Restoration of Cerro Arco began after the 2018 fire

Restoration of Cerro Arco began after the 2018 fire

As part of the International Day for Biodiversity, the Secretary for the Environment and Regional Planning, with the contribution of the companies Verallia and Cantera San Isidro, placed 250 jarilla plants (Larrea divaricata) in a ravine next to the hill. This action will continue in the coming months, during which it is planned to add some 1,000 additional native plants to other areas of the hill.

“I would like to thank the volunteers, the members of the brigade, the companies that provided the plants and the territory to place the flora. And also to technical organizations such as Iadiza (Argentinian Institute for Arid Zone Research) and CRICYT (Regional Center for Scientific and Technological Research), for their advice in order to be able to implement this restoration with a typical specimen of native flora. of this place. This is a sample of the institutional and professional commitment that exists in Mendoza with the protection of biodiversity”, summarized the Secretary for the Environment, Humbert Mingorance.


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