Raphaël's return to Luna Park: just as crazy to sing

Raphaël’s return to Luna Park: just as crazy to sing

More than half a century after its first show in Buenos Aires, Raphaël has redeployed his overwhelming force on this side of the Atlantic. The living myth of the song in Spanish was presented at the moon park in front of thousands of people to celebrate their six decades of career.

“Sixty years, it is said very quickly, but it must be sung”, he launched towards the end of a concert of more than two and a half hours and 33 songs. The 79-year-old artist was celebrated standing to applause and standing ovations from start to finish.

“I’m here”, pronounced the one who started singing at the age of four in the church choir and at nine years old already rewarded in Europe. He said so in the brief instrumental introduction to one of his hymns, “Yo soy qué”, a song from 1966, which was followed by other hits, “Ave Fénix” and “Igual (Crazy to sing )”.

In this new visit to the country, within his 6.0 tour, the legendary artist was a pure present. “Just as old as sincere, just as crazy, all the same. Like yesterday but fiercer, but more tender, with more truth. With more sweetness than poison and a bit of fear but still. Just as crazy to sing”, he intoned emphatically.

The Spanish musician celebrates 60 years of careerAFV/Patricio Pidal

With great emphasis on iconic songs and the presence of some new songs, such as those produced during the pandemic and recorded in duets with names like Mon Laferte, Luis Fonsi or Luciano Pereyra, the show’s repertoire has been reinforced with the characteristic cocktail of gestures, expressions and other signs of Raphael’s scenic ritual.

In shiny black and with a fit voice, the artist lifted the audience from their seats with songs already immortalized by him and others. Thus came “To Live Like This Is To Die Of Love” and, later that night, several emblems of the Latin American songbook as well as the magic of some of its greatest anthems: “Digan lo que say”, which was a worldwide success. in 1968, “My big night”, the 1983 ballad “Provocation”, “I’m still that one (1985) or even “I will be reborn”, lyrics in the middle of which he remembered that his thing with the song comes from a boy.

“How wonderful to be back in Buenos Aires. It’s a pleasure, an honor. Thank you for these 60 years that you have lived since the beginning of the story -yours-, a story that brought me back to Luna Park and to all of you, to all of Argentina”, shared the musician in one of his briefs, while moving, comments during the show.

Raphael sold out at Luna Park
Raphael sold out at Luna ParkAFV/Patricio Pidal

Grand piano, guitars, drums, bass and percussion made up the group that accompanied the Latin artist who sold the most records in the history of music. Only a few, like AC/DC, Queen, Michael Jackson and Raphael, have reached the uranium record for selling millions of copies.

“I’m still the same, the Raphaël of always”, insisted the musician in a song. With “I was in love” (1966, from his album Canta), the ballad turns to rock to move on to tango with interpretations of classics like “Nostalgies” or “Malena” accompanied by piano. The local accent, in Raphael’s voice, resonated in the songs that once immortalized Chavela Vargas, like “Llorona”; Mercedes Sosa, in “Alfonsina y el mar” (theme recorded by the Spaniard in a version with Luciano Pereyra), and “Let no one know my suffering”, by Ángel Cabral.

At 79, Raphaël offered a show of more than two and a half hours
At 79, Raphaël offered a show of more than two and a half hoursAFV/Patricio Pidal

Towards the end, Raphaël began to say goodbye with “En carne viva”, followed by “Resistiré”, a pandemic hit (from the original by Dúo Dinámico) recorded in a new version by the artist in the event of a pandemic . “I will resist, always,” the Spaniard sang again, leaving the lyrics of the song as various images projected behind his youthful image performing the songs that made him famous.

“What a beautiful night. I will always remember them. I hope we see each other every year, because this pandemic is not for us. It has been a real pleasure since I arrived in Buenos Aires for the first times and I had this reaction from the public until today, 60 years later”, he rejoiced.

Raphaël said goodbye with “I am that one” and reaffirmed: “I am here, here gentlemen”. He sang “Escándalo”, and “Como yo te amo” closed the evening. “Buenos Aires, Argentina, I love you so much,” said the performer, who then picked up a blue and white flag that had been thrown onstage, smiled, and waved goodbye.

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