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Quilmes Rock 2022: a closing of the festival marked by Divided and the tribute to Catupecu Machu

the Rock of Quilmes back after nine years of absence and with a virtual edition in 2020. On the second and last day, more than 50 thousand people They appreciated different artists who have gone through the five stages located on the Tecnópolis site.

One of the most anticipated moments was the presence of Divided. Ricardo Mollo, Diego Arnedo and Catriel Ciavarella took advantage of their set to take stock of an important career. “Rock Steamroller” He rocked the room with “Do Strange Things”, “Almost a Statue”, “Tantoojo”, “Alma de Pudin” and “Rasputin”. The trio delivered an acoustic set with “Spaghetti del rock” and “Par mil”.

The set continued with “Go shopping», « Poppy 66″, “The 38” and “Ala delta”, were also the other songs that fans celebrated. There was also room for a few blankets like “To have” (Sandro) “Step out into the sun” (La Pesada del Rock and Roll) and “Dirty and messy”. There was the memory of Sumo with “The Armored Eye” or moments reminiscent of “La blonde débile” in “Qué tal”. The ending was with a version of “pretty little sky”.

Another of the most anticipated sets was the tribute to Machu Picchu. Fernando Ruiz Díaz and his musicians – with the memory of Gaby – reviewed different moments in their history. “You Can”, “Beheaded Tales”, “Confusion”, “Mezcal and the Cobra”, “New Metropolis”, “The End Ends” and “Rust in the Air”. There was no shortage of “In Dreams””, “Sometimes I come back”, “magic poison”, “Go ahead!”. The ending was with “Whole or in Pieces”, And what I want is for you to walk on it without soil” and “I gave it sunshine”.

From the start, the public came to enjoy an appointment with strong names: Nathy Peluso, Kapanga, Los Auténticos Decadentes, Turf, Los Tipitos and Lit Killah, among many others. Remember that for this May 1st the performance of Fito Páez was announced, but he had to cancel at the last minute for having contracted the coronavirus.

The activity started at 1 p.m., an afternoon that promised sunshine and good music. On the Geiser stage, it was possible to enjoy Altocamet, the band from Mar del Plata formed in mid-1995, with its rock and electronic music ensemble, commissioned by Pedro Moscuzza, the drummer of Gustavo Cerati. Placer, the legendary members of Los Brujos who displayed all their energy, Barco, and Joaquín Vitola, leader of Indios, also played.

At the same time, on the Enigma scene, a good dose of rock and pop, plus a bit of alternative and nu metal with Cabezones. Super Ratones, Coral, Celeste Carballo, Ella es tan cargo, Sarcófago (ex-guitarist of Los Ratones Paranoicos) and Pier stood out among other figures.

Claro’s scene was marked by Enjambre, Mexican rock and pop. The afternoon got stronger with La Flanela and Kapanga put its part of rock in quartet at sunset, with Pato Sardelli from Airbag as guest. The evening took shape with Bandalos Chinos, Guasones, Richard Coleman and Sr. Flavio, bassist of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.

For its part, at the same time, the Quilmes stage did not lose its footing: Dante Spinetta, Juan Ingaramo, joy and good music with Los Auténticos Decadentes and the long-awaited presentation of Nathy Peluso who gave it all its personality and musical talent. . followers.

In the Quilmes scenario, the offer was more than tempting from the start. Joystick, Soy Rada, Los Tipitos, Lit Killah, plus Divided’s main course.

Quilmes Rock: more than 50,000 people rocked Tecnópolis on the first day of the festival

The first one the date was more than interesting. The big event started at 3:00 p.m. when the group Fermín was present on the “Rock” stage, as well as Wiranda Johansen on the “Quilmes” stage, Mery Granados on “Claro”, Crash on “Enigma” and Jacinta Fischer on “Geyser” .

Manuel Martinezson of Ciro, the singer of Los Piojos, also made his presentation at the festival, as did Florian, the son of Vicentico, who is working on his project while playing guitar with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.

(Photo: Leandro Heredia)

Artists such as Rayos Laser, Silvestre y La Naranja, Vic Mirallas, Melanie Williams, Marki, Lisa, Mia Z, Uma, La Femme D’argent have made the Indie genre vibrate and feel at Quilmes Rock.

It is already after 5 p.m. Stellar began his show, with the particularity that the singer Manuel Moretti, recently operated on his hip, performed the first part leaning on a stool. At the same time, Malena Villa also concluded her presentation and then the Valdés duo introduced themselves.

(Photo: Leandro Heredia)
(Photo: Leandro Heredia)

As the afternoon fell in Tecnópolis and the skies began to darken, Airbag stomped on the Rock scene, where he showcased his arsenal of hits such as “The Sun is Falling”For a thousand nights Y”Only here“, but also material from his latest album “Al Apparar Todo Ha Sido una Trampa” and even two covers: “Money For Noting”, by Dire Straits and “Basket Case”, by Green Day.

For 7 p.m. Know Russiawho is preparing a show at the Movistar Arena for November 5, passed through the Quilmes stage and played both his last four singles released in 2021, as well as his already successful “I want you to call me” and ” Loco in the Desert”.

Following this, Clara Cava, Feli Colina, Sara Hebe, Vicentico went through Claro to start the night then Eruca Sativa. The Enigma stage received Lupe, Benito Cerati, Weste, Los Besos, in that order, and to close the electronic dance, Poncho.

Virus plays Quilmes Rock on Sunday.  (photo: press)
Virus plays Quilmes Rock on Sunday. (photo: press)

Juana Aguirre, Anyi, Nicolás De Sanctis, Le Prince Idiot, Chechi De Marcos, Francisca and the Explorers and 1915 have been selected to conclude the first day of the Geiser stage.

In Quilmes, the Cuarteto de Nos y Las Pelotas has taken over, which is returning to its electric show format after going through acoustics.

On the rock scene, after Virus delighted his audience with the national New Wave, Trueno arrived to give birth to trap, rap and even hip-hop with his big hit “Dance Crip”.

The passage of Gorillaz through the Rocher de Quilmes

The international touch arrived at 23:00 at the hands of Gorillaz, who said “present” and wowed his fans with hits “On Melancoly Hill”, “Tomorrow Comes Today” and his new song, “Cracker Island”.

(Photo: Telam)
(Photo: Telam)

In their hour and a half of show they gave rise to the most important moment of this first day of Quilmes Rock: they invited Thunder to go on stage to perform together”Clint Eastwood”which has a rapped part and that the Argentinian did his thing in “freestyle” mode.


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