Ricardo Montaner and Marcelo Tinelli shared an intimate family barbecue: "Wonderful Sunday afternoon"

Ricardo Montaner and Marcelo Tinelli shared an intimate family barbecue: “Wonderful Sunday afternoon”

The Tinelli and Montaner families enjoyed a barbecue in Nordelta

This Sunday, Ricardo Montaner Yes Marcelo Tinelli They joined their families and decided to share an intimate barbecue in the house that the singer has in Nordelta. Far from any television “rivalry” – last year they competed hand in hand each with their program, The Argentinian Voice Yes show the game– both took advantage of the good weather with their children and made it known via social networks, where they have millions of followers.

“When the family comes together‚ it becomes strong and any goal is achieved, any inconvenience is overcome and overcome. Living in happiness mode makes a difference… Gathering around the asado was the perfect excuse to renew the friendship vows we made in the early 90s… I love you my friend Marcelo Tinelli… thank you for being came”wrote in instagram the interpreter of blue castle next to a postcard on which he saw everyone present: Ricky near Stefi Roitman, Mau Yes sarah escobarand four of the driver’s children, Micaela, Francisco, Juanita Yes Lolo.

Ricardo Montaner dedicated a loving message to the Tinellis after hosting the barbecue
Ricardo Montaner dedicated a loving message to the Tinellis after hosting the barbecue

Candlemas could not attend the meeting as she is traveling to Spain with her boyfriend, Coti Sorokinto like Eva Luna Yes Camille, which are also not in Argentina. Immediately, the post was filled with thousands of likes and comments, including that of Alexander Sanz. “Long live the family,” said the Spaniard.

Meanwhile, the Bolívar man also posted the same image on his profile and expressed: “Wonderful Sunday afternoon with the Montaners and the Tinellis. Thank you dear Montaner for the invitation. You have a lovely family. Very nice to have shared a barbecue with Mau and Ricky, Stefi Roitman, Sara Escobar Mica Tinelli, Fran Tinelli, Juani Tinelli and Lolito. We love them”.

Marcelo Tinelli's message after the meeting with the Montaners
Marcelo Tinelli’s message after the meeting with the Montaners

This publication was also full of comments, especially from the protagonists of the meeting. “What nice weather !” write the Montaner brothers, while Ricardo comments: “When the family comes together, it grows stronger… I didn’t tell you, but what beautiful children you raised, I congratulate you, they all have a beautiful heart and genuine… a hug.” Cande, who couldn’t be, also left her greeting: “How sweet!” the influencer wrote. And Stefi left her loving comment: ” What a lovely afternoon, ours to you.” Additionally, both parents reproduced the image in their storiesas the eldest of the Tinelli clan, who expressed: “Beautiful Sunday”.

The stories of Marcelo, Ricardo and Mica
The stories of Marcelo, Ricardo and Mica

A few days ago, we learned that the Montaners will have their own reality show. Among other things, it was found that the series will be a documentary “without script” in which they will show in a “deeper” way than on social networks what their daily life looks like. In each of the chapters -they have not yet confirmed their number- the evolution of the love stories, the professional careers and the conflicts of the whole family will be revealed. You’ll even see details of important moments for the first time, like the Evaluna announcement and pregnancies Yes Sara – Mau’s wife-, O Ricky’s marriage to Stefiamong other things.

Where and when to see Los Montaner? According to the trailer and the promotion made by family members, The series is visible on Disney Plus. As for the premiere date, this first preview announces that it will be: “Very soon”.

On the other hand, in the last days Marcelo also shared a family meal. On this occasion, were present his descendants and his sons-in-law, the boyfriends of his two eldest daughters: the footballer Lysander lynch Lopez and the musician Coti Sorokin. The important thing is the family. We look like the Benvenutto or more of my time, Los Campanelli. Nice meeting with my 5 children and my two sons-in-law. Thanks for the invite @candelariatinelli and @cotioficial. Happy with Lolo, @micatinelli @Linchalopez2 @frantinelli1 and Juanittinelli1. I love you,” Marcelo wrote in an Instagram post, in which he posted a photo of the intimate meal.


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