Nicolás Furtado: the reserved Uruguayan actor who became "Diosito" and found himself in the middle of a scandal

Nicolás Furtado: the reserved Uruguayan actor who became “Diosito” and found himself in the middle of a scandal

Nicolás Furtado has escaped the “headlines” for years and avoided questions about his private life. In the few notes he gave the last time, He made it clear and made it clear again that he wants to be known for his work and not for his love record.

However, in recent months it has become the presumed third in the discord between China Suárez and Benjamin Vicuña and in the new boyfriend of Ester Expósito, the actress and it girl Spanish.

Despite becoming what he was trying to avoid, Diosito continues to behave as if his private life is private, something difficult to maintain in a hyperconnected world. Without going any further, a few days ago he made headlines for making a presence in a bowling alley, hiding in the VIP and not letting them take pictures of him or his girlfriend.

Nico Furtado invited his partner Ester Expósito to a recital of La Renga

Also for a series of stories he and Expósito shared on their respective Instagram accounts: a photo of two cut soda bottles, the classic “glass” of Cordoba’s fernet, and another in which they were seen sitting at the Estadio Único de La Plata, ready to see La Renga its header strip.

Something that quickly became a trend because, after all, this Uruguayan takes his girlfriend to Argentina and shows him his most silvery side: neighborhood rock and one of its typical concoctions.

Furtado was tired of saying it: La Renga is his favorite band and rock should be a subject of study for him. If necessary, he travels to San Luis or Rosario to get into the pogo and sing songs that only the fans know. “We travel like that. And we get into the pogo, huh. We are in third place. I’m very rock here: La Renga, Los Redondos, Los Piojos and full Callejeros. When I was little, I was a big fan of Callejeros”, said a few years ago to the magazine rolling stone.

His fanaticism led him to play with none other than La Renga leader Chizzo. “We touch ‘The Ballad of the Devil and Death’ and ‘The Reason That Holds You Back’and when we finished I continued to sing songs like ‘Noche voodoo’ and others that don’t play on the radio,” he says.

Nicolás Furtado, as Diosito, in one of the locations in El Marginal 3
Nicolás Furtado, as Diosito, in one of the locations in El Marginal 3 Instagram/Dtokefree

Finding information about Nicolás Furtado’s life is not an easy task because he doesn’t like to talk about him. Beyond having crossed the line of popular actor a long time ago thanks to “Diosito” Borges, the already mythical character of Fringe which took him to another level, the Uruguayan is very jealous of the information he shares.

Until Ester Expósito presented no girlfriend in society and little is known about his days in Montevideo. We know that to get the role of the convict he did his homework: he “infiltrated” into Villa 31 from where he had to escape because he had quickly reached a place from which he was not so easy to get out, he looked for a good frontier false teeth, he slept on the streets and after all these experiences he went to the casting disguised as a character. It is similar to the method used by Jack Nicholson before Trapped with no way out and other actors who study environments to recreate characters.

Nicolás Furtado and Ester Expósito at the famous and crowded Bresh party
Nicolás Furtado and Ester Expósito at the famous and crowded Bresh partyinstagram capture

Then the rest is history: the Diosito he presented to the cast is the Diosito that was seen on screen, even the character arc he built was such that instead of dying in the sixth chapter of the first season, he lived until the fifth and final.

After surprising with Diosito, Furtado sat in Susana Giménez’s living room, it was the cover of the magazine rolling stonehe made a first role with Natalie Pérez, he came back to become a marginal in among men, HBO miniseries, and played to be Passarella in Maradona, blessed dream.

Furtado is the son of a high school teacher and a pharmacist. Without artistic heritage, he evolves timidly throughout his adolescence. According to the note with RSwas used to observing his peers from the outside: he was neither popular nor a loser.

He had only one friend, who now lives in Spain, and with whom they shared tastes. His tastes at that time were in music: he played drums in Los Croners, but he did it for “a case of beer”. Nico loved being one more, although his profession now made it difficult for him to be part of a tide.

Nicolás Furtado (wearing jersey 7, second from left among the unemployed) played basketball in Uruguay
Nicolás Furtado (wearing jersey 7, second from left among the unemployed) played basketball in UruguayCourtesy of Nicolas Furtado

“In the fourth or fifth year of high school, the sanctions arrived. I used to fight with teachers who are still friends of my old lady today. At that time, with my best friend, the Armenian, we didn’t even see each other like the others. We were two kids from the neighborhood who sat on the corner to flash and talk a lot about life”, he says. Also around these years, he discovered recitals, the pogo, sleeping in the street after a night in a caravan The culture of rock, the one that impressed Diosito when he asked him to be a fan of Los Redones.

