Paola Krum, on Benjamín Vicuña: "Those of us who know him run away"

Paola Krum, on Benjamín Vicuña: “Those of us who know him run away”

When in Telefe’s fiction, the first of us, a risky scene was broadcast between the characters of Benjamín Vicuña and Paola Krum, Speculation about a possible relationship between the colleagues was quick to emerge, beyond the fact that the two are a couple. The Chilean has confirmed courtship with Eli Sulichin; Yes his partner in the novel is very happy with Iván Espeche. “With Benjamin, we are colleagues,” Krum clarified. in dialogue with Catalina Dlugi in Wait Katherine, by The Eleven Ten.

“Whoever approaches Benjamin has rung the doorbell. Those of us who know him are afraid. Poor thing, it’s so divine. He’s a charmer, it was a pleasure to work with him, but we don’t even have a friendly relationship. We are colleagues,” Krum said.

Benjamín Vicuña and Paola Krum were romantically linked, but the actress kept busy denying the rumors and opened up about their new relationshipMAURO ALFIERI – THE NATION

Dlugi then jokingly said that maybe the women who work with Vicuña and know of the actor’s “fame” want to run away. “Yeah, we ran away,” the actress added, also jokingly. “I like him very much, during work it was a pleasure, but I have no connection. When this rumor started coming out, I stayed calm because there was nothing real in it, I knew it was going to drop, because I am with Iván Espeche, who had been my boyfriend when I was 21, but at that time there was a disagreement, but he always seemed to me the most handsome man in the world, “said Krum, very much in love.

“I saw it as something over, but we started to see each other again little by little and it’s a beautiful story, it’s very nice to have known him as a boy, to have this image and now to have this opportunity”, he added. “We live in separate houses, we both have children, at this age it’s good to live it like that,” he concluded.

Paola Krum, interpreted by her partner for the networks
Paola Krum, interpreted by her partner for the networks

Krum and Espeche met in 1993, when fate brought them together in the musical The Hunchback of Paris, by Pepe Cibrian. At that time, they had a brief relationship that did not last. Overtime, they met again and bet on love again.

It’s a treasure to live a love story like this“, confessed the actress in statements to the press when the romance was confirmed. In May last year, the actress spoke about Espeche in an interview with During (Lots of FM Radio 89.5). “My current partner is an actor, singer and host. Has a great voice. I said I was never going to fall in love with someone in the middle again, but it happened to me. Fortunately everything is going very well and we are happy, it is a treasure to have something like this“, confirmed.

Paola Krum and Iván Espeche, in love
Paola Krum and Iván Espeche, in love

In 2019, the actor’s ex-wife Joaquin Furriel -with whom he had his daughter Eloísa-I was single after having a relationship with musician and producer Luciano Greco in 2015. The reunion with her teenage boyfriend was totally unexpected, but it happened naturally. Espeche, for his part, assured in an interview with LA NACION: “Life has passed and we are resuming. Paola is the best, what can I tell you. I am happy, in love, my children are well. i’m at my best“, he said about this second chance.

As for Vicuña, the actor was invited to PH: We can talk, of Telefe, and He told how he lived the separations of the mothers of his children, Pampita Ardohain and China Suárez. “The truth is that [mis rupturas] they are very inflated, distorted and amplified by the media, but inside of it all are still separations of love”, he remarked and spoke of how, in both cases, they were experienced as something natural when “two people assume failure, although that sounds like a dirty word”.

“There are people who tell me that they have a perimeter, so everyone is with their mambo and I’m not going to tell anyone how things are done. He hit me this way, obviously the commonplace, as well that world peace, is trying to get along with an ex, of course. I went through a separation where my parents were very radical, they separated and I never saw them together again. Everyone has to settle down, find a way, because at the beginning there is a question of time, pain, you also need distance because there is anger and frustration, ”explained the actor.

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