Road Safety disavowed the way Luciano Castro took his children in the truck: "Let him think twice next time"

Road Safety disavowed the way Luciano Castro took his children in the truck: “Let him think twice next time”

Luciano Castro shared a family video and called it irresponsible (Instagram)

Last weekend Luciano Castro posted a video of a family scene with his children as he drove his truck and his girlfriend, Flor Vigna, was by his side. And it was precisely her who portrayed the images that he shared on his social networks. He posted a musical reel with the theme Scriptthe last musical piece of the dancer who started as a singer: there you see Hope (Nine years, fruit of his previous relationship with Sabrina Rojas) stand in the middle of the seats and put your head out of the sunroof (the roof window of the vehicle). Meanwhile, in the back seat was Splendor (seven years) without a seat belt. And the family dog ​​was also loose with the boy.

Seeing these pictures, Pablo Martinez Carignanexecutive director of the National Road Safety Agency, decided to share them on his Instagram account along with an awareness text. “With this video, Luciano Castro wanted to share a moment of family happiness. But unwittingly, it gave us the opportunity to point out everything that is wrong with road safety.”writes who on his social networks ensures that he works “for a state policy that saves lives”.

Maybe that can help Luciano and his followers think twice next time.”, suggested and added that traffic laws require minors to ride in the back seat, either with a child restraint or with a seat belt depending on their age and size. “Here the man is loose and the girl is standing on the backs of the front seats, sticking her body out through the roof”, illustrated on the offenses committed by the actor.

Pablo Martínez Carignan, Director General of the National Road Safety Agency

In this regard, he considered that “A crash or sudden braking could have generated a drama.” “Luciano, instead of paying attention to the road, concentrates his gaze on his companion’s mobile phone, gesturing in approval, smiling, etc. Good drivers just drive (which takes their full attention) and don’t shoot short films over the car.”adds Martinez Carignan.

“Unfortunately, even the dog was not saved“, he added about the family animal who was loose in the back seat of the truck, something that should not happen. “They must be attached with chest straps or in a cage, because they can pass forward, hinder the driver, or in the event of an accident, be a mass which, due to the inertia of deceleration, becomes something deadly for the occupants,” explained the executive director of the National Road Safety Agency.

“Without a doubt, everything I have just written can be an embolism for many. It turns out that because of the work that I do, I see every day boys and girls suffering the consequences in their bodies of bad adult decisions. For it, Luciano and everyone watching the video, please avoid creating unnecessary risks for your children. Get out of the car, play. Upstairs, take care of yourself.” concluded Pablo Martinez Carignan in the publication he made together from the official account of road safety.

Capture from Luciano Castro's video

Capture from Luciano Castro’s video

Martínez Carignan’s message adds to the criticism the actor had already received on his Instagram account when he shared the video. “It’s a little dangerous that the girl does like that”, “Everyone without a belt”, “They have a belt and the boys let go”, “Everything is very beautiful but the children are not with a belt”, “Everything is very responsible”, “Beautiful Espe, but what you are doing is dangerous, Lu”, “Travelling by car without a seat belt: it is not called a city for children”, “Uff, every parent does what is best for his children and there is no one to criticize, but Leaving with the kids like that without a seatbelt is irresponsible and not to mention whoever is standing“, “Of course, they are all very nice, but the truth is that posting a video where two minors are in danger (without seat belts and standing between the driver and the passenger) is not funny or cute at all. They should set an example for the boys,” were some of the many comments read in the post he made. Luciano Castro the weekend.

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