Nicolás Caputo recognized funds hidden in tax havens during the money laundering promoted by Mauricio Macri

Nicolás Caputo recognized funds hidden in tax havens during the money laundering promoted by Mauricio Macri

Nicholas Caputo entered the money laundering who prompted 2016 his close friend and former business partner, then president Mauricio Macri. sincere in front of AFIP millionaire’s fund in dollars which he kept in a bank account in Switzerland and controlled by a Cayman Islands company.

Caputo’s money laundering involved the declaration of a financial architecture that included, in addition to the account and the company, a trust. JAll this has been regularized for years and is taxed for the total, which has been supported by supporting documents. But that was not enough to calm the sleuths of the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP). After receiving information from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the collection agency began an audit in 2021 which is still open.

Both tax honesty and AFIP inspection focus on The Newman Trust, a confidence that Caputo controlled in the Cayman Islands since February 2015 with the help of Amicorp, a global firm dedicated to managing this type of business structure, according to the documentation consulted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), including LA NACION, Infobae and elDiarioAR.

Thanks to this confidence, Caputo took the reins of an offshore company which he called Newman Ltd.with which he opened, in turn, an account with the Swiss bank Julius Baer. Both the trust and the offshore company have denominations that allude at the school where “Nicky” and Macri studied.

At 63, Caputo is or was a shareholder in companies such as Central Puerto, the Caputo family construction company, and Mirgor, which at one time had the Macri Group as a partner. A few weeks ago, his name rose to public prominence again when Vice President Cristina Kirchner gave a public speech in response to prosecutor Diego Luciani’s allegations in the Vialidad case. He said Caputo had a relationship of trust with the former public works secretary of Kirchnerisme Jose Lopez and demanded that justice investigate.


Three years after entering money laundering, Caputo’s offshore network underwent changes in 2019, as confirmed THE NATION accounting documentation. The businessman closed Julius Baer’s bank account that he had informed the AFIP and transferred the funds to another account in Switzerland, at Banque Pictet, What He also declared in front of the Argentine treasury.

By then, the Julius Baer had accumulated many controversies, both in Argentina and in the world. Among other reasons, for his role in concealing fortunes linked to FIFAgate, the scandal that shook football. In 2016, President Macri reported that he had a bank account in the Bahamas branch of that bank, which he later repatriated.

Consulted by the Argentinian team of the ICIJ, in the environment Caputo confirmed the existence of this offshore network and pointed out that today the businessman declared everything before the AFIP, for all of their assets, while showing supporting documents.

“Caputo has been paying taxes in Argentina for this trust and the associated account since he was sincere in 2016,” they said close to the businessman before the consultation of the Argentinian team of the ICIJ, although they did not specify what would be the origin of the funds deposited in Switzerland.

According to the documents consulted by the Argentinian team of the ICIJ, the employee of the law firm Amicorp who was in charge of the procedures noted on the forms that the sole controller of the offshore network was Caputo, then owner of Caputo SAIC and “shareholder of the companies Caputo SAICYF, Mirgor SA and Central Puerto”. In the form called “Know Your Customer” figure that the income came from his dividends as a shareholder of these companies.

In Argentina, according to the options allowed by the local legislation, Caputo whitewashed the existence of the trust before the AFIP, to which he attributed the value of 1 peso. But in the same act, he also reported the linked bank account, with dollar holdings for which he then paid taxes to the local treasury. The sums he revealed remain in reserve.

In August 2021, after the change of government, AFIP has opened numerous audits of Argentine taxpayers who have accepted money laundering. Among them was inspected Caputo. They started after the collection agency -which at the time was headed by Mercedes Marcó del Pont- information received from the OECD on Argentines with banking and financial assets abroad.

In the case of Caputo, according to relatives of the businessman, “the AFIP has detected a potentially abnormal situation”. Yes sought to verify why Macri’s partner and friend declared The Newman Trust for just 1 peso.

how he was able to rebuild THE NATION, AFIP’s Microcentro Division inspectors went to Caputo’s accountant’s office -which is also the case of Macri and other well-known public figures in the most diverse fields- to find supporting documentsincluding bank statements and company balance sheets, which would validate that Caputo declared the total assets of the account to Pictet bank in Switzerland.

In the same vein, close to Caputo, they pointed out that Macri’s “life brother” – in the words of the former president – is not the only taxpayer facing similar scrutiny from the AFIP, for which They ruled out a political motivation.

Nicholas Caputo
Nicholas Caputofile, archive

According to documents seen by the ICIJ, Caputo controlled another offshore company, Nicky Worldwide Corporation, incorporated in Panama in 2009 to control property in the State of Florida. Unlike the Newman Trust, The businessman declared this firm to the AFIP as soon as it was created, although it is no longer his.

In 2018, Macri’s best friend sold the business – and therefore the property – to his brother Jorge Antonio Caputo. The company in charge of operational procedures in Panama has placed the administrators so that they are the visible face of the company.

Thus, from May of that year, “Tonio” Caputo became the sole owner and controller of this offshore company, whose funds -according to the registration forms- corresponded to “business income” related to the companies Central Puerto, Mirgor and Ecogas.


The Argentinian ICIJ team is made up of Ricardo Brom, Hugo Alconada Mon, Maia Jastreblansky (LA NACION), Iván Ruiz, Mariel Fitz Patrick, Sandra Crucianelli (Infobae) and Emilia Delfino (elDiarioAr).

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