Putin's deadliest weapon isn't bullets, Alberto didn't get it

Putin’s deadliest weapon isn’t bullets, Alberto didn’t get it

Last Thursday, in New York, the United Nations Security Council. The meeting was chaired by Anthony Guterres, The Secretary General. So far, little has emerged, except for one key detail: this time the Council session did not have on the agenda to specifically discuss sanctions against Russia for the invasion. from Ukraine or another emergency in the world. The agenda was exclusive: the sudden explosion of a kind of epidemic of hunger in the world.

It is clear that the process now has a direct antecedent, which is the war for the invasion of Russia, but the consequences are already confirmed as devastating. Vladimir Putin always knew this when he decided to unleash a bloody war typical of the last century and unthinkable in this one. And the Ukrainian also quickly understood Volodymyr Zelensky when he ordered not to stop cereal production in his country at all costs. El rol de ambos países en el sistema de alimentación mundial surge evidente en cuanto se analizan los números: es Argentina y su gobierno los que no lo entienden, mucho menos cómo deberían aprovecharlo, y qué rol le cabe al país si quiere jugar dentro del mundo in the future.


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