Netflix: ten films destroyed by critics but which shine on the platform

Netflix: ten films destroyed by critics but which shine on the platform

There are movies that hit theaters and festivals with the promise of being big hits and breaking audience and box office records. Many succeed and even become cult historical films. However, many more fall by the wayside after the show’s specialist sites, critics and peers. evaluate low numbers. But as many say, art is subjective; and maybe what experts don’t like or rate with good rating due to a series of technical considerations, the public sees other feature films, falls in love with it and chooses it as their favorite film.

netflix knows it and its catalog contains a bit of everything. Just as there are many projects that break records and are highly regarded, there are many more that follow the path detailed above. Therefore, below a list of movies available on the streaming giant that critics reviled but audiences loved. It should be clarified that the final rating of the reviews is established on the basis of a compilation of the ratings of different sites combined into a number distributed by IMDb.

The film starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Clin Farrell and Michelle Dockery tells how a marijuana smuggler attempts to sell his production and distribution empire after years of leadership.

The announcement triggers conspiracies, bribes, blackmail, assassination attempts and a race against time with a journalist. Although it is a very interesting film, it barely got a 51/100 from critics according to data from IMDb but one 7.8/10 by viewers who watched it. | Watch Gentlemen

He managed to put together a classy cast and get nominated for an Oscar. However, this was not enough and experts rated it with a 49/100 while the the public rated it 7.2/10.

As for the story, it follows the dizzying task of two astronomers to communicate that a comet is about to crash into Earth. This terrible news shows how political power seeks its own benefit beyond that of society and how people are more concerned about the separation of a famous couple than the extinction of life on the planet . | Watch Don’t look up

A deep, dramatic and even painful film that starred Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse as protagonists. The film focuses on the love story of two teenagers with different life-threatening illnesses who meet in the hospital and fall in love while going through their medical processes.

Two meters from your trailer – Source: YouTube

Although it was generally well received upon its release, it did not hold up over time. Critical gave it a 53/100 and, as in the previous cases, the public appreciated it with a 7.2/10. | Watch two meters from you

Another love story in style Notebook which manages to divide critics and experts. With Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Richard Jenkins and Henry Thomas shows how a soldier falls in love with a student while returning home for his vacation.

This time, the specialized sites noted it unevenly to the point of average of 43/100 global mark. Although audiences loved it – and the collectible numbers show it – the ending didn’t end in love and they marked it with a 6.3/100. However, today it is one of the most important titles on Netflix. | Watch Dear John

This is the movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence which started a series of, so far, three films to remember. Although the audience’s favorite is still the sequel, the one available on Netflix is ​​the first part of the saga.

Smith and Lawrence are two police officers who tend to step “out of the norm” to solve their cases and are entrusted with protect a murder witness while investigating a drug case stolen from the police evidence locker. A film that has reached a 41/100 from critics and a comfortable 7/10 from users. | Watch bad Boys

Denzel Washington is the endearing but dangerous John W. Creasy, the bodyguard of little Lupita Ramos (Dakota Fanning), daughter of a multimillionaire family with problems with the crowd. After the girl is kidnapped before Creasy’s eyes, an escalation of violence and despair begins. for finding her and returning her to her family.

The Man on Fire – Trailer

A great film, much repeated by local television stations on several occasions which barely reached a 47/100 in specialized media but a noble 7.7/10 public. | Watch man on fire

He came out recently but has already split the waters. In netflix, most viewed; in the review, the most debatable. Even so, It is one of the films with the most viewers of the moment and which, according to some viewers, a “new tune” to terror.

The film, which stars Lola Evans and Asa Butterfield in the cast, follows the story of two friends who start acting a lost video game from the 80s with a hidden curse in each level. | Watch choose or die

One of the most critical films of the moment. With Kevin James, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider and Jackie Sandler a sanctioned NFL coach who begins working for his son’s team in an effort to rebuild their relationship.

A comedy, ideal for the whole family and based on a true story that reached a 6/10 from the audience, being one of the most watched titles on Netflix but only getting 23/100 from critics. | Watch home team

One of the most watched films on Netflix in 2021 and one that broke records in all aspects as far as audiences are concerned. Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in a bet by the streaming giant for action, a big budget and comic accents that have won over viewers.

Red Alert Official Trailer

Those who saw and rated it gave it a 6.3/10 but the experts have destroyed it to the point of gathering 37/100 since its release. | Watch Red alert

Anthony Hopkins starred in this horror film inspired by exorcism cases from the Vatican itself. The story actually follows Colin O’Donoghue, who plays seminarian Michael Kovak. In a quest to find the path of faith, decides to go to the Vatican to take a course in exorcism.

Critics pointed the finger at the film and the media didn’t rate it highly at all: it barely comes together Rating 38/100. In terms of viewers, it was also one of the most watched titles at the time but it was marked with a 6/10. | Watch The ritual

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