Paulo Londra’s ex-mother-in-law attacked the singer – News

The former mother-in-law of Paulo Londra expressed her indignation at certain attitudes of the musician during the hearing they had on Tuesday for the legal dispute between the singer and his ex Rocío Moreno.

Marina Moreno also revealed several details about the fight between the couple in dialogue with intruders (America).

Rocío and Paulo were together for six years, during which time they had two daughters: Isabella, who will be two years old in July, and Francesca, who is two months old.

Shortly before the birth of their second, they whitewashed a deep crisis that led to a claim in court: Rocío began a procedure requesting financial compensation for having accompanied him in his career, delegating his own.

Last Tuesday took place the second hearing in the Family Court of Cordoba.

“I don’t even know how to say it, I’ll try to translate it with the right words. Londra or those around him would have told Rocío: ‘Two nights of fun is not a family project,'” Layús revealed in the cycle directed by Flor de la V.

And he added: “Another phrase would be, ‘Raising daughters is nothing, it’s more about going to work every day’, as undermining her job as a mother.”

It was then that Rocío’s mother clarified that she could not provide information on the content of the hearing until the next step was resolved on May 10, but she made her point. of view on the matter.

“Rocio, by asking for the house, what she is trying to guarantee is a roof over her daughters. The only thing these creatures are going to receive is what Rocío can assure them today,” he said.

“Tomorrow I hope the father is doing great and the daughters can have a standard of living according to the level of the father, but if in the future they find that nothing belongs to the father as they say, then at least they have their house”, he explained, in reference to the version which indicates that the lawyer Ana Rosenfeld would have found accounts abroad for the singer.

“Hearing these phrases is misogynistic, annoying because we are talking about boys who have been dating since 2015. They went to the mall with a 2×1 to eat, they showed their lives on social media, they traveled together, my daughter has it accompanied to record video clips; so we cannot claim that they had a family project”, he argued.

He insisted that the crux of Rocío’s request is that “the welfare and care of his daughters” be guaranteed and assured that Londra has virtually no contact with his youngest daughter.

“They have agreed that he picks up Isabelle three times a week, sometimes he picks them up less and sometimes more, depending on whether he is traveling or not; but with the subject of Isabella, while he’s here in Cordoba, he looks for her every other day, but with Francisca, the last time he saw her was when they went to get her card ID, it was the end of February, that is, he saw her three times and he also does not ask for photos of the baby,” he revealed.

“Francesca is so beautiful, she smiles, if he could see her eyes, smell her and know her, maybe he would have the opportunity to love her and feel something different,” he said. he lamented.

“Nothing surprises us anymore, we realized since the birth of the second baby of abuse, that she was leaving, that the nights were not to be shared with the family, going out each time with friends, sleeping all the day ; So my daughter met Paulo, she was in a cabin with five girlfriends and five girlfriends, and she couldn’t take it anymore,” he says.

The singer’s former mother-in-law even confirmed that the young man had confessed to her of the infidelity he had had with the Spanish Lyna Bekkiche, who went viral on the networks by saying that he was forced by the London milieu to interrupt a recent pregnancy. .

“Rocio finds out, because that same day everything exploded on Twitter, so he confesses to her that he was unfaithful to her, he also confesses it to us, and there they had a big crisis, he told her that everything was true; everything that girl said was true but I know it from him,” he explained.

“For us he was one more son because he grew up at home, I would like him to continue to be successful, he is the father of my granddaughters and if he is well, the girls will be well and so is the family; but they fight for crumbs because if you start thinking about the numbers they’re handling…they’re not teachers like me,” he concluded when the panelists agreed that ” it would be a change” for the artist to respond financially to the request of his ex-partner.

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