Note: On Super Monday in America, did the premieres of Flor Peña and Alejandro Fantino reach the expected numbers?

Note: On Super Monday in America, did the premieres of Flor Peña and Alejandro Fantino reach the expected numbers?

For America, This Monday was a great Monday. The station, direct competitor of the new onecreated in the evening during prime time the pu*@ likes Yes Stray animalscycles loaded with Florence Pena Yes Alexandre Fantin respectively.

The figures, a little below what was expected for a first album, were very close to those of elnueve. In the case of the pu*@ likes the average was 2.5 points, only two tenths more than The exact time (elnueve), the very good cycle of general culture questions led by Coustarot head Yes Olmi boy. The peak audience of the pu*@ likes It was 3.3 points and it was given at the start, a note carried by THEM (America), the successful cycle that preceded it, which closed its average at 3.7 points and climbed to a grand high of 4.7 pointsan important and unusual figure for America. Hosted by Ángel de Brito, produced by Mandarina, and with a very attractive panel, the format was the most watched on the channel.

As for Stray animalsthe average of 1.8, although low, allowed him to beat elnueve, a station that reached 1.3 with Telenin at the end and 0.9 tenths with Selection of news, on the way to Qatar.

The most watched program of the day was run away (Telefe), Turkish fiction with an average of 11.5 points. In second place was installed reality The famous hotel (eltrece), a space that averaged 10.9 points, a tenth more than Argentine fiction the first of us (Phone). Earlier, Telefe created our eternal lovea new Turkish band that occupies the 5 p.m. slot, leading with an average of 8.6 points.

Guido Kaczka maintains the very good performance of his formats in eltrece. This Tuesday, The 8 million steps, first edition average of 7.2, one point above Cut by Lozano (Telefe), while the traditional prime-time evening edition reached 10.4 points, falling behind Telefe.

Guido Kaczka, essential man of eltrece

The 9, a sign that he had a very good day, the best audience was collected blessedwith a very good figure: 5.5 on average and a ceiling of 6.6 points, one of the highest ratings in the history of the cycle driven by Beto Casella. On this channel, they also performed very well soap opera at noon Yes central soap opera with 3.8 and 3.9 points, respectively, both beating America.

ATP soccer was the most watched Public television with an average of 1 point and a peak of 1.8. In 0.5 tenths, it was the best figure reached by Net TVnumber they reached Pedro, the squamous, TV montage, Reprofile Yes The Lord of heaven.

In a day with distributed numbers, the best ignition of the day occurred at midnight and was obtained by In short (the thirteen), the short stories hosted by Mario Massaccesi which are going well. Yesterday, this space averaged 6.6 points and climbed to a ignition of 58.5% of the action. The most viewed news of the day was tv news (Telefe): the series hosted by Cristina Pérez and Rodolfo Barili average of 9 points.

Cristina Pérez and Rodolfo Barili, unbeatable in the direction of information
Cristina Pérez and Rodolfo Barili, unbeatable in the direction of informationCapture TV / Telefe

Visit of Daniella Mastricchio, Georgina Mollo, Solange Verina and Nadia Di Cello team flower Yes recall the great success of Chiquititas 25 years after its creation. The television series, created by Cris Morena, marked an era in the genre of children’s fiction, with a polished aesthetic and a melodramatic story. The cycle was a breeding ground for young talents who, in many cases, went on to brilliant careers. Telefe’s morning magazine reached 4 points.

Oriana Sabatini spoke with Germán Paoloski in It is not too late (Phone). Daughter of Catherine Fulop and Osvaldo Sabatini She opened up about her connection to motherhood at the request of the driver, who reminded her of a few phrases referring to the subject that she had said some time ago. The late night show has an average of 3.5 points.

“I did not think that the possibility of doing Stray Animals, again,” he said. Alexandre Fantin at the start of a new season of the show. With a neat decor, the driver has taken over driving the format that is identified with his career.

Humor and nonchalance, distinctive signs of Florence Pena will be the keys to the pu*@ likes, the format that premiered in America last night. The actress, again in the role of animator, after a year and a half at the head of team flower on Telefe, predicted that the all-new program will have its unbiased footprint.

In the first program the pu*@ likes, Florencia Peña, accompanied by Dan Breitman and Diego Ramos, starred in a musical, in the style of Susana Giménez, but without the production of the diva Telefe. In the song’s lyrics, Peña quipped about his artistic DNA and as a media figure not free from controversy.

In soap opera at dawn (Telenueve), journalist Tito Garabal spoke about the health of Pope Francis, who was seen moving around in a wheelchair, something that has caused concern in the public opinion of the world. The newscast, hosted by Romina Lachmann and Daniel Navarro and with the collaboration of Alejo Rivera, averaged 1.7, a tenth more than good phone (Phone).

a. fugitive (Telefe) 11.5 rating points

of them. The famous hotel (eltrece) 10.9 points

3. the first of us (Telefe) 10.8 points

Four. The 8 million steps (eltrece) 10.4 points

5. tv news (Telefe) 9 points

6. our eternal love (Telefe) 8.6 points

7. Zuleyha (Telefe) 8.5 points

8. To dream of you (Telefe) 8 points

9. fugitive, part two (Telefe) 7.6 points

ten. Hercai (Telefe) 7.3 points

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