New audio feature for WhatsApp

New audio feature for WhatsApp

What’s New in Audio Messages

WhatsApp added several novelties in the last time, one of them, reproduction memorywhich was only available on a limited basis.

This function allows you to resume listening Voice messages if there was a break. The option is used to listen from where the audio was paused when leaving the chat. Simply enter the conversation and press play to continue listening.

The company reiterated this and other functions that were added recently, during a speech at mark zuckerbergin which he announces that WhatsApp users send an average of 7 billion voice messages per day.

Additionally, he reiterated that all voicemails are protected with end-to-end encryption, keeping them private and secure at all times.

In this context, he made the rounds of the new voicemail feature updates that aim to make it easier to send and receive voicemail messages. Among them, in addition to the aforementioned reproduction memory, the following stand out:

Play outside chat

This option allows the possibility of listen to voicemail messages outside of chat so you can multitask and read or reply to other messages. Previously, you had to finish listening to an audio to continue navigating the app and performing other tasks. With what, this tool favors multitasking.

Pause and resume recording

Using this tool, when a voice message is being recorded, you can pause and resume recording later. Ideal for taking time to think about what to say or to avoid having to start from scratch in case of interruptions.

WhatsApp will add a button to pause the recording of voice messages

WhatsApp will add a button to pause the recording of voice messages

This is a function that was already available for Android beta users and also for the service version on Windows, macOS as well as iOS. The novelty is that it is now enabled for the rest of users of Google’s mobile operating system.

wave display

This is a design change that displays a visual representation of the voicemail sound to help the user follow the recording.

Draft Preview

It is one of the most popular options among users. This tool allows you to listen to voice messages before sending them. To use this new feature, you need to swipe the icon to save.

14-12-2021 Voice message.  Voicemail preview is a feature that allows the user to make sure the message is correct before sending it.

14-12-2021 Voice message. Voicemail preview is a feature that allows the user to make sure the message is correct before sending it.

When the icon has been swiped up, a new box will appear which will give the option to stop the audio, it is from here that you will have access to the recording of the voice message, which you can listen to as many times as you want before sending it. In case when listening to the message we do not want to send it, just click on the trash can icon to delete it.

Quick reading of forwarded messages

This alternative, announced last year, lets you choose the speed level at which you want to listen to the message voice received. There are three options available: 1, 1, 5X or 2X. A tool also highly appreciated by users, as it can be very useful, especially in the case of long audio files.

Coming soon: create polls

The messaging service is always working on new tools. As expected some time ago WaBetaInfosoon it will be possible create polls directly in the app without using third-party apps or websites to achieve this. An addition that has proven to be very useful to its users, especially in groups.

Surveys on WhatsApp.  (photo: WABeta News)

Surveys on WhatsApp. (photo: WABeta News)

Considering possible changes, as everything is under development, you can see the model in which the tool will be deployed. An example as a first step would be define the question you want to ask, Why couldn’t it be otherwise.

Once this is done, different responses can be configured that other members can choose if they want one of the options provided. At this point, it’s unclear how many of them can be used, but more than five for sure.

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