Platinum Awards 2022: Carmen Maura was honored for her career and El Reino was the series chosen by the public

Platinum Awards 2022: Carmen Maura was honored for her career and El Reino was the series chosen by the public

Carmen Maura during the press conference at the Intercontinental in Madrid

“I never thought I was going to go this far, and I didn’t think things through too much, I think my guardian angel made decisions for me.” As someone who acts by instinct, but also by vocation and above all, with an angel, Carmen Maura summed up part of his brilliant career during a meeting with the press before being distinguished by the Platine d’Honneur at the gala which will take place tomorrow evening in Madrid. At the same event, the Argentine series El Reino swept the audience awards, winning the prizes for best series, best actress (Mercedes Moran) and Best Actor (Chinese Darin).

The meeting took place in the Albéniz Hall of the Intercontinental Hotel, in an auditorium flanked by marble columns on either side and five symmetrically arranged crystal chandeliers. The stage could not be another to receive with honors one of the great actresses of her time. Juan Carlos Arciniegasjournalist for CNN in Spanish and ambassador of the Platinum Rewards, officiated as moderator of a conference with distinctly Latin colors. In this match, which she immediately celebrated, Maura took stock of her career, and at all times showed her gratitude to the profession.

“I was gifted when I was little, it cost me no effort to think that I was someone else. The camera is special, it does half the work for you“, he assured, while regretting that his work in Latin America did not have the repercussion that he would have wished and dared that an event like the Platino Awards could collaborate so that the titles travel more frequently from both sides of the Atlantic: “It’s a shame, I made such beautiful films, and so different, in Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay or Argentina, which are places where I had wonderful times”. Passing through our country, he remembered Enrique Pinti, whom he defined as his great Argentine friend, his casting partner in Arregui, the news of the day.

Carmen Maura and Enrique Cerezo, Executive Chairman of the Platino Awards

Carmen Maura and Enrique Cerezo, Executive Chairman of the Platino Awards

Carmen transmitted the encounter between the emotion of someone going through her own life and the acid humor typical of an actress with proven tricks for comedy. “I messed up a few times, especially in the men’s selection,” he said self-critically. Like the star that she is, she manages her time through delicious digressions that allow her to discover the intimacy of her work. For example, some revelations about her zigzag relationship with Pedro Almodóvar. “We did a lot of good to each other. We became friends, she accompanied me from Puerta del Sol to my house in the Salamanca district, and she invented stories”, she mentioned, before thanking him for having trusted him for his role in What have I done to deserve this.

From tomorrow, the Platine d’Honneur will have a privileged place in its large window. The actress will receive the witness of the Mexican diego moonwho obtained it in the last ceremony held in 2021. In previous editions, artists such as Raphael (2019), Adriana Barraza (2018), Edward James Olmos (2017), Ricardo Darin (2016), Antonio Banderas (2015) and Sonia Braga (2014).

María Barranco, Antonio Banderas, Carmen Maura and Julieta Serrano in "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown"

María Barranco, Antonio Banderas, Carmen Maura and Julieta Serrano in “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”

A life of cinema. Carmen Maura was born in 1945 in Madrid, and after studying French Literature and studying Philosophy and Letters at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, she began to play at the Teatro Español Universitario to turn to theater in the late 1950s. seventies

It was first with Fuck… Fuck… Fuck me Tim! then with Pepi, Luci, Bom and other girls from the lot when the name of Carmen Maura would be linked to that of Pedro Almodóvar, a director with whom she collaborated regularly at the time, becoming the first “almodóvar girl”. Under the orders of the star manchego In the dark, What have I done to deserve this!, Bullfighter, The law of desire and Women on the verge of a nervous breakdowna film that will earn Almodóvar his first Oscar nomination and with where the actress won the Goya Prize and the Félix Prize at the European Film Awards.

Paz Vega, Carmen Maura and Edward James Olmos will present "In pursuit of wonders" (EFE Movies/Arclight)

Paz Vega, Carmen Maura and Edward James Olmos will present ‘Chasing Wonders’ (EFE/Arclight Films)

The 1990s marked definitive consecration for the actress around the world, starring in movies like Ay Carmela!from Carlos Saura, which earned him two Goya and Félix awards. The performer began to participate in European films, where she shared a cast with Juliette Binoche in Alice and Martin by André Téchine and also made his first forays into Ibero-American cinema with the Mexican Band the comet or the chilean film enthusiasm.

In the 2000s, Maura would play The communityribbon held Alex de la Iglesia which will earn him his third Goya prize and the Silver Shell at the San Sebastian Festival. Already permanently installed on the world stage, she starred in the French series agreed silencewhere he worked with Gérard DepardieuArgentina valentines day dreamthe israeli Free zone next to a young woman Natalie Portman or the American tetrafrom Francis Ford Coppola.

Carmen Maura and Penelope Cruz in "To come back"

Carmen Maura and Penelope Cruz in “Return”

In 2006, when after nearly two decadeswould work again with Pedro Almodóvar in To come back share the cast with Penélope Cruz, Chus Lampreave, Lola Dueñas or Blanca Portillo. The reunion of the actress and the director will earn the director of La Mancha the Oscar, while his female cast, including Maura, will win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festivalalso obtaining the fourth Goya for the actress.

In recent years, his international projection, highlighting his work in Brazilian cinema Venicethe australian In pursuit of wondersthe american miniseries Your Honor Protagonized by Bryan Cranston and Mexican production Someone has to die. And for this 2022, the premiere of Rainbowa new film by Paco León and the Argentinian series Limbo…until you decide from Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat.

Mercedes Morán thanked the audience award for best actress

Mercedes Morán thanked the audience award for best actress

The kingdom people. Mercedes Moran Yes Claudia Piñeiro watched Maura’s reconnaissance carefully from the front row. Argentines are nominated as actress and author of the series The kingdom, an excellent candidate to win all the prizes in its category. For now, they already have to their credit that of the public, who have chosen them over their competitors, a merit that has also reached the chinese darin as best actor.

The actress who plays the haunting Elena Vazquez Pena He expressed his excitement to share the gala with Maura and shared his joy at the election. “I find it very funny that the public chose a character from the heroine gala, and it demolishes the myth that the public only wants to see certain types of characters,” he analyzed.

For his part, the writer highlighted the co-author Marcelo Pineyro, which he defined as the “alma mater” of the project, and thanked the public for being open to discussion. “The public rewarded us today and had done so before. This series broke the entertainment barrier. For days people were just talking about The kingdombut not from the series and brilliant performance, but it has opened up a fruitful debate for any society: it makes us think about who commands us and who governs us”.

In the film category, Pedro Almodóvar won for Parallel motherswho also had Penelope Cruz as the lead actress. Meanwhile, the public chose Javier Bardem as Best Actor for his role in The right model.

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