New video: Alec Baldwin's reaction when they confirm the death of the cinematographer

New video: Alec Baldwin’s reaction when they confirm the death of the cinematographer

After Police revealed a series of images taken by an officer’s body camera, showing the moment the officers arrive on set “Rust” Following actor Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who ultimately died, video was released in which the actor is briefed on the tragic outcome of the accident.

The video, which is just over a minute long, was shared by NBC reporter Mike Sington, and Baldwin can be seen with two officers in a small office where they inform him of Hutchins’ death.

“I have bad news for you”one of the officers who works in the police says to the actor who asks what it was about and the woman adds: “He didn’t survive.”

“Nope !” was the actor’s reaction. putting one of his hands to his mouth.

“Yes… He didn’t survive,” the woman reiterated, adding: “I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to find out outside of here. I’m sorry. Can we do something for you?”

Before wrapping up the brief shoot, the Santa Fe police officer asks Baldwin if he wants his wife, Hilaria, to come with him.

Alec Baldwin’s reaction when he tells him the cinematographer is dead

In Images from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Officereleased in the final hours, doctors, officers and others from the film’s production are seen, as they attend Hutchins and director Joel Souza before being removed on stretchers and loaded into an ambulance.

Hutchins, 42, died on set last October when the revolver Baldwin was holding fired a live bullet that hit her in the chest and then lodged in Souza’s shoulder. The filmmaker survived the gunshot wound.

the footage also shows a policeman talking to Baldwin, still dressed for his movie character, who immediately admits he was holding the gun. “I was the one holding the gun,” he said.

Later, we hear the actor talking to other members of the production: “She gave me an empty gun… everything was ready, the headphones, everything…”.

Tear who killed Hutchins was under the control of gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, and an assistant manager handed it to Baldwin, assuring him that he was discharged. Several months after the fatal crash, police released footage of an initial conversation with Hannah Gutierrez.

The footage, without sound, also shows Baldwin dressed as an Old West gunman and showing the dynamics of the gunfight with what appears to be the gun exploding in his hand, killing Halyna.

Alec Baldwin, Dave Halls and More Discuss Weapons Involved in Filming Rust

Office of the ‘sheriff’ of Santa Fe (capital of New Mexico) also published images in which Baldwin is seen sitting on a pewon the same day of filming that Hutchins died, and immediately pulls the gun out of his jacket, points it at the camera, and repeats the action a second time.

However, the actor maintained in his testimony that he never pulled the trigger until the moment of the recording of the fateful scene.

The material which now the ‘sheriff’s office’ spread consists of rehearsal videos on the recording set, text messages or interviews of witnesses with the investigators.

Among them, the director of film, Joel Souza, which can be seen in a video to the ER, telling an investigator that the gunsmith on set said “the gun was clean”.

According to Santa Fe First Judicial District Attorney’s Office, investigation still open and they are awaiting new reports from the sheriff’s office to review the evidence and make a decision on the criminal charge.

Police release never-before-seen footage of Alec Baldwin after fatal shooting on ‘Rust’ set

On April 20, the New Mexico Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined the producer of “Rust” more than $135,000 for failing to observe security measures during filming.

‚ÄúSeveral elements of the investigation remain outstanding, including FBI firearms and ballistics forensic analysis, as well as DNA and latent fingerprint analysis, (forensic) findings and ‘analysis of Mr. Alec Baldwin’s phone data extracted by Suffolk County Sheriff’s investigators,’ Santa Fe County Sheriff Adam Mendoza said.

Alec Baldwin practicing with the gun on camera

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