception from audiences and critics alike. Were you surprised by the magnitude of such a personal story?

“It’s amazing what happened to 100 days with Tata, especially since it was born out of a personal need and I hadn’t planned to show it to the public. that my father se hacha hecho viral, que una historia pequeñita contada como documental se estrene en 140 salas, en toda España, que haya estado 10 semanas en cartel, que pronto esté en una plataforma para seguir viajando a lo largo y ancho del planeta, todavía no me I believe him. In addition, the Forqué prize for best documentary, nominated Platinum among 23 countries, I don’t understand. Yes, I am proud, very happy, And being able to share it with her, on the way to her 98th birthday, is what makes it all the more important..

—You have done everything in your career, you just have to come and work in Argentina. What references do you have on our country?

—I greatly admire Argentinian talent from all points of view, not only in the theater, but also in sport. I’m very sporty and I’m a fan of the Argentinian supporters. I had the opportunity to go twice to your country to see the Davis Cup final in Mar del Plata and I did a therapeutic seminar in Buenos Aires and spent more than two weeks there. I really want to go there to work. The first time it will go to see my colleague Lali at a concert, which is very successful, and the next time we will work on it together.

“Did he invite you to the shows at Luna Park?”

“He invited me, but I can’t go.” But I know he’s going to do more, so hopefully we’ll see you there too.

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