Quilmes Rock 2022: All we'll see |  The meeting begins at Tecnopolis

Quilmes Rock 2022: All we’ll see | The meeting begins at Tecnopolis

“Quilmes Rock is back”. Since the announcement of its return to the offer of the Buenos Aires festival last November, this commercial has continued to resonate on radio, television and in the graphic media. Even in the abyss of the internet. Although the reality is that its slogan in 2022 is “the festival that changed the history of festivals in Argentina”. Maybe a bit exaggerated. What is certain is that over its editions, above the rest of its peers, the event gave an important place to the artists who make up the local scene. And this time was no exception, to the point that they represent 90% of the lineup. Yet a decade after its last edition, most of the bands that bring the two dates to life didn’t exist, while some and a few soloists were still in elementary school. The venue that will host the meeting, Tecnópolis, was also not created a year before the festival went into hibernation.

So this saturday and sunday a new generation of Argentinian artists will play in Quilmes Rock 2022. And it shows very early in the five scenarios spread throughout the Villa Martelli Megapark.

At 3:30 p.m. on opening day, ferminmusician of the band of Dillom and fundamental figure of the launch who savors the best ragman that Argentina currently has, will raise the curtain on the rock scene, inasmuch as Wiranda Johansen he will do it at Quilmes. Next, Silvestre and La Naranja will add psychedelia to the Clear Stage, Lisa Cerati He will honor his last name at the Geiser and Spaniard Vic Mirallas will become the first international act of the date he takes the Enigma stage.

From this moment the game of proposals, novelties and classics will open. With the exception of Fito Páez, who had to leave the grid after contracting covid-19. He took his place airbag.

Highlights from the first date

On the first date of the festival, the inclusions of the stupid prince, Anyi, also from Medocina, Francisca and the Cordoba Explorers, and the Buenos Aires 1915 on the Geyser Stage. Right there, one of the great bets of local music will be presented in 2022: Joan Aguire. It will be the only stage of the event dedicated exclusively to young artists, along with the Enigma, where Mellanie Williams, Los Besos, Marki, Lupe, La Valenti and Benito Ceratiwhich will advance the songs on the album he will release under his name (previously he did this through alter ego Zero Kill).

If the closure in this capacity will be courtesy of Poncho, in the clear phase they will parrotspreceded by Eruca Sativa and Vicentico. The son of the leader of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Florián, will be in the game, although on the stage of Quilmes, which will host the performances of The Balls, Stellar and Knowing Russia.

“Festivals in general are musical instances where groups participate in good times when they have a certain track record”, explains the boss of Know RussiaMateo Sujatovich, at page 12 of his foray into this type of musical event. “When we made ourselves known, the pandemic arrived. This is why my participation in festivals, an important chapter for any artist, begins now. I see Quilmes Rock as a giant opportunity”.

The author of ‘Cabildo y Juramento’, who is currently enjoying the honey of popularity, will perform in the evening on the Quilmes stage with a show that ranks as a preview of the Movistar Arena which will take place on November 5. Almost at the same time, it will be the turn of Virus. Or better the beginning of your farewell. Although band member Marcelo Moura warned that the tour “will last as long as health, love and enthusiasm last”. During the presentation of the event, Benito Cerati was the guest. Will they repeat?

The Gorillaz Tour

Apart from the Spaniard Vic Mirallas and the Uruguayans quartet of us, Gorillaz is the other foreign artist of the date. The only Anglo-Saxon, and the first announced for Quilmes Rock. paradoxes of life, they return to the same place where their porteño debut took place, in 2017, whose tension was so powerful that at last a storm broke.

Going up to the Rock Stage at 11:30 p.m., those led by Damon Alban They will give their second recital of 2022 (the first took place on Thursday in Montevideo), after their leader was invited by billie elish to make it during its performance at the Coachella festival one of the great successes of the audiovisual laboratory: Feel Good Inc. However, on this occasion, in addition to revisiting their classics and paying for songs they haven’t performed in a decade, the project will premiere two new songs and land with several luxury guests. End of the spoiler.

Sunday Highlights

There will be no international performances on Sunday, which won’t take away from the intensity of Quilmes Rock 2022. It won’t be emotional either. And more after confirmation of the meeting of Catupecu Machu be at the festival. Also added last minute. Splitwhich will offer its first multi-public show (on the Rock Stage) after the death of its historic manager, Jorge “Kill” Castro. It will certainly be an emotional moment. Although not the closing one, since the group commanded by Fernando Ruiz Díaz will take care of it, but on the Quilmes stage.

Before that happens, Dante Spinetta, Juan Ingaramo, Los Auténticos Decadentes and Nathy Peluso will fill that same place with groove. While Celeste Carballo, Sarcófago, Ella es tan cargoa and Pier will rock her on the Enigma stage. Unlike the day before, on the second day the doors of this recital version of Tecnópolis will open a little earlier.

To 1:30 p.m., Suena Eh will receive the public on the Claro stage. During the day, Bandalos Chinos, Barbi Recanati, Sr. Flavio, Kapanga, La Flanela, Guasones, Massacre, Richard Colman (alongside her band, Trans-Siberian Express) and rapper Lara 91-K. Couldn’t be more eclectic. Meanwhile, Pels, Altocamet, the Vitola brothers (Sofía with Potra and Joaquín with his solo momentum), Bruno Albano and Wizards in festival mode. This will happen at 9:20 p.m., just as Super Mice takes to the Enigma stage and Lawn and Los Tipitos do it on the rock scene. At the time of writing this note, there were still tickets available for both dates. For additional information, parking will be free and the consumption of gastronomy and merchandising will be done through a card cashlesswhich will only be obtained on site on festival days.


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