Miss Bimbo surprised by telling her life story: "I am appropriate"

Miss Bimbo surprised by telling her life story: “I am appropriate”

Virginie Godoybetter known as Miss Bimbovisited the program Andy Kusnetzoff and told the difficult story of his life. “That those who had strong relationships with their parents“, proposed the driver, and the first to take the plunge was the comedian.

“Where to start? There are people who made love for me to exist. I don’t know anything about these people. i am suitable which is a term we have closely associated with faded away and dictatorship, but any adoption that is not legal is considered appropriation,” her story began. Virginia Luque, historical tango singerand Lionel Godoy, broadcaster specializing in the genre, were those They raised her from an early age.

The comedian revealed that she still doesn’t know how her parents got her. “It’s a very good story of this country. I discovered when I was little Three days after I was born, I came to this familyonly child. We are three million people in this country that we have no data on our biological origins“, he assured.

Miss Bimbo started her research on the networks and plans to make a documentary of it. (Photo: Instagram @srtabimbo)

The little he knows of his story is that was born in the Termas de Río Hondo, in Santiago del Estero. “These were places where I spent a lot, until googleable What some provinces were called ‘baby outlets’“, he commented under the watchful eye of Analia Franchin, Raphael Ferro, Valeria Lynch Yes Nicholas Rivera.

They fed the girls so they could take these babies to what they saw as a better fate, often lying to women by telling them they weren’t born or were of another gender,” he said of the reports that he could get.

babe confirmed that his first step was to go to CONADI (National Commission for the Right to Identity) so that compare your genes with those of Plaza de Mayo grandmothers and mothers. However, he found nothing there. His search for information began on social networks and will be documented in road moviesin which you will register his first trip to the place where he was born.

“It’s not my story, It’s a circumstance of my biography, it doesn’t define mebut given my privileges, I have to come out and say because capable there is a person who may not know of my existence. This is the story of our country, ”concluded the artist.

Miss Bimbo was part of the program "The night of the V" with Florencia de la V. (Photo: Instagram @srtabimbo)
Miss Bimbo was part of the show “La noche de la V” with Florencia de la V. (Photo: Instagram @srtabimbo)

How Miss Bimbo’s childhood was with Virginia Luque and Lionel Godoy

No doubt the story of Miss Bimbo is special, not only because the search for your identity, but also for being raised by two old school celebrities.

“I’ve always noted that it’s not the same, it’s not better or worse, but my life was not the same as that of the other boys. I started asking questions in elementary school about my origins. My mom took me to school for two blocks with a balaclava and I said to him ‘mum, I’m not going to make friends like that,'” he said in PH, we can talk (Telefe).

His mother, Virginia Luque was known as “The Star of Buenos Aires”Yes She was tango as well as an actress on radio, film, theater and television. “He was born in the year 27, when I came into his life my mother removed ten years from the birth certificate. She was a diva: at home she was in a bathrobe and sunglasses, answered the phone and said ‘talk’ and ‘hello’. He invented delivery before it existed, he got it all,” he revealed.

Virginia Luque was a great tango artist.  (Photo: Instagram @srtabimbo)
Virginia Luque was a great tango artist. (Photo: Instagram @srtabimbo)

“The most horrible things related to this subject were told to me by her. She was an undiagnosed psychotic. He said to me: ‘if I had known where these people came from'”he explained.

Despite everything, he knew how to forgive and did the exercise of trying to understand them. “I got angry when I had to be angry, as a teenager. Then life takes you to another role, I spent a lot of money on psychologists to forgive and understand my story. I was born in 1980, they were from the tango world, 1930, they did what they could”pointed out Bimbo.

And finally, he added: “You are part of a tree, beyond the blood, of the people who took care of you there, and there is a continuity where you have an obligation to be happy, to honor what they might do”.

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