Minnie Driver and her Worst Hollywood Experiences: Inappropriate Comments, Matt Damon Abuse and Fake Orgasm in Chocolate Ad Casting

Minnie Driver and her Worst Hollywood Experiences: Inappropriate Comments, Matt Damon Abuse and Fake Orgasm in Chocolate Ad Casting

When she heard a producer say she wasn’t ‘sexy enough’ to play Skylar in the movie in search of fatethe world collapsed on him. “It was devastating,” the actress confessed this week in an interview with The Cut and explained, “There are still times when producers say ‘she’s too old’ or ‘she’s too big.’ I’ve always thought about how things are distilled. There’s this notion that part of you is “the thing” that will block out all of these other aspects of who you are. It’s a huge frustration as a actor.”

Fortunately, the opinion of the producer he refused to name was not taken into account, and his performance earned him an Oscar nomination. However, this incident marked her. “You’re told at 26 that you’re not sexy when maybe you’ve just overcome all your teenage anxieties and started thinking, you know, ‘Maybe in the right light, the right shoes and the right dress, I’m pretty good.’ …”.

At this time, his personal life aroused as much interest as his work in front of the screen. Her romance with Matt Damon, actor and screenwriter of this film, had made her the center of attention. However, this producer felt that she was not attractive enough to become Damon’s romantic interest in the film. “I wasn’t super pretty. And I felt like I had to try to find ways to make myself prettier. I thank God that I didn’t do a lot of things that I could have done. It could have been much more damaging than he was. He had such a beautiful family that he said to himself ‘Fuck it’. You are beautiful on all these levels. And if a person thinks that you are not enough pretty, fuck her.

Damon, one of producer Harvey Weinstein’s favorites, didn’t exactly behave like a gentleman: Driver discovered they were no longer a couple when the actor announced it in an interview with Ophra Winfrey . “It’s horrible to break up with someone, but for it to be so public and for me to be chosen in a role that I would never play if they paid me: that of the aggrieved woman!” actress. He added: “It’s a shame Matt went to Oprah; I found it fantastically inappropriate. Of course, he was busy declaring his love to me with David Letterman a month before.”

In the interview with The Cut Driver he returned to the subject and said: “Here is this clumsy human, trying to make a place for himself. And all of a sudden this outside thing starts to happen. , which is fame, paparazzi… Young people are so ill-equipped to deal with these things, they just snowball: fall madly in love and then break up with someone.When you break up with someone, the best thing to do is not see them. But when that someone has just become famous, it’s inevitable that you’ll see them everywhere. And that’s a special kind of torture,” he explained.

That on-set experience and her ex-partner’s behavior weren’t the only bad experiences the actress had to deal with throughout her career. Driver also remembers being told by a director to act like she was having an orgasm during the casting call for a chocolate commercial. “I was sitting in a room with 20 men and no women, on a stool, like all the women passing by, pretending to have an orgasm, a small one then a big one, under everyone’s watchful eyes” , she added. recalled. And he dared: “I don’t think they would dare put a girl in that situation today.”

“Before, these types of events were so naturalized that they were never questioned. You thought it was normal. Me, like everyone else, when the MeToo and Time’s Up movements started to pick up, I I realized how terrible it had been. Now I’m confident that there are mechanisms in place that prevent what is essentially a form of abuse,” he said.

And he told what it’s like to shoot in Hollywood today: “I’ve done a lot of movies with young actors. I see how different things are, and I also notice that there are things that haven’t changed. It’s as much about developing your own voice as it is about having a conversation about how you’d like things to be handled differently on a set, for example, or in a commercial. We women still have to make sure that our voices are calmer and less emotional than those of children. I hope that will evolve.”

Driver’s testimony adds to that of Viola Davis, who recently said she went through a similar situation when told she lacked “classic good looks,” an attribute that seems essential to starring in a romantic comedy. It happened in the middle of the audition process for How to escape murder. Just like what happened with Driver, the actress ended up getting this role.

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