Netflix unveiled the first images of the Fito Páez bioseries: this is what Charly García, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Fabiana Cantilo look like

Netflix unveiled the first images of the Fito Páez bioseries: this is what Charly García, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Fabiana Cantilo look like

In the midst of the bioseries boom, A local production based on the life of Fito Páez is coming. Even if the fiction will focus on him, there is a fact that is not the least: Rosario’s life intersects with that of other great figures who marked the history of national rock with fire. The late Luis Alberto Spinetta and Charly García are part of Fito’s timeline as he moved on at a young age and found his place on the music scene. This path will be represented in love after love, the new series of netflix which still has no release date but has already released a new advance.

Hochman as Fito Paez Juliet Horak/Netflix

Beyond the synopsis, the streaming platform opened a sort of photo album for viewers to get closer to the story. This is how they appear Ivan Hochman and Gaspar Offenhenden, which will bring Fito to life in his youth and childhood, respectively; Micaela Rivera, in the skin of Fabiana Cantilo, ex-partner and backing vocalist of Páez; Julián Kartún, who will be behind the image of Spinetta and Andy Chango, who will be in charge of giving life to the man with the two-tone mustache, Charly García.

These first images showing the actors dressed as artists quickly became a topic of conversation. Whether because of the resemblance or not, social networks echoed and while some were surprised by the images of Charly and Fito, others complained about those of Spinetta, for not having considered that the result showed someone similar to Skinny.

Andy Chango as Charlie Garcia
Andy Chango as Charlie Garcia Juliet Horak/Netflix

Some time ago, when the start of the recording of the series was announced, the first preview has been revealed where was seen Offenhenden Yes Hochmann playing the hit musical that gives the series its name on the piano.

Riera steps into the shoes of Fabi Cantilo, Fito's girlfriend in the 80s
Riera steps into the shoes of Fabi Cantilo, Fito’s girlfriend in the 80s Juliet Horak/Netflix

Although it’s early to imagine any repercussions, being one of the most important Argentine musicians of the last 30 years and knowing much of his history – from the tragedy of his aunts’ murder to his romances with Cantilo, Cecilia Roth and Romina Ricci – it is not surprising that this bioseries generates a lot of noise. “A life marked by pain, loss, tragedy, successes, failures, excesses, love and many songs. An adventure led through the darkness with creativity and love, the story of an icon who survives himselfreads the description posted by the streaming company, which catalogs Páez as “one of the most relevant musical stars in Latin American rock.”

Julián Kartún as Luis Alberto Spinetta
Julián Kartún as Luis Alberto Spinetta Juliet Horak/Netflix

love after love he goes through Fito’s life and he does it with him by helping him through it. This is why Páez, with Jean-Paul Kolodziej -brother-in-law of the musician and responsible for his broadcasts via streaming- and Mariano Chihade, are fiction producers [Está] based on my biography, from birth to 30 years old. It’s a good title to think about this whole stretch, where it comes from and where it ends. This is apparently the moment of maximum consecration. Still, some of this stuff in the biography is cool because I’m giving my perspective on it all.“said the musician some time ago.

Andy Chango plays García, one of the first to discover Rosario's talent
Andy Chango plays García, one of the first to discover Rosario’s talentJuliet Horak/Netflix

“I have a lot of respect for the authors of biographies, a lot. Intellectual audacity or these psychological research experiments have physical consequences, because the emotional inevitably reaches your body. I knew it was going to be a task, but in the meantime, you get angry, you laugh, you cry, you get depressed (…) like the comedy of life, everything happens to you because you go to the bottom. And besides, you’re not the person the media made you, nor what you made yourself: you’re much more villainous than that, much more screwed up“, he added.

The series is produced under the direction of Philippe Gomez Aparicio Yes Gonzalo Tobal, and is produced by Mandarina Contents, the content producer founded by Mariano Chihade.

Inspired by a new love and in full recovery after the breakup with Cantilo, Páez composed all 14 songs, 12 of which became a broadcast cut. “I met a wonderful woman who changed my life. His name is Cecile Roth. Since I don’t make records outside of my life, all the color of this relationship remained on my last LP”, explained the musician at the time of the release.

After split with Cantilo, Fito dedicates Love After Love to Cecilia Roth
After split with Cantilo, Fito dedicates Love After Love to Cecilia RothJuliet Horak/Netflix

And although his relationship with the actress did not last, love after love consecrated Paez throughout Latin America and even in the United States as one of the great figures of rock. With over a million copies soldthe album became the most requested in national rock history.

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