Pity Álvarez sang Viejas Locas songs again in a surprising show

Pity Álvarez sang Viejas Locas songs again in a surprising show

Cristian Álvarez Congiu, better known as Pity Alvarez, who was arrested in 2018 for a felony felony aggravated firearm homicide and has been under arrest since 2021. treatment in a mental institution, sang again. In a video that sparked fury from fans, the artist reappeared in an intimate show with a rock band.

To the 49-year-old musician he is seen in the images playing the guitar and singing the classic song “They want to rock”, of the band Intoxicados, the band he led after the separation from Viejas Locas. His reappearance in front of the microphone caused great surprise and the illusion of his return to music for his followers.

While the singer had to be hospitalized to recover from his addiction problems in a therapeutic center, we see him singing and surrounded by people.

Pity Álvarez was detained for the murder of Cristian Maximiliano Díaz recorded in 2018, although later, after the suspension of the trial, his hospitalization under psychiatric treatment was decreed.

The musician remained hospitalized for nearly three years in Argentina’s interdepartmental mental health program in the area of ​​the Central Penitentiary Hospital of Ezeiza Prison. In September 2021, he was transferred to a psychiatric clinic in Castelar and is currently in a therapeutic commune in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

In September, Cristina Congiu, mother of the former Viejas Locas leader, told the Telam news agency that her son “suffered enormous personal abandonment” while in prison.. “He had a very bad time because of the huge abandonment of a person who suffered in prison,” he said.

The artist was arrested on July 13, 2018, charged with aggravated homicide for the use of a firearm for killing Cristian Díaz with four shots in the Samoré district of Villa Lugano.

From then on, his days in prison they were a test. The musician had to overcome different health problems and, as the mother denounced in different interviews, came to suffer harassment from some lodge mates.

In March, an image of Pity Álvarez raised expectations about his possible return to musicTwitter @LisergicaH73

Last April, an expert opinion carried out by the Center for Federal Judicial Assistance of the Medico-Legal Corps (CMF) at the request of Oral Criminal Court (TOC) No. 29, determined that Álvarez does not have his mental faculties within the considered parameters and the stress of facing a process, such as an oral and public trial, would aggravate their current condition.

“The mental faculties of Álvarez Congiu, at the time of the examination, do not correspond to the parameters considered normal, from the medico-legal point of view”, it was declared in the conclusions of the skill which was sent to TOC #29 and accessed THE NATION.

Last March, a photo of the musician has leaked and a detail raised the first expectations of his fans about his possible return to the ring in music, after seeing him in the rehabilitation clinic with a man, a sound amplifier and a guitar behind.

Christian "Shame" Álvarez, in the first image that went viral when he saw him on the street for the first time since his arrest
Cristian “Pity” Álvarez, in the first image that went viral when he saw him on the street for the first time since his arrestTwitter

That went viral and was published by journalist Gastón Marote, the former leader of Viejas Locas was seen on public roads, in what was apparently a visit to a doctor. Beyond being the first known photo since his psychiatric hospitalization, the change in his physical appearance was surprising. With a different weight and texture than he wore before, some even doubted it was him.

Some speculation has indicated that Álvarez’s weight change could be linked to the diabetes he developed while incarcerated in the Ezeiza prison complex. His mother had denounced at the time that the disease was a consequence of the abandonment suffered by the artist by the State. Besides diabetes, Too bad Álvarez was infected with coronavirus in 2021 and had a very complicated image. In fact, he had to be admitted to the intensive care unit of Muñiz Hospital, located in the Parque Patricios neighborhood of Buenos Aires, to receive medical treatment.

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