Side B of Paulo Londra: he does not reach a legal agreement with his ex and they assure that he does not visit his two-month-old baby

Paulo Londra has reached an agreement with the mother of his daughters: the details

Paulo London and Rocio Moreno

Paulo Londra has finally reached an agreement with his ex Rocío Moreno and mother of daughters Isabella, under two, and Francesca, two months. The former couple met in Cordoba with the legal representatives of both parties in the afternoon. In this way he ended the litigation she had started in court for financial compensation, for having put her career aside to accompany her in music and devote themselves to the girls they have in common.

Like he said Ana Rosenfeld in Teleshow, Rocío’s lawyer with Luciana Ulla, who traveled to Cordoba to accompany her client, It’s a comprehensive agreement that, in addition to the aforementioned compensation -for which they were going to hold a hearing tomorrow- The former couple have defined the food quota they must spend each month for the maintenance of their two babies.

“I was distressed but there is little to do and it makes me happy to have a space for me and my daughters, I have received a lot of support”, Rocío said in a dialogue with intruders in the hours leading up to the signing and added that he did not know the person he was with.

As this site learned a few days ago, Rocío’s idea was to be able to set a food quota that also included other aspects necessary for the care of two minors, such as housing, services and social work. Until now, there was no fixed amount in the Justice as well as a regime of visits to promote the bond between babies and their father, who hardly sees them. Everything that happens to her is part of an informal agreement between them.

Paulo Londra and Rocio Moreno, when they were a couple

Paulo Londra and Rocio Moreno, when they were a couple

Regarding the hearing at which the two parties were to appear tomorrow, Having reached an amicable settlement, only the lawyers will appear before the judge on Tuesday to sign the corresponding documents.

“It’s a mix of feelings, but yes, it’s all over. It’s difficult, but we’re calmer now,” Rocío said as he left the dialogue with the cycle that animates V flower. “There are many Rocíos, and for many more Rocíos. These women worked excellently and never abandoned us, they were always with Rocío, with me, with the family. They did a brilliant job,” added Moreno’s mother. Between tears, the singer’s ex added: “It’s a victory more than anything for my daughters, that I’m giving them a home and I’m very happy about it. It was difficult to see it, because a person I loved very much, today I don’t don’t know, but I’m happy”.

At the time, Moreno’s lawyer in Córdoba said: “There is still no lawsuit for compensation, there are the points on which the lawsuit would be made, but for that we must first conclude this negotiation stage and the idea is to reach an I agree, but an agreement also cannot be concluded as if he were an employee, a businessman is not the same in terms of income. This stems from the law, income and needs are taken into account and from what she has stopped doing to support her spouse in his personal development”.

Last week it was rumored on social media that the singer offered his ex and mother of his daughters 200 thousand pesos per month. In this regard, his legal representative said that he could not give details since they had not asked for a particular amount, but rather asked “remuneration” and also by law, she can’t talk about numbers.

Relatives of the 23-year-old Córdoba assured that at the start, London “I didn’t even want to spend 200,000 pesos” and that currently they are managed with a debit card that she uses into whose account he – in fact through her father – deposits money , although it is often in “negative” because “from time to time they transfer 20, 10 or 15 thousand pesos” that she reserves to pay the prepayment.

Before the hearing two weeks ago, after arriving from Buenos Aires and almost parallel to the time he created a song with BizarrapLondra has seen her daughter Isabella, although she is not the youngest, whom she has only seen three times in two months. Although he asks about the bigger one, they say he barely does for Francesca. As soon as the meeting ended, he traveled again, so he never saw the girls again.

Paulo and Rocío started their relationship in 2015 when they were finishing high school, then she went to another city to study veterinary science while he made his way in the music world. In 2019 decided to want to be with her He buys a house (a large piece of land with two buildings, one for himself and the other for his parents) and, despite their young age, offers them to move in together. It was then that she left college and began to live together, which was crowned the following year by the arrival of her firstborn.

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