Musician and composer Ica Novo has died

Musician and composer Ica Novo has died

The news that shocked us all was confirmed with heartfelt words on the networks by his sister María Elena:

“My heart is broken, after fighting her like a champion, my beloved brother Ica Novo left this world.
My older brother, the one who taught me to listen to good music, made me a fan of Los Andariegos, Los Nocheros de Anta, among others, and the one who introduced me to militancy in Peronism. All of this sucked into our home, with a father with exquisite taste in music and a militant Peronist mother.
Ica, you are eternal in us who love you.
María Zamba, dad, mom, Lali, Nuni and Mica are waiting for you.
You leave your music and your poetry to everyone; wonderful work like few others.
Always proud of yourself, you never traded to win two more mangoes.
Impossible to forget you, eternal Ica! This is how the post begins by saying.

A great musician, author, composer, guitarist and singer, he was born on July 4, 1951 in Deán Funes.

Author of pieces that paint like no other this Cordoba that we live in.

His sister, culminates in saying in the parting words:

To say goodbye to you, I make your beautiful words mine when Nuni, our sister, left:
“You naturalize the irreversible, especially because there is no other, but the heartbreaking pain of saying goodbye to someone you love is unavoidable.
May there be eternity to shelter your soul, may there be infinite light to enlighten you!
Nothing is lost, everything is transformed, I’m sure, but today I have to mourn your departure.
May the Earth shelter your body from this world and Heaven your soul from all the worlds. And may God prove his existence by guiding you on the eternal path…”
The wake takes place at Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera 148 Company CHR – Alta Córdoba – City of Córdoba.

For a long time he participated as a columnist in the “Siete Mares” program that Radio Universidad broadcasts on Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., where with Daniel Quinteros he tackled deep topics: life, art, being human and left his classic songs.

Ica Novo (wearing a hat) at the table of Siete Mares, the Radio Universidad program hosted by Daniel Quinteros.
Ica Novo (wearing a hat) at the table of Siete Mares, the Radio Universidad program hosted by Daniel Quinteros.

We remember your participation in “What we sing” on the program with Silvia Lallana on the university channel.

 Ica Novo | North of Cordoba (Chacarera) | What they sing to us with Silvia Lallana

A little history:

In Corral de Bustos he formed his first band: Los del Llano, and later he was also part of Platform 1, a fusion rock band.

In Córdoba he was part of the mythical rock Chito Zeballos and in Buenos Aires in the “Palo Borracho”. Novo is founder and director of the Santa Rosa de Calamuchita School of Music (1990-1991), also founder and director of the Conservatory of Popular Music in 1993-1994 in Córdoba (Argentina) and directed the folk workshops of Radio Nacional Córdoba in 1992 .

For almost eleven years he lived in Spain. In Barcelona, ​​he sings and directs the “Cafetín Musiquero”, a famous bastion of Barcelona nightlife, a meeting place for musicians and artists, where Joan Manuel Serrat, Gato Pérez, Isabel Parra and Ángel Parra, Carles Benavent, Sisa, Toti. Soler, Chango Farías Gómez, Roque Narvaja, Jorge Cumbo, Jordi Batiste, Esther Tusquets, Adolfo Marsillach, Los Nocheros de Anta, Josep Maria Bardagí and many more.

I only play bass drum – Ica Novo – Live September 2013 Teatro Colón de Mar del Plata. pure talent

With Chango Farías Gómez, whom he recognizes as one of his teachers, he formed MesclaFina (name given by Mario Trejo), with the Catalan Martí Soler (Spanish and electric guitar, lute) and the Aragonese Juancho Pérez (electric bass and double bass).

He then played with Juancho Farías Gómez (bass), Chiche Ramos (Uruguayan percussionist) and Chilean guitarist and composer Juan Carlos Concha. In Spain, he recorded two albums: When the man is on the way (reissued years later ) and El Cafetin Musiquero. (with Edgardo Porcelli, Julián Bildósola, Feliu Gassull and others)

We share this progress of the program of channel 10 “The Sleepless Horseman” in which he participated

Preview of “The Sleepless Horseman” with Ica Novo

When he returns to Argentina, his songs begin to be known. In 1992, he received the consecration prize at the Cosquín Festival.

His music fuses ethnic sounds from America with timbres, harmonies and contemporary forms, he has set texts by poets Nicanor Parra, Mario Trejo, Antonio Esteban Agüero and Leopoldo Marechal to music. Ica Novo songs are recorded and performed by many important artists: Mercedes Sosa, Peteco Carabajal, Jairo, Cacho Tirao, Los Quilla Huasi, Chango Farias Gómez, Los Nocheros, Soledad Pastorutti and others.

Ica Novo wrote songs that “said” his discomfort. I take off my coat, I put on my poncho – Teatro del Libertador, Córdoba, 2016

He played alongside Mercedes Sosa, Chango Farias Gómez, Peteco Carabajal, Rubén Juárez, León Gieco, Lito Vitale, Liliana Herrero, Raúl Carnota, Leda Valladares, Jorge Durietz, Roque Narvaja, Verónica Condomi, Jacinto Piedra, Liliana Vitale, Suna Roche and others.

He has participated as a guest in the albums of: Leda Valladares, Raúl Carnota, Peteco Carabajal and Los Cuatro de Córdoba.

Mercedes Sosa & Ica Novo – New World Musician (Live) 1991

a prolific author

Ica Novo is the author of songs such as “Del norte cordobés”, “Gato de Cosquín”, “La repiqueteada”, “Como las de antes” and “Chasing the wind” (with Pepe Novo). Author of the texts of various themes with music by Peteco Carabajal: “The Indians of the present”. “Movements of love”, “Ckayna Kunan”, “I walk”, “To the gaucho Jorge Cafrune”, “Rain track” and others. His chacarera “Del norte cordobés” is the most recorded theme in the history of Argentine folklore.

For the centenary of the founding of the town of Corral de Bustos, he composed “La Corralera”, which he included on his album “Córdoba, la luz del centro” in 2012.

He is the author of the Deán Funes Festival Hymn. He has composed film music.

His son Salvador has been a pianist, author and composer since the age of four and has been acclaimed by great musicians and artists, such as Mercedes Sosa, Mario Parmisano, Eduardo Spinassi, Manolo Juárez and others.

Ica Novo in “The Light from the Center” painted us like no one else


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