Moving message to his father and presence of L-Gand: the impressive show of Tini Stoessel at the Hippodrome of Palermo

Moving message to his father and presence of L-Gand: the impressive show of Tini Stoessel at the Hippodrome of Palermo

Tini Stoessel’s show at the Palermo Hippodrome

“3,2,1…”. When the countdown to the screens ended and the lights went out, the audience at the Palermo Hippodrome went wild at the imminent arrival of Tini Stoessel. And in the middle of an impressive scenography, the singer made her entrance on stage in an unexpected way: from the top of a platform which descended and played the drums as we had never seen her.

You, you came suddenly, that’s how you didn’t care about people and there were two of us, I only heard your voice, that’s how you always are. The EX Violet sang the first chords of “I love you more” and everything was a party. Dressed in a pink jacket, a matching mini and special boots, Tini went out to give everything for and for her fans, and accompanied by a body of dancers who showed off to the rhythm of her choreography.

Tini Stoessel opened her show at the Palermo Hippodrome

Giant screens, fire on the sides of the stage and endless lights. The more than 17,000 souls who filled the place – mostly teenagers – set out to enjoy an impressive night that she will never forget, as the protagonist herself said, and which did not lack surprises. In fact, one of the first came when he decided to sing “I want to return”one of the songs he recorded in 2018 with Sebastien Yatra, her ex-boyfriend. Confirming, once again, that everything was going more than well between them, Stoessel chose it as the second song of his show and not only that, but he even let the Colombian’s voice ring out.

Without wasting time, the endless list of hits followed. “Let your hair down”, “It hurts” They were among the first, but before continuing the frenzy of their show, they first wanted to thank their audience. “Thank you so much everyone for being there, what a great energy there is. It was so long after coming back with a tour here in Buenos Aires and playing again. It’s been over two years since my last tour and to come back with this show, with this energy, with all of you, with new songs, literally, is a dream come true. I hope you enjoy them a lot, have fun, dance and feel good and happy,” she enthusiastically expressed. And he also asked his fans for a favor: “Obviously, we can get up and dance, but not on the chairs, so the people in the back can also enjoy the show like everyone else.”

So yes, the music continued and another surprise arrived: nothing more and nothing less than the presence of MYAthe duo made up of Maximum Espindole Yes Augustin Bernasconiwith whom he sang “2h50”one of the most listened to songs in recent months.

Tini with MYA on stage at the Hippodrome of Palermo
Tini with MYA on stage at the Hippodrome of Palermo

As if the show didn’t lack impact, on the next track Tini appeared, almost as if by magic, on a new stage which was installed in the middle of the racecourse and especially for this occasion. There she was seen surrounded by the crowd and wearing her first costume change – a glamorous light blue dress – to sing the first ballad of the night, “Why are you leaving”. Closer to his fans, from this space, he was able to appreciate the large number of posters dedicated to him, including some of boys from different countries. Taking advantage of the privileged view he had of this place, he asked everyone to turn on the light of their mobile phone and intoned “Hey”another of the songs he was able to perform with his most recent ex.

Tiny Tiny! The affection of the public is felt and the emotion becomes inevitable. The idea was to celebrate his 25th birthday – which he shot in March – with these shows, but the unexpected hospitalization of his father alexanderwho was in very poor health, postponed it until May. “I want to thank you for understanding everything that happened and for being with me today. It’s amazing how life keeps teaching us and testing us. When you think you have things under control, life comes and says no to you. That’s how it is, it’s hard, but it’s about learning”she said moved.

Tini Stoessel made the public delirious with her hits "She says" Yes "Strawberry"among many others
Tini Stoessel wowed audiences with her hits ‘Ella dice’ and ‘Fresa’, among many others

“To my family, to my friends, I want to thank you for having accompanied me in the worst moment of my life. And also to you, because I know they asked for dad, I know they sent him the most beautiful energy in the world and I assure you that it all came so that today he was here watching me sing again. i love you so much man“, he added before intoning “Get closer”his father’s favourite.

Again on the main stage, and wearing a light blue cape, she continues with “Meat and Bones”the song he released just two days ago, and after “love advice”the weather and his outfit change completely: with a fluorescent green jacket and pants, he starts a series of songs with a pure rhythm that makes everyone jump. “She says” Yes “Strawberry”Just to name a few.

With the last change of look – this time totally pink – the last part of the recital has arrived, which has not lacked hits “fancy”, “The Triple T” and, as a final touch, the presence of L-Gante to sing “Bar”, the theme with which they broke reproduction records on all platforms. The General Rodríguez singer had fans going wild dancing with Tini, who thanked him for the gesture. And, after an hour and a half of show, the evening ended with “22” Yes “Lie to me”, under a rain of papers which fell on the front rows. More, you couldn’t ask for.

The presence of L-Gand, the big surprise of the night
The presence of L-Gand, the big surprise of the night


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