Return to Monkey Island leaves its first images and details how it will respect the canon

Return to Monkey Island leaves its first images and details how it will respect the canon

Gilbert and Grossman hope to weave a video game that respects their heritage and is accessible to new players.

This month, the news broke: return from monkey islandand also does so with its creator, Ron Gilbert, in Back to Monkey Island which will act as a direct continuation of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, the perfect game for Neil Druckmann. But his announcement was quite poor in information. Now a interview with its authors allows us to learn more about its evolution as well as various images.

Starting with the latter, the screenshots show us a finish close to that seen in The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition what has The Curse of Monkey Island Oh Thimbweed Park, from Terrible Toybox itself, thus shattering the idea that this new installment in the franchise could bet on a retro flavor. In the published material, yes, the modeling of Guybrush Threepwood.

Dropping in to talk about the interview, video game co-writer Dave Grossman explains in The Verge that he and Ron Gilbert have evolved enough to have new things to tell in the world of Monkey Island, so it was not long before he accepted the challenge of returning to the saga. “It’s a chance to work with Ron once again and revisit these characters, this world that I love, and have fun.”

We wanted to build something that would be accessible to someone who hasn’t played Monkey Island.GilbertHowever, time has not only passed for its authors, but also for the world, can this graphic adventure fit in with the current generation of gamers? “We wanted to do a really good, authentic Monkey Island, something that would satisfy the thirst of the fans. But we were also very aware that there’s probably a lot more to come.” people who have never played Monkey Island but have heard of itGilbert comments, “We wanted to build something that was accessible to them and that they could easily enter the world of Monkey Island without feeling alienated the moment they start the game. These are really important aspects of the story and the game. design that we discussed.”

To this end, work has been done on a script that allows naturally explain the context of each situation, especially when relevant to the story. And it is that according to Gilbert, some Thimbleweed Park players more alien to the LucasArts legacy have gone through high references and moments of adventure humor.

What happens to the cannon on Monkey Island?

Image of Return to Monkey Island

Another topic discussed in the talk concerns its integration into a universe that had several deliveries after Ron Gilbert left the franchise after LeChuck’s Revenge. Shortly after Return to Money Island was announced, the software designer assured that The Escape from Monkey Island will remain in the canon of its universe, but in the past he has said that it goes against his plot ideas for his return. Grossman offers more details on how they will deal with continuity at RtMI.

Our general philosophy is to adhere as much as possible to the existing canonDisgusting man“We couldn’t make a game identical to what we would have made in 1992; we are not the same as then, the world is different and there are several other versions of the series in it. We see them, and we love them, and we didn’t just want to not recognize them“says the designer in The Verge. “Our general philosophy begins by adhering as much as possible to the existing canon with two caveats: the first is that we cannot be above everything. […] The other is that the canon can sometimes get in the way of telling a good story, and that’s never a battle you want to lose.”

Image of Return to Monkey Island

“Whenever there was something that didn’t quite fit, we appropriately ignored it.” Thus, Grossman promises to respect the legacy of the saga beyond its first two parts, but take the necessary creative licenses.

The interview covers other issues related to the development of the video game that those most interested in its launch will want to know, but it does not go into plot details. For all this we will have to wait for the next appointments, even if Return to Monkey Island is due out this the wait promises to be short.

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