Mirtha Legrand's big night at Martín Fierro 2022: "I swear I'll keep working"

Mirtha Legrand’s big night at Martín Fierro 2022: “I swear I’ll keep working”

Mirtha Legran Martin Fierro 2022

The Martín Fierro returned with full honors. The great celebration of the entertainment world, organized by the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA) brought together local celebrities at the Hilton Hotel in a party that lasted three years. And if there is one character that has caught everyone’s eye, it’s Mirtha Legrand.

The lunch diva was accompanied by her family. He spoke for the first time on the red carpet, where he celebrated face to face after so long. “We return to the good, to the beautiful, to meet all of us, the winners, the non-winners. It’s the big celebration of Argentine television. And I am always present. This party has been taking place for more than 50 years and it is an event. You don’t see the people there? It’s impressive. It’s a meeting“, she assured with enthusiasm.

Mirtha sat next to her daughter Marcela, her grandchildren Juana and Nacho, and her great-granddaughter Ámbar, who eventually attended the event. Midway through the gala, he experienced one of the most emotional moments in the history of the awards. It happened after In memorywhen among the memory of those who have left us in the last three years, appeared his brother José María and his twin Goldy. Susana’s confinement hug, who crossed the room to be with her, goes straight to the story.

Juana Viale won the Martin Fierro as best driver

After a while, Mirtha received great joy. It was when Susana herself announced the prize for the best pilot, one of the most important, among which were Karina Mazzocofor In the afternoon, Florence Penafor team flower Veronique Lozanofor Cut by Lozano Y… Juana Viale, for Lunch with Mirtha Legrand.

When she heard her name, Juana hugged her daughter then went to meet her grandmother, who was again moved but this time with happiness. In the background played the unmistakable melody of a classic over 53 years old, which for the past two years and since the outbreak of the pandemic, Juana has been captain with the exception of two exceptions in which Mirtha has led . The winner ran to the stage where she hugged Susana and started her speech, while her grandmother couldn’t hold back her tears and was held back by her grandson and producer, Nacho Viale, and his daughter Marcela Tinayre.

“I never thought I would win a Martín Fierro in driving, my thing is to act and the things in life have brought me to where I am”, admitted the actress, referring to the imponderables that brought her to where she was. “It was rowing something that I didn’t know but which I inherited,” he said, pointing to Mirtha and before thanking his family, his voice filled with emotion.

Mirtha congratulates Juana for the best driver award

Later, it was Mirtha herself who took the stage. And he did it with all the lights. First he asked for more applause for her “What a slightly colder, warmer welcome” – then he shared his joy and emotion for Juana’s award, and later tidy up the room. “A little silence there please”, she asked sharply before recounting how her absence from television had gone.

“I was locked in my house for 300 days without going out on the balcony, until the day I called Facundo Manes and told him that I wanted to be the one from before. And he said to me: ‘ works, Mirtha'”, he says. And to concretize the words of the neurosurgeon, he first publicly compromised El Trece: -“Here’s Nacho Viale to ask him if I’m coming back or not”-, then submitted the decision to the sovereign. “Do you want me to come back? he asked, getting a resounding yes in response.

The moving hug of Mirtha to Susana in Martin Fierro (Teleshow)

At your side, respectful, Luis Ventura, President of APTRA, was waiting for her turn to give her a gift from the jewelry store that sponsors her historic program. Mirtha thanked and recounted the nerves she felt during the previous one. “Last night I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking what to say. And I felt so happy tonight that I discovered that the only thing I like is to be among my peers and accompanied by my loved ones. They made me a very happy woman tonight.”.

This is followed by a retrospective of his career, going back to his beginnings in Orchid Tuesdays, when she was only 14 years old and “did not know how to walk in high heels”. She walked through some of the troubles of the profession without a grudge — “I was banned, I never knew why, I didn’t ask” — and she spoke of her brothers with great emotion. Josecito Yes Golden. And to finish, he chose some strong words for his future: “What a miraculous life, I never stopped working until today. I’m 95 and you must be here at 95. I promise and swear that I will continue to work. I’m not giving up, I love them very much”ended to applause from the entire room.


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