MotoGP 22, analysis and review of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series

MotoGP 22, analysis and review of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series

MotoGP 22 returns to delight motorcycle and video game fans, with improvements in most sections and a tribute to Valentino Rossi, recreating the 2009 MotoGP season. Are the changes enough to justify the purchase? Put on your helmet and get on my bike, we’ll go around the track to find the answer in the MotoGP 22 analysis.

The 2022 MotoGP season has been dancing for a few weeks now and fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the official video game so they can emulate their idols. MotoGP 22 is already there and Milestone opted for a continuous delivery, with some necessary adjustments and slight novelties. All of these changes, while not too profound, have led us to be pre-game fuller and rounder of the saga, although there is room for improvement, especially in the graphics section and in multiplayer mode.

MotoGP 22 is the video game more accessible from the Italian studio and it’s something to be deeply appreciated, but fear not if you’re a hardcore gamer and looking for the purest simulation, because you’ll find it. When I say it’s the most accessible MotoGP I say that for a reason, and that means really any player can tackle the title regardless of their experience. The number of customization options for video game aids is enormous and they allow us to adapt the requirement from it to our game preferences, making it easier (or not) to get started. I was able to play the full game in its version of playstation5 and I will tell you in this analysis if it is worth buying it, especially if you already have it MotoGP 21, which was the first game in the saga to take advantage of the power of the new generation. What I have already commented in my impressions of the game some time ago, Milestone has a complicated ballot, like many other sports games: take a annual delivery it makes the changes small and it feels like a game too similar to the previous one. And yes, it’s happening at MotoGP 22, but that doesn’t mean you have to rule it out.

a real pilot

The MotoGP 22 is a small step forward in terms of conduct, with greater realism in the behavior of the motorcycle and more options to adjust its parameters while riding it. Milestone has refined in this game the suspension systems, so the bikes feel better on the trail, especially under braking or over curbs. I consider that there is progress in this aspect and even in the rehearsals you can see how the behavior of two-wheeled vehicles is more fluid.

The improvement in the suspensions is also noticeable in one of the driving novelties: now players can activate the adjustable height device (RHD), an option that modifies the suspension while racing and which It is generally used especially in areas fast straight lines. In addition, we can control at any time the parameters that change bike in real time, such as traction control, anti-wheelie electronics, engine braking and engine mode, key to fuel consumption and engine performance.

All these options, which already denote particular care for the simulation, are complemented by improvements to circuit surfaces and tire wear, which are now damaged more credibly, depending on our riding, our own bike and the tires we have fitted, track conditions and the configuration of each circuit. On a global level, yes, everything feels better playable, but the change is small, an expected and conservative development. The game has a very good grip, as usual in the saga, and now it’s a little more realistic.

MotoGP 22 is aware that understanding a racing motorcycle, as well as knowing how to handle it correctly, is something very complicated. The game wants you to be a real rider, a connoisseur of motorcycle secrets. Since we don’t all know the same thing, Milestone have reviewed the tutorials of the game. On the one hand, the basic tutorials teach us some driving problems and the handling of the electronic options which we have previously mentioned. On the other hand, the introduction of Moto GP Academy is a boon for gamers who want to learn more about driving. Here are lessons on techniques to better handle the bikes and better draw the curves with specific challenges on the different circuits.

The game is completely Translated and passed into Spanish, with the voices of real TV commentators and the immersion is good. Besides, the game take advantage of the DualSense of the PS5, with the adaptive triggers for acceleration and braking, with the control lights to reflect engine revolutions and know when to change gears, and with vibrations to get feedback from the bike, such as changes of speed or contact with pianos.

Many game modes and featured Valentino Rossi

Moto GP 22 PS5

Once we’re sure we can put our fists on our beasts, the next step is to hit the trail. MotoGP 22a many game modes to enjoy the bike: fast modes (Grand Prix, Championships, Time Trial…), Career mode, Multiplayer (online and yes, local split screen) and the new New – Season 2009which we will now explore further.

In addition to game modes, the best thing is all the content we have at our disposal in terms of motorcycles and circuits. We’ve found all the bikes and riders from the 2022 season of MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, MotoE and the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, but it doesn’t stop there, as we have the full 2009 season and a huge selection of classic motorcycles and historical racers from 1992 to 2011. As for the circuits, there are all those of the 2022 season (yes, also the new one from Indonesia) and those of 2009, something very interesting, because it adds tracks like Laguna Seca or Indianapolis.

MotoGP 22

One of the big new features of MotoGP 22 is the Nine – Season 2009 mode, a Milestone tribute to Valentino Rossi, who will retire in 2021. “Il Dottore”, who is now trying his luck with GTs in motorsport, won his last world championship in 2009, during an epic season. This mode invites us to relive this season from the point of view of the protagonists.

For this, the presentation is spectacular and a gift for motorcycle fans. The mode has more than 50 minutes of video directed by Marc Neal which help us to remember this championship with real images of this season. It’s great to remember the rivalry between Stoner, Pedrosa, Lorenzo and Rossi, the main drivers of the time. We master them precisely in this way, in the various challenges that are proposed to us.

Moto GP 22 PS5

And it is that, in fashion, it is necessary overcome some challenges in each of the races of the 2009 championship. For example, we can control Rossi, with the aim of reaching second place in the race that is in progress. In each of the races there are several tests with different pilots and as we progress we unlock more tests and other surprises. Unfortunately, beyond the fact that the mode’s approach is cool, it gets heavy. The end result of the races is always the real one, no matter what you do, and it gets boring eventually. It’s a great mode for fans of MotoGP and Valentino Rossi, but otherwise it won’t be so attractive after a few hours of play.

Beyond this path, the others they deliver what they promise in general and they render well (except online multiplayer, in my opinion), also split screen multiplayer. the Trajectory mode is one of the most attractive. We can create a rider and start our motorcycling career in Moto3, Moto2 or MotoGP. It’s great fun, because we also have to control the development of the bike and everything that happens off the track, engaging our manager, engineers and other members of our team. We can also create a team from scratch (power To modify rider gear and our bike design) or sign up for other existing teams, although we will also receive offers from other teams if we meet the targets. It’s funny, but it’s true that it’s not surprising.

braking passes

MotoGP 22

The game has room for improvement and I think there are two key areas for this: graphics and online multiplayer. As I said, I played the PS5 version and there are hardly any changes from the previous game. Yes, the bikes look spectacular and the models of the real riders have improved a bit (the faces still leave something to be desired), but the circuits need more care. The exterior of the tracks looks much worse than the bikes, with surprising textures for the worse. It is true that the game is completely fluid, but we can make the most of the new generation. The game looks good, don’t get me wrong either, but it’s also clear that it can do more. In the rain and at night, yes, MotoGP 22 looks very good and very nice to watch, but there is too much sun in the daytime races, which I did not like.

Another element to review is the online multiplayer mode. Although he is not the most requested in this game, he is very little work. My experience these days has been pretty poor, with even difficulty finding games, and that it has cross-generational crossplay, meaning PS4 and PS5 players play together, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. And there is nothing left: either you join a room created by another person or you start it yourself, with many customization options, yes. It lacks a competitive mode, with licenses and daily or weekly tests.

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