Music didn’t turn out to be the solution. Before finding out where his life was going, He tried his hand at basketball, a sport he said he could have devoted himself to professionally. But no, after convincing his family that acting was not a hobby, he took several courses and studied at director Ricardo Beiró’s theater school.

His first jobs as an interpreter were in Uruguay [en Porque te quiero así y Dance!] where a producer discovered him and arrived his first role in Argentina, in Sweet love. His life changed course, although he was born in a modest neighborhood of Montevideo and the house where he lived was built by his father and grandfather Máximo [una de sus personas preferidas], in Buenos Aires, I didn’t know anyone and I had to start over.

The Diosito brothers and Mario Borges (Nicolás Furtado and Claudio Rissi) in El Marginal prison
The Diosito brothers and Mario Borges (Nicolás Furtado and Claudio Rissi) in El Marginal prisonPublic television

It is said that life, like movies, has a turning point and if you have to find one in Furtado’s biography it is without a doubt God. “I was a little lucky that it touched me. I think that from the prison world this character allows us to play with humor, with a more human side, psychologically he can be developed more because he has scenes that allow it. I think the opportunity presented itself to squeeze a lot of juice out of it. For me it was pivotal“, he said about this character for which he won a Platinum award.

But the path was not so linear. After playing Cooper, a rebellious son of a wealthy family, in Clockwork and reviews, of Manuel Facal, Furtado was in Buenos Aires and the career of the actor knows ups and downs. “After the first works, I was half stopped and that’s when it all started to wobble“, he confessed RS. had papers in We are from the same family, Educating Nina and when he got a big role in fanny the fanthe tape was lifted within a month due to poor performance. I was in that dark moment, looking for opportunities in other countries when the cast of The misfit.

Nicolás Furtado in Dulce amor, his first experience on Argentinian television
Nicolás Furtado in Dulce amor, his first experience on Argentinian television

So he did it all: he entered the village, exposed himself, imagined how Diosito must be, created it and went to test his fate. He composed the character in front of the same creators who, when they saw him, had no doubts. Furtado changed his skin and found his leap into the void. He took this kid who grew up in recitals, added a lot of material that he consumed in videos and found this archetype. His character transcended He didn’t die as expected, in fact he continued in each of the seasons. His more punk-rock style, his teeth, his way of speaking, made him an icon. Furtado gains continuity and changes status: he becomes a celebrity.

Often, the problem of appropriating so much of a character is precisely to detach oneself from him. Shortly after the last season of Fringe, Furtado said goodbye to Diosito. “On May 4, we create #ElMarginal5 and with this season we say goodbye to this beautiful story, Fringe it is already yours. Until forever”, he wrote on his Instagram account accompanied by a photo where we see him characterized like this sort of alter ego that has accompanied him for 6 years.

Furtado, at the premiere of Porn for Beginners
Furtado, at the premiere of Porn for BeginnersGerard Vierkovitch

A character like Diosito hasn’t arrived yet or may never arrive, but Nico doesn’t like to pigeonhole himself. Parallel to this tumbero, he dared to embark on a romantic comedy with Natalie Pérez in Romantic film; became a detective Loss And he did team with Martín Piroyansky in porn for newbies.

In a pandemic, he revised his prison mood to play Mosca in Between Men’s, the HBO mini-series, put himself in the shoes of Daniel Passarella in Maradona, blessed dream and became a Bolivian narco who spent his life in Argentina in impure, brazilian fiction from Amazon Prime.

Nicolás Furtado, as Mosca, for the HBO series Between Men
Nicolás Furtado, as Mosca, for the HBO series Between MenHBOMAX

For these latter roles he went back to studying and finding new forms, he made suggestions for Mosca, from his walk to an excessive jawline, and he tried to find his own Passarella, not imitating, but to from creation. After having been Awarded a Platinum and based in Spain, the career of this Uruguayan of 34 years begins a new chapter.

Even if he doesn’t look very comfortable… All the news surrounding it is tinged with sentimental subjects: his affair with China Suárez, his crisis with Ester Expósito, his attitude with the people inside the Vip of a bowling alley in Buenos Aires… But he continues with his punk-rock attitude, his dark glasses and that firm but slightly awkward gait.

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