Retro invitation: Carolina Peleritti recalled the striking and hasty proposal that Gastón Pauls made to her

Retro invitation: Carolina Peleritti recalled the striking and hasty proposal that Gastón Pauls made to her

Carolina Peleritti and Gaston Pauls

After years in between, the famous have hundreds of anecdotes together, many of which are misunderstood, wacky and funny. Like the one that came to light in the last hours Carolina Peleritti, with her colleague Gastón Pauls who made her a striking and hasty proposal two decades ago.

In his show on Telefe, Denis Dumas wanted to know: “Is it true that Gastón Pauls confronted you out of nowhere and offered to have a child together?”. And to the surprise of everyone present, the actress of closer He said: “Yes, that’s true. We were very young too, we were in our twenties. We just met, he approached me and instead of asking me to go have a drink, he offered me this: to have a child. He was like that, full of spirit.”

After the driver asked for more details about it, the actress continued: “Yes, in one, but the craziest thing is that he came with a lot of enthusiasm. He approached me and said, “I imagine having a child with you”. It’s not that he invited me to eat or something more normal”.

“How did you react, Caro?” asked Nico Peralta, panelist and she concluded: “It was cute, I don’t know, someone telling you that… It made me tender. What do I know, he was in love, he told me that he imagined me as the mother of his children, that he wanted to share life with me, he gave me total tenderness. But Gastón is like that, very special. I love it”.

The former model is one of the protagonists of the work closerwith Sofia Gala, Gonzalo Valenzuela and Juan Gil Navarro at the Comafi Multitheater. After the premiere, rumors of a romance between Moria Casán’s daughter and the former Floricienta began to sound loud.

For its part Gastón Pauls is the host of the Crónica cyclebeing free, in which, with special guests and reports, he delves into the problem of addictions, every Friday from 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. This evening, he will receive actor and director Franco Tirri. “Drugs and alcohol deprive you of your freedom. When I arrived in Okupas I had a complete hospitalization, at that time I was using marijuana, I was clean of cocaine or base paste”, confessed the artist.

“Many years ago I had thought about the format, I offered it on some channels and they didn’t see it as viable.. It was hard for me to express how I wanted to do it and Chronicle came up, it said ‘we do it how you want’ and I was able to start developing it, that’s what shows and it’s is alive. I don’t prepare (interviews), I have the impression that it’s like discussions between addictsyes, unfortunately I have a hard-earned experience, I suffered it, I suffered it, I know what I am talking about and I know what the person is talking about. I have no doubt they will open up to me more (from their experience), I called the interviewees and they said yes because they knew there would be no low blow, but that I was looking for the same thing as them, to be able to speak frankly about the subject“, had confided the actor TV show some time ago on how your show was born.

This summer, the former Rollercoaster was in New York accompanying his daughter Muna, fruit of his relationship with Agustina Cherri, in the course he took on Go Broadway. From there, father and daughter shared funny postcards of their time in the Big Apple and also of the meeting between the young woman and Cris Morena, who opened the doors of Chiquititas to her mother almost thirty years ago. .

It was precisely during this trip that twenty people died after consuming adulterated cocaine. From the United States, Pauls made a deep reflection: “In the program we talk about the immense amount that dies, Today the news is coming out that many people are dying from adulterated drugs, as if the drugs used in the world ain’t full of shit, garbage, speculation to make money. The drug is already adulterated, what is consumed is shit and everyone knows it”.

“My daughter is next to me as a witness, I’m an addict in recovery, I was taking merch and when you take merch, you take any merch, you don’t care where it comes from, let’s take care of it. us of prevention, because it explodes. Thank you for having accompanied and never again slaves, let us be Free Beings”, he concluded.


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