People getting high with sounds, the weirdest way to "get high"

People getting high with sounds, the weirdest way to “get high”

to exist many ways take drugs drugs they can be smoked, ingested, snorted, touched or even heard. The latter may seem quite fanciful, but it is true that many consumers choose to experience something known as binaural beats or, more colloquially, sound drugs.

This is the use of two tones with slightly different frequenciesone on each ear, so the brain interprets them as one, equivalent to the difference of the two. For example, if one uses one of 220 Hz and another of 210 Hz, the brain will return a single hum equivalent to 10 Hz. For this difference to work, it can never be greater than 30 Hz. And this What happens is that in this process it has been seen that wave patterns associated with relaxation can also be generated. For this reason, these binaural beats have long been studied for their possible role in calm anxiety, relieve pain or help treat insomnia.

In fact, its study goes back more than two centuries. First, how they acted on the ear were observed, then they began to analyze whether they could have medical purposes, and later the recreational use of noise drugs.

Now, are binaural beats really effective in addressing some of the issues they are supposed to alleviate? Do noise drugs really get you high or is this all a demonstration of suggestion? The truth is that it is not yet fully known. There are many studies aimed at analyzing its medical applications, although most of them come to erroneous conclusions. And there are also those who analyze the power of sound drugs. In fact, the most recent, carried out by scientists from Australia and UKwas published just a few days ago, in Drug and alcohol review.

The Power of Sound Drugs

In the study just published, its authors collected data from World Drug Survey 2021attended by more than 30,000 people from all over the world.

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