Pampita and Chanchi Estévez's heartfelt conversation after the former player tried to leave El Hotel de los Famosos

Pampita and Chanchi Estévez’s heartfelt conversation after the former player tried to leave El Hotel de los Famosos

The driver asked the ex-footballer about his abrupt decision and was happy he finally chose to stay

After the hard fight he had with Sabrina Carballo Wednesday night, Max Chanchi estévez he packed his bags and expressed his desire to leave The hotel of the famous (The Thirteen). The next day they revealed the decision made by the former footballer, and it turned out that after reflecting on his abrupt departure, he chose to continue in the competition. However, Pampita Ardohain visited him in the facilities a few minutes before the guest challengeto determine whether he would participate and talk about the reasons that led to the moment of crisis.

The show began with a review of the unfiltered discussion that the former player and actress had. Behind the scenes, Sabrina was honest: “I feel like I wouldn’t stay where it doesn’t feel good, and I wouldn’t stay the truth either; if he leaves, let him go through the front door, not because we fought”. With humor, Chanchi tried to play down what had happened and confessed that he hadn’t been able to eat anything during dinner before leaving: “The only thing that bothers me is that he doesn’t bother me. didn’t let the gnocchi eat, that I was waiting for them all day.”

More seriously, when the driver arrived, she opened her heart to the real reasons why she wanted to leave. “We are here because it is the railing that separates the hotel from the rest, from everything that happens outside, and I know that yesterday you wanted to cross this barrier and I want to know what caused this decision,” Pampita asked him. “The truth is that I miss my baby a lot, I’m very beaten, very tired, I also had an argument with Sabriwho is a person I love very much, and we treat each other badly, and I thought it was best to step down,” he confessed.

Pampita and Chanchi had a heart-to-heart talk about why he wanted to quit reality TV

“Did something bad happen that made you think it was this?” the model asked. “No, that’s basically it. I miss my son so much, it’s been a long time since I’ve been hereChanchi explained. And he added, “I don’t like her getting mad, or getting bad, or generating a whole thing, and I said, ‘Well, I’m leaving.'” . Ardohain highlighted his role in the competition and gave him some words of encouragement, in addition to pointing out that being a former couple, they have a relationship of more trust and affection, different from that of the other participants.

“Maybe it works against us, because having so much confidence, we give ourselves certain licenses to speak more passionately perhaps, to discuss more, and she is very stubborn. There are times when I prefer not to enter into a discussion, but there comes a time when everything is beyond you and that’s what happened yesterday, that’s not why I came here”, Once again, the driver encourages him to continue and save the positive from the intense experience he is going through: “There is a very special aglo in you, you are gifted for games, but you also have a very good relationship inside, which is a very important factor to stay here.”

Thanks, I think so too. life happens on the other hand, it doesn’t happen for wanting to be the winner, the finalist, the prize is 10 million pesos, but the truth is that I came for something else, I came to make new friends, to compete, to do something that I don’t do, which is to be on TV, ”explained the ex-Racing. “I came to show myself sometimes as I am and others a little more playing the role of mafi capoa, but when these things happen, I feel that it is not life, that it will not be harmful to others whether I leave or stay,” he said.

After an argument with Sabrina Carballo, the footballer wanted to leave the competition and said goodbye to his teammates in a surprising way

“We’re glad you reconsidered,” Pampita celebrated. “I give you my word that I will do everything possible to turn the situation around and get as far as possible”Estevez said. While trying to hold back tears, the model advised her, “Make every second you spend inside worth it, it is a unique experience that passes through you, much more than anyone from the outside can imagine. Chanchi, get ready with all your energy”.

Despite his changed attitude, when he participated in the guest challenge he was nominated and will have to compete in the maze to find out if he will be one of the duelists of the week. He also became a staff member and was honest about the need for space he felt with Sabrina: “I’m going to like to get some air away from her.”


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