Ricardo Montaner will present his new tango album live on Infobae

Ricardo Montaner will present his new tango album live on Infobae

The singer let his tango spirit flow on his new album, Montaner Tango, and recorded the music video at the iconic Café de los angelitos

Ricardo Montaner he spent his childhood at Valentin Alsina and keeps many memories of his childhood in the Argentina. The 64-year-old singer promised his father and grandfather that he would honor the musical roots that marked him on fire. Next Tuesday, May 24, he will keep his word with the release of his new album, Tango. The album is composed, as its name suggests, of 11 tangos that represent the legacy of those who wrote the history of the genre.

As every detail was thought out, the artist recorded the songs in the ION studio, the same one where several of the emblematic figures recorded their most memorable albums. Installed since 1956 in an old house in the Balvanera district, in the center of Buenos Aires, Montaner has assembled a typical orchestra of twelve members, formed by the most outstanding instrumentalists of the genre. Led by maestro Andres Linetzky – who was also in charge of arranging the album – they proposed to retain the essence of tango.

Recorded completely analog, the same microphones were used with which some immortal tracks were recorded. With the establishment of the room responsible for Jorge Portuguese Da Silvawho at 87 has participated in countless sessions in this studio and under the careful quality control of Osvaldo Acedo, who has recorded, among others, Goyeneche Already Piazzalla.

The cover of TANGO, Ricardo Montaner’s new album

“Tango That Sounds Like Tango”was the central concept of the album which contains some classics like “Little Blue Room”, “Nothing”, “Nostalgia”, “One”, “The Last Drink”, with the voice of Ricardo Montaner. A tireless traveler, the singer-songwriter has traveled the world a thousand times, but with the compass of his personal compass marking the direction of the road in reverse. The winds and the years drove him away, but always a little piece of his heart looked to the south, to that south that saw him born in Valentín AlsinaTango district par excellence, where he spent the first years of his life.

The music video for the first single, ‘The Day You Love Me’ has already surpassed 34 million views on YouTube, and was filmed by his wife Marlene Rodríguez Miranda and Lautaro Espósito, with production by Diego Tucci. The venue was the emblematic “Café De Los Angelitos” in Buenos Aires, a place that since the late 1800s has been part of the history of tango. “It’s a project that represents a dream that I started developing many years ago. This album is to fulfill a promise I made to my father, my grandfather and my childhood in Valentín Alsina, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was born,” Montaner assured.

Ricardo Montaner recorded the music video for "the day you love me" in the emblematic Café de los angelitos (Guido Adler)
Ricardo Montaner recorded the music video for “The Day You Love Me” at the iconic Café de los angelitos (Guido Adler)

This release also coincides with another happy announcement. “Finally! all excited #LosMontaner”, wrote the artist a few days ago on his Instagram account. Beside first trailer for the series that follows in the footsteps of one of music’s most beloved clans. “I am Ricardo Montaner and I dedicate myself to music. I have a beautiful family”, expresses the artist in front of the camera. Then, he presents the rest of the members.

In the best style of the most famous families at the international level, the Montaners will have their own daily reality showprogram in which also Camilo Echeverry, husband of Evaluna, will appear there, as well as the couples of Mau and Ricky, the Argentine model Stefi Roitman and Sara Escobar. By a statementthe company TO INTERVENE, which is developing the project, announced the start of recordings in mid-April. “The series will follow the development of the love stories, professional careers and conflicts of the successful family while balancing maintaining their Christian values ​​and rock & roll family dynamics.

Moreover, we knew that It will be a documentary “without script” in which the Montanese will show in a “deeper” way than on social networks what their daily life is like. You’ll even see details of important moments for the first time, like the Evaluna announcement and pregnancies and Sarah’s, and Ricky’s marriage to Stefi. according to the trailer The series is visible on Disney Plusand as for the premiere date, this first preview announces that it will be: “Very soon”.


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