Molly Shannon accused Gary Coleman of sexually harassing her: 'I wish I had stood up for myself more'

Molly Shannon accused Gary Coleman of sexually harassing her: ‘I wish I had stood up for myself more’

Since a cataract of complaints ended up burying successful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein forever, an echo of voices began to be heard. Situations that were naturalized before, could today be worth a reversal by the public and, also, by the industry itself. These voices not only warn about experiences in the present, many also dare to shed light on episodes from the most distant past. This Tuesday, the one who raised his voice was Molly Shannon.

The actress participated as a guest of The Howard Stern Show and revealed a strong experience lived with Gary Colman, the protagonist we remember black and whitedied in May 2010 at 42.

During her first years of career, the actress signed a contract with the same agent as the former child star and at some point she was invited to meet him. As Shannon, who has just published his memoirs, reminds us Hi Molly! the meeting eventually took place in the attic room of the hotel where Coleman was staying.

Until then, he arrived with the representative of the two, but the climate changed when the man, unexpectedly, left them alone. “I think he said to me, ‘Sit on the bed.’ It was very cute,” he recalls. “And after, it tickled me a bit and things started to get weird”.

The actress told Stern that her strategy was to reject her colleague’s attacks outright, but “trying to be polite” and even revealed that at the time of the encounter she was still a virgin. However, his strategy seems to have no effect and Coleman becomes increasingly aggressive in his advances.

“He was relentless,” he explained. “At one point he tried to kiss me and climb on top of me. That’s when I became more assertive: ‘No, Gary! Stop it!’ he told him firmly, while pushing him away. “Afterwards, I tried to sit up while he was bouncing on the bed, jumping, jumping, jumping… And he was moving around me. He came over and I pushed him. And finally… He climbed on top of me,” he recalls.

I guess due to his size, I didn’t feel physically threatened. But he continued again and again. I have tried over and over again. I would throw it away and it would come backhe said, and continued, “And finally, I managed to get him off the bed. I was really out of breath because I was athletic and aerobic.” But it didn’t end there: “He grabbed my leg and I moved, trying to kick him full whip to drive him away.”

In the middle of the fray, the actress finally managed to get up and ran to lock herself in the bathroom. But that didn’t stop him either. “He put his hands under the door and said, ‘I’m looking at you.

the actress of Saturday Night Live finally he gathered his strength, opened the door and ran out of the room. “I would have liked to have defended myself more,” he confessed from a distance.

Todd Bridges, Dana Plato and Gary Coleman, protagonists of the Black and White seriesMichael Ochs Archives – Michael Ochs Archives

This is not the first accusation of this nature against the actor of black and white. Known for his bad temper, he repeatedly had heated confrontations with the press. One of them happened when a journalist insisted that he say if the rumors that he had abused his ex-girlfriend were true. The actor insulted her in every possible way and left the show.

Although he spent his childhood enjoying the honeys of fame, from his teenage years his life became dark and difficult to navigate. Already in 1984 he had to undergo the first of his kidney transplants. Then came another, in addition to permanent dialysis sessions.

Upon completion of the successful program, he sued his own parents for alleged embezzlement, but was unable to rebuild his fortune, and in 1999 declared bankruptcy. He ended up taking jobs as a park warden and parking lot attendant.

In 2000, he was accused by a fan of beating him up. Apparently, his disciple wanted to ask for an autograph and, at the insistence, all he received was a success. And Coleman, a trial. In the meantime, he overcame a few suicide attempts with pills and faced several incidents with the police.

His dream was to become, in the best style of Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger, in an action movie star but his size and eternal baby face worked against him. “My biggest regret will always be to be an actor, even if I love the job. If I was the size and the age, I’d star in sci-fi movies, but I don’t give the physical role. The truth is, I was never interested in being a legend or a celebrity. I am mortal”, he assured in one of his last interviews.

In 2003, another of his dreams would be frustrated at the hands, precisely, of Schwarzenegger. Coleman ran as a candidate for governor of California, but came in eighth and had to watch his colleague’s inauguration from home.

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