NieR Automata The End of YoRHa Edition, review and review of the game for Nintendo Switch

NieR Automata The End of YoRHa Edition, review and review of the game for Nintendo Switch

After its release first on PS4 and PC, then on Xbox, it is now the turn of the version of Nier Automata on Nintendo Switch. And the question is clear: is it a good port? We accessed the game ahead of its release to find out in this review.

with the amount of To change sold and the pace the console is still achieving, it’s easy for many companies to be tempted to port their games to the machine. But the task is not easy and does not always lead to a satisfactory result. I’ve played as many decent console ports as there have been catastrophic ones, and there’s no set pattern. Games that were challenging to port had spectacular results, while other smaller ones had all sorts of technical issues that weighed down the experience. So with a NieR Automatait is logical to wonder if a good job was done, since the experiment must be perfect to be able to move 2B in the same necessary conditions of fluidity and precision. And it has not always been so, since in its first versions, and especially before certain updates, there have been times when we have found ourselves with drops of images that darken the experience. Luckily, and to the delight of many fans who have been asking for it for years, that hasn’t been the case with the Switch version.

Yoko Taro himself was aware of the task and in a letter he made it clear: “It’s not that easy, damn it!” And no, that was not the case. The production team was assisted by Virtues, who know the console perfectly since they have been responsible for other ports such as The Outer Worlds, Dark Souls Remastered or Bioshock: The Collection. Playing the Switch version the technical sacrifice is noticeable, but less than I would have imagined and especially given the laptop’s small screen, where pixel per inch gets a better job for long distances than sometimes the Nier Automata world.

Nier Automata performance on Nintendo Switch

The technical sacrifice is noticeable, but less than I would have imaginedYes, reduced details on some modeling and textures, shadows, reflections, effects and everything you can imagine; but all with the aim of achieving that smoothness and consistency of 30 frames per second than the game already announced at the start, with a resolution in dock mode of 1080p and 720p for the screen of the machine. 30 frames per second which remains very stable and fluid and which allows to control 2B perfectly, in a game where it is essential knowing that, if the dodging of Nier Automata is not the most demanding in an action game, it asks for a quick response time. I had no problem being able to do all the combinations even with a good number of enemies on screen or with the gigantic enemies that appear from time to time occupying everything. The experience is not only fluid, but above all in the narrowest and most linear places, it displays a very decent image quality. It’s in this open world where textures and distances can be seen a bit poorer and, if we speed up like only 2B knows how to do, we see how the scene in a few moments is loaded before us.

It should be noted, therefore, that although it is the experience that sacrifices the graphics especially for the portable factor, it has been taken care of as it deserves. Not only technically, but bringing with it all the content that has been included along the way. Downloadable Content and Version Additions NieR: Automata -Become as Gods Edition- for Xbox. Downloadable content 3C3C1D119440927 (You already know Yoko Taro’s penchant for impossible names) was the one included in said version and cost 15 euros at launch, while here it is included in the game, and gives us access to three coliseums and additional outfits. But this edition is baptized by another name: The end of the YoRHa edition, And that’s because it also has its own free downloadable content, exclusive to this edition: 6C2P4A118680823. Behind this code we will find six additional outfits, four new accessories and two skins for the pod inspired by the mobile game Deny Re[In]eyelet. Apart from that, we will find control options that have been adapted to the possibilities of the Switch if we activate the movement controls, such as the possibility of sprinting by moving the console in the direction or even certain actions with the screen. tactile.

Glory to mankind

NieR Automata The End of the YoRHa Edition Nintendo Switch

For the rest, Nier Automata is that game we first fell in love with five years ago, which elevated the figure of Yoko Taro (and he deserved it) and which surprised by realizing sales of over six and a half million units for a game that may seem niche, and probably is. Why then, this fascination with Nier? Of course you have to play if you don’t understand it, but I just had to restart the game to rediscover it: Taro has a unique vision of our environment and is not subject to any convention. To focus on a small example during the replay, I noticed that the intro, with the ships attacking the base and being destroyed one by one until there are only 2B left, is surprisingly similar to Technosoft’s Thunderforce IV shoot’em up. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence, because Taro is a video game enthusiast who constantly pays homage to it, regardless of the genre, being able to change the mechanics, the dynamics, the cameras as he pleases. Any game, under such pressure, would have crumbled. But Nier Automata, like its predecessor which we can now enjoy in its edition NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…strengthened spell leaving the player mesmerized and still waiting for what is next and how their systems are twisted.

NieR Automata The End of the YoRHa Edition

And what comes next is a story that knows how to explore the limits of video game language, who is not afraid of the existentialism told by robots and artificial intelligences, who uses them to their advantage so that we question ourselves, in a way perfectly connected with the new generations, about the human condition and our reason for ‘be. Although personally I appreciate the story of his previous work more, because in Automata there are ideas and surprises that are explored again (and also because the music of the first Nier seems to me to be one of the best in the history of video games), there is no doubt that Automata is a more refined product in its presentation and, above all, in its action system which supports the adventure brilliantly. If you haven’t played him and you’ve been waiting for that opportunity, blindfold him like 2B and trust him. And if you already know what it’s all about and want to experience it again in a portable format, don’t worry. We can say that it is a very good harbor and this Glory to Humanity.

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