of his romance with Sofía Macaggi and rumors with More Rial of being the idol of The hotel of the famous

of his romance with Sofía Macaggi and rumors with More Rial of being the idol of The hotel of the famous

Alex Caniggia has a life full of luxuries, novels Yes controversy. Their The complicity with his sister Charlotte has always been talked about. Participate today in The hotel of the famous with a sharp strategy.

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Alexandre Dimitri Paul Caniggia he was born on February 15 from 1993 in Buenos Aires. To have 29 years and is the son of Claudio Caniggiaformer footballer and Marianne Nannis. He is actor, influencer, personality from television, media Yes singer.

Alex grew up, thanks to the career of his father Claudio, in different parts of the world between them Portugal, Italy, Scotland and SpainMore precisely marbellaor lived most of his life have a life of luxury. In 2012 he traveled to Argentina, where he currently resides.

“I am the most pijudo, the emperor”

“I am the most pijudothe emperor”, defines himself Alex in the Biography of his instagram accountin which he usually shares with his followers controversial photos Yes videos in which it appears holding many banknotes Is seems covered in fur Yes international brand clothing very exclusive.

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Their television appearances they started in 1998in different specialtiesnear Marianne Nannis. In 2010, Alex took part, with his mother and sister Charlotte Caniggiain rich womena reality TV show broadcast in 2010 by The sixth in Spain. Although he was not the show’s protagonist, Alex began his fondness for exposing himself to cameras showing off his various eccentricities.

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On Argentine television, he stood out their works in Showmatch driven by Marcelo Tinelli. Then he participated with his sister Charlotte in the reality show free caniggia which included three seasons from 2017 to 2019; participated in the Dance for a dream in 2012 and Sing for a dream in 2020.

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In 2019, a new scandal in the life of Alex Caniggia, related to his father Claudio Paul. This is how he influencer he unloaded against his father in a Twitter message in which he posted a WhatsApp conversation.

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“Without words! When you want to take responsibility for your actions and as a father you put your face to speak, I will not hesitate for a second to sit down and have a coffee and fix things between us!” the media son of the Bird accompanying the image of the private chat in which his father berates him after seeing him in an interview on Live – Non è la d’Urso, an Italian media in which Alex accuses Claudio of having left him alone in a car when he was little “to go with prostitutes”.

“Instead of playing crazy, why don’t you show your face and let’s get together and tell me I’m lying?” I can’t believe you put a face before your kids”

“You know that? Change your last name then. Do it nowyou can do it!”, we can see that the former footballer says to his son, who retorts by talking about Sophie BonelliClaudio Paul’s girlfriend at the time: “Instead of acting crazy, why don’t you show your face and let’s get together and tell me I’m lying? I can’t believe you put a girl before your kids”.


Alex had several girlfriends from the entertainment world, including Sofía Macaggi. The young woman confessed that “it happened little by little, later. It was only in Cordoba, with coexistence, that she imposed herself a little more. Alexander tried to conquer me from of the second rhythm we danced, in June 2013. It only happened at the end of the year”.

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Ultimately, the couple did not last long, but Macaggi assured that “in all these years I haven’t talked about him much, I try not to talk because I know what he thinks will be the title. Yesor I started to work my way through another place, I started to study, to prepare, that (her relationship with Alexander) was far behind.

And added that “We shared a lot of time, we danced, you shared so much with each other that it ended like this. He was super shy I think that at the time they didn’t know much about the show either.”

Additionally, Alex faced romance rumors with Brown Rial even though they both claimed they were just friends. The young man went out with the influencer Macarena Herrera but nothing ended well.

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The young woman and Alex they were topical in full pandemic because They brokesocial, preventive and compulsory isolation in Argentina without a circulation permit. Herrera, totally angry, wrote on his social networks that “it is not possible that people are so hot…”.

About this, Macarena said: “I bought all the furniture, I made my father spend a lot of money and I have to cancel everything for a person who has no word and because one day before we moved in together and on the anniversary of two years as a boyfriend, while we were having tea, he tells me that he is breaking up with me because ‘it’s not good for him to’ have a girlfriend for show’. How can you be one to… shit on someone who loves you like that?!”


Last year, Alex took part in the reality show Master Chef Celebrity but true to himself he was absent on several recordings of the program in the middle of resignations Yes discomfort with producing cycles.

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However, Marcelo Polino had stated that Alex had been disqualified for inadmissible conduct. In this sense, the influencer he wasn’t even in the final of the show where it was speculated that everything ended badly between him and the producers of Masterchef.

The journalist pointed out that “we are going to say one thing that Fabien Esperon (his representative) will not say, we will spoiler, but Alex Caniggia will not be in the final of Masterchefnot even visit. Yesterday did not show up for check-in, in which almost all the participants of the current edition have participated”. And he added “I don’t know if the relationship turned out that bad, but Alex didn’t even go to say goodbye in the final”.


Alex Caniggia and Melody Light who after weeks of hysteria Yes strain sexual they woke up together and fucked.

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Awake and private, Alex started with some awakening massages. “Oh, that works for me huh, that’s fine…Ayyy,” Melody agreed, enjoying her pleasure. “What use is it to you? Caniggia wanted to know, without stopping. “Keep to the left,” she followed. “It’s good for you… Yeah!”, Charlotte’s brother swells, giving free rein to the flannel. “Hugs always… It has to be fundamental, yes or yes. An idol like me, imagine,” he said.

